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Published by Torrence Glenn on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 at 8:06 pm.

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I’m a day late, but here I am! ha!

Folks, it’s such a great time for gospel music! CD’s are coming out back to back, week to week and thankfully, some good ones!  Don’t front, sometimes it’s a little “cry on the “well is it good” front.  This week is certainly no different and I’m EXCITED about the new CD “Balance” from Ted Winn. You know Ted from his days singing with Sheri Jones-Moffett in the super duo “Ted & Sheri.” (Was a BIG fan…)  Well this has been the year for both of them to step out on their own, and Ted has not disappointed!

Ted’s CD actually is probably one of my favorites to come out this year.  Why? Well I’m glad you asked. (my favorite preacher-ism)  Sometimes, it’s difficult for artists to strike a balance (no pun intended but I’m going with it) between being a good singer and actually having good songs.  Some of the best singers in the business have albums that make us go “huh?” because the songs just aren’t that great.  Then you’ll have a singer who is just “ok” but they’ll have a hit because it’s a great song.  Ted is a great singer with GREAT SONGS that all work together.  In the iTunes playlist generation when it’s really easy to never listen to a cd all the way through (and for good reason), I was able to listen to Ted’s and not get annoyed or bored.  For a guy who has to listen to music all day to make a living, that’s pretty difficult.

Well if you haven’t picked it up already, I suggest you do so QUICKLY. But I also know it’s a recession and you may want to listen before you buy so I got you.  Click the link/photos below and listen to Balance.  Tell me what you think, and if you like it as much as I do, make sure you go get it.  There’s even an iTunes links waiting for ya.  And there’s also some surprise features in there, I’ll tell you one: VANESSA BELL-ARMSTRONG! And before you ask, my favorite song is “No Weapon.”

ted winn coverListen Up! Ted Winn

Well that’s it for me for today.  I know you’re probably thinking Torrence never talks this much about CD’s and I’m not much for “reviews,” but this one is really good and somebody made the mistake of saying my last few posts were too short. (Should have NEVER done that! LOL)

Til tomorrow, I’m out!


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Mckesha Said on

Never heard of him, but streaming one of his songs on youtube now. Not bad. Might just buy that album.

T Said on

I must say I haven’t heard of him since ted and sheri but he performed at my chuch a week ago. I got to say the brother turned it out. He was obviously a talented singer and thanks to the link you’re right the cd is good. It worth getting.

Rebecca Williams Said on

When Ted did THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRACE on Bishop Eddie Long cd i became a life long fan…..then i notice him with Richard Smallwood and him and Sherri on the stellar award performing I’LL BE THINKING OF YOU…….jUST KNOW THAT I WILL BE BUYING THE CD AND ANY OTHER CD THAT MAY COME AFTER!!!!!