Tonex – “This Is All Of Me”

Published by Torrence Glenn on Monday, September 14, 2009 at 3:18 pm.

Sup folks.

First, let’s just get this out the way… I know you’ve seen or at least heard about Tonex’s latest interview with Lexi on the Word Network. Tonex revealed some things that most would consider ”controversial.”  The most obvious revelations being those regard his sexuality. Interestingly enough, when I spoke with Tonex a few months ago, there were some portions of the interview that I didn’t air. There were some things in there that just made me go “I don’t think we want to go here, and this will make it too long anyway.” (EVERY interview gets edited in some way folks, don’t be tricked.)  I know where “the church” and “the industry” stand on this issue and everyone on either side is FREE to stand where they choose on it. In the words of my ever-wise grandma: “that’s ya business, have at it.” HOWEVER, IN MY OPINION Tonex remains a ridiculously talented and gifted artist and despite how you, I or anyone else may feel about his recent revelations; the music still stands.  If I were to ignore or discredit every artist who disclosed something someone disagreed with, this blog would cease to exist as would the music business.

So with that said, I’d like to share something with you.  This song found it’s way into my inbox over the weekend and after listening to it, I was blown away.  I feared that because of all that was going on surrounding his last interview, no one would get the chance to hear it.  So, I’m taking a risk and sharing this with you.  Not only is it a great song, but has a message I think Tonex wants to deliver.  And since everyone has so many questions, why not listen and get some answers.

PLAY – This Is All Of Me by Tonex

Oh yeah, tell me what you think as always.


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Firstbornjael Said on

Aren’t majority of the men in gospel gay anyway? But I guess it’s ok cause they didn’t openly confess it right? Whatever. Sing Tonex!

michelle Said on

I saw the interview and we have to admit ,Tonex was being honest! He is not the only gospel artist that has same-sex attractions,there are many in the industry and the body of Christ.We need to love him and pray for his deliverance.Because who the Son sets free, is free indeed!

Skeptic Said on

I was skeptic but after listening I am floored…

goldie Said on

I agree with michelle.. we have to pray for their deliverance and love on them. and this is not a WHATEVER kind of situation… because the WORD OF GOD says Be Ye Holy for I am Holy. now we all have our own issues AND we have to work out our own salvation… so we cant point our fingers at any one because three of the fingers are pointed right back at us.. but we can surely keep people lifted up in prayer all over the world. that is what i do. I HAVE MET TONEX BEFORE at the music words.and he is very gifted, do i agree with a gay lifestyle? no I WILL JUST SAY …ANYTHING THAT GOD HATES OR AGAINST SO AM I. BUT I LOVE EVERYONE…YOU ALL KEEP IT JESUS …YOUR SIS.IN CHRIST goldie SIGNING OFF OH I DON’T THINK MAJORITY OF CHRISTIAN MEN ARE GAY BUT THERE PROBABLY IS MANY…BUT KEEP THEM IN PRAYER ALSO BECAUSE WE NEED OUR MEN…AMEN…

Nora Said on

Yeah, you’re right T. I guess it’s OK for people to sing Gospel as long as they don’t sing about the part they don’t want to obey..and it’s OK to be a “pastor” and openly go against the Word of God. What the heck, why even use the bible anymore? If the person is talented, then they don’t have to follow the commandments –right I’m assuming these rules are somewhere in the bible RIGHT! 1 question – Did you run this by God yet?

sweetdreams Said on

When will we learn….it’s not what you think about others that matter or get’s either one of you to heaven. Only what you do for Christ will last!

Toe Said on


You are making a dangerous statement, here. You are saying that its okay for someone to spout heresy and misrepresent God’s true plan for man’s sexuality, as long as that person is gifted and give you something to bump your head to. Sure, it’s okay that he is misleading our youth, the church, and the world, by encouraging lasciviousness as a lifestyle.

It’s R.Kelley, all over again. How is it that black people’s allegiance to a musician, talent, or music would trump your allegiance to Christ?

Stop trying to play nice–your message would be something condemned by Apostle Paul, Moses, and everybody else in the bible.

God is going to send sinners to hell, not sin–Tonex and the rest of the world needs people to be honest. So do us a favor. Be for Christ and not just for gospel music.

love Said on

Toe ,
God is love and that is the message that as christians we should preach. Tonex and all other people in the same-sex relationships don’t need to be beat and battered by christians who can’t understand that all sin is judged the same by Christ. If you lie, cheat, or steal it is the same sin as being in a same-sex relationship. My God-father was gay but he gave his life to Christ and he understood God’s message through love not through church condemnation. I am a christian and I don’t like it when people like you make God sound hateful towards any type of person. I know that some things in interviews are deleted but by thinking about his music over the years and this song he wrote I realize he has been trying to fight this thing for years. I also realize that God is not through with him yet and as long as he holds on to Christ he will be directed in the path God has for him. I will keep praying and loving him. Not because of his music but because he is a child of God.

