The Stellar Awards 2009 First Ballot And YOU!

Published by Torrence Glenn on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 3:27 pm.

stellar logoSup folks. I kind of went on a twitter rant today about this topic so someone suggested I put it all in one place. So here goes.

There were a lot of excited new artists twittering and facebooking to the top of their lung fingers that “Ooooh, I’m nominated for a Stellar Award, go vote for me now!” Umm, I appreciate your excitement and all that, but when the Awards tape and they name the “nominees” from that podium, there’s a good chance your name will NOT be on the list. Why? Because  this is the “first ballot.” The Stellar Awards and pretty much every award show start off with an initial ballot that pretty much includes EVERY POSSIBLE album that could be eligible for that particular award. For example, the initial ballot for “Best Hip Hop Album” at the Grammy’s has pretty much every single rap album that came out in the qualifying year. That’s a whole lot of CD’s! Eventually, the ballot gets narrowed down via different voting rounds to the 5 or so you hear named when the presenter goes: “And the nominees are.”

BUT WITH THAT SAID, I want to STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to vote in the “first ballot” for the The Stellar Awards 2009! I believe it’s a great thing that the general public are allowed to be a part of the initial process of narrowing down the eligible nominees. Some award shows have absolutely no public involvement whatsoever and an “academy” controls the entire process! So this is one way that you can make sure your favorites are in the running to be ultimately voted on by the industry/academy. I’ve heard some folks say “that aint the real ballot, so why should I vote?” Ummm, because you CAN’T. So, you might as well effect it as much as you can now. I’ve also heard a bunch of you say that the “industry” never seems to match up with how you the consumer/buyer feels, so TELL ‘EM! Now I won’t get into the “politics” of it all, because I won’t lie, I’m SURE there is some.  And this is the other reason I think you guys need to show your support for your favorite artists to at least send a message of some kind. Ok? cool. (ha!)

Now I will say this. The first ballot is somewhat reminiscent of going to the eye doctor. It’s a bit hard on the eyes and not a simple click and go. It’s going to require a little bit of “effort” but I think it’s worth it. Read and follow the directions and get it right. We stood on lines to vote for Obama, right? (Watch somebody hit me with how the two don’t compare, haha) But anyway, all I’m saying is that you should take some time out of your day to go and vote. Here’s the link.

But now the question quite a few people have been asking.  I can’t say who I’m voting for in the final ballot (because we’re not there yet) and I won’t tell you who to vote for, but I will tell you who’d I’d like to see on it. (hehehe) I won’t pick categories and such, I’m just gonna name the artists and their albums I’d like to see get some sort of love, whether it be a song, album, or artist category. Cool?

Kierra Sheard – “Bold Right Life”
Smokie Norful – “Smokie Norful Live”
Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship – “Souled Out” (hey, I’m from BROOKLYN! lol)
Donald Lawrence – “The Law Of Confession, Part 1″
Mary Mary – “The Sound”
Dave Hollister – “Witness Protection” (didn’t like his first gospel effort so much, but this one? FIRE!)
Melinda Watts – “People Get Ready”
Sheri Jones-Moffett – “Renewed”
Coko – “The Winner In Me” (Do NOT sleep on this CD.. Hear me!)
Kurt Carr & the Kurt Carr Singers – “Just The Beginning”
Mali Music – “The 2econd Coming” (one of the absolute best artists we have in gospel today, period!)
Rance Allen – featured on “The Gospel Music Celebration Part 1″
LeJuene Thompson – “Metamorphosis” (one of my favs!)
The Clark Sisters, J. Moss & Kierra Sheard – featured on “Silky Soul Music…An All-Star Tribute To Maze”
Bishop Larty Trotter & The Sweet Holy Spirit Church Choir – “I Still Believe”

Well that’s it. Go VOTE and tell me who you picked!


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R Young Said on

This is Mrs. Young again! I believe the song by Brian Courtney Wilson has these words “you are alredy here, Halleleujah, Halleleujah.” I am going to a website to see where I can purchase his music.

kasi Said on

I voted for The Gideon Crew in the gospel hip hop catergory the best group Ive heard thus far

Syl Said on

I appreciate this “heads-up” as I have been trying to connect to this ballot all morning with no luck. I would love to be in on this new way to vote as my Minister of Music has been included on SIX categories and TWO Grammys…. WAY TO GO Stephen Hurd!!!!!!

Barbara A Humes Said on

I vote Earl Gyrum and Chior from Chesapeake Virginia. Biship Kim Brown

kim thomas Said on

I vote for newcomer Bishop Bobby Hilton ’cause God did that thing has become my new theme song. He really has “Did that thing” for me way to go Bishop.

Sonia Barham Said on

I want to vote for Stephen Hurd because Time of Refreshing blessed my soul. God is truly AMAZING.

Monica Brown Said on

I vote for Kim Burrell “Yes to Your Will” That song always ministers to me, because that is my DAILY Confession to God…………….

jesse Said on

i would like to vote for the RACY BROTHERS

Annie Perry Said on

I vote for CoCo Mcmillan! I’ve Been Delivered! New Artist of the Year!

kevin witherspoon Said on

I wouold like to vote for “The Racy Brothers”…Live in Dumas

sugamama Said on

hello, i would like to cast my vote for pastor smokie norful

Stephania Said on

It should not be required to vote all categories the 10 votes really took too much time, not knowing what order your top ten would be. Top 3 would be better. I just wanted to support Alpheaus Anderson who is one of the ministers of music at RWOC, BEST CHILDREN’S CHOIR – “Praise Him”. I will have to revote, but my time has expired. Too long of a voting process, I don’t even know half the artists!!!!

damien tanner Said on

I love your song abecount it get me cazy.

Dorothy C. Harvey Said on

I wouldn’t miss the chance to vote for Phillip Carter. I just loves the
spirit that he uses and his melodious voice. To God be the glory.

Dorothy C. Harvey Said on

Phillip Carter gets my vote anytime. I love to hear him sing.

Dorothy C. Harvey Said on

I would like to vote for Phillip Carter, a man of God and spiritually inclined.

Dorothy C. Harvey Said on

I have been blessed to work with Phillip Carter for over three years and
see that he has been blessed by God and is so gifted with his music.
I am voting for Phillip Carter.

quentin Said on

I voted for Bishop Bobby Hilton because God Did That Thing is the best song since marvin sapp released never would have made it!!!

Everybody should vote for God Did That Thing!!!!!

jacqueline morris Said on

Hello, I pray that all is well! Yes, I voted for Pastor Tim Rodgers and the Fellas video of the year “Happy!” They are awesome! Keep up the good work guys! The gospel group “UNIQUE” out of Hayti, MO. loves you!

Tanya Dawn - Nelson Said on

Racy Brothers of Dumas, Arkansas