Myra Shannon Said on

Have we forgotten the challenges that Jesus had with scripture-driven fundamentalist? It always baffles me when Christians romanticize the painful and lonely journey that Jesus had to endure to ensure that ALL OF US were welcomed to serve God, and not just a select few. We tend to forget that his greatest opponents came from organized religion. Many of us have chosen to forget that in order for Jesus to have become OUR ‘Christ the Savior’ he had to in essence walk away from his ENTIRE community; the ppl who God chosen. Imagine that for a second…the very people he communed with, ate with, shared with, schooled with, sung with and most importantly, worshipped with, was the same community who challenged him, fought him, scorned him and eventually nailed him to the cross!

Jesus DID NOT adhere to strict interpretations of the “Word of God” and the Scribes saw him as a major threat to the status quo – as many of YOU would have. His greatest conflicts were with conservative religious leaders, the Pharisees and the Scribes. Furthermore, not ONE time in the bible does Jesus condemn homosexuality – NOT ONE TIME (I’m not talking about Paul – the converted misogynic Hitler of his time…I’m talking about Jesus)…Yes it is listed as an abomination — along with eating shrimp, pork and wearing blended fabric. And those Madea fans out there, those of us who made Tyler Perry a multi-millionaire, well drag is also an abomination!

Growing up I heard them say: “Walk like Christ” “be more Christ like”… and “What would Jesus Do?” …Well, what would Jesus do if he was here today, right here in this country? If history does repeat itself then who would be his greatest allies, who would give him the most problems and who would nail him to the cross, AGAIN?? Think about it! No serious, really think about it!

Lynda Said on

I’ve always thought there was something wrong with that guy ! But now I think there is also something wrong with the author of that article !!!

Apparently, you are more interested in his talent, whatever the source is, than in the obedience of God’s word ! What about the spirits he conveys ? Don’t you know that the devil himself can come at your church and sing like an angel ?
According to what you say, as long as this person is gifted we have to let him sing … BUT THE DEVIL IS GIFTED TOO ?!?!
Should we let the devil sing along with us in the “industry”, because it sells, because he is gifted ??

Don’t we do any mistake : the Bible states clearly that homosexuals won’t inherit the kingdom of God, UNLESS THEY REPENT AND ABANDON THEIR WAY OF LIFE ! If he doesn’t leave his life and his sins, HE IS NOT CONVERTED !! HE IS NOT BORN AGAIN !! HE CANNOT BE A SERVANT OF GOD !! We were all sinners, but GOD HAS JUSTIFIED US, By the BLOOD OF THE LAMB !!
BUT BUT BUT That doesn’t allow us to continue to live the life of SIN we were living before Christ came !

I ask myself if you have ever red the Bible ! Anyway, you should pay attention to your mouth and your fingers when you say and write insanities like those ones, because JESUS says in Matthew 12:36 : “But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment.”

Shame on you if you’re not even able to read that verse and think about what you’re doing, telling people to listen to defiled music just because “IT IS WONDERFUL, HE IS GIFTED” …


Annette Said on

Wow, Im listening, and learning by all comments on Tonex, First of all, To God Be the Glory, when you think you have an answer or a comment, someone presents a scripture from The Word, that will convict you from saying anythin foolish, continue to pray and pray for Tonex, it will only make You stronger and the person you are praying for stronger as well, continue to praise God and all other Distractions will aswell…..God is Love

Christocentric Said on

Wow! I’m more blown away by you TorrenceG than that song! I remembered the interview you did on Tonex a while back, an interview that I had commented on because I was already disturbed by Tonex’s other comments made during the interview.

But I’ve always wondered why you omitted some videos to the interview. Now you are sharing with us that you KNEW of his homosexuality based upon what Tonex said and you refused to air it? And why? To protect his music?

Tonex’s talent does not supersede his position as a pastor and professing Christian. Sadly, many are even confusing his talent with “anointing” while this man is wallowing in sin sickness. We Christians are commanded to not have ANYTHING to do with unrepentant fellow Christians, and that would include buying their music.

Until I ever hear Tonex say that “yes, I’m struggling with homosexuality and want to be delivered” then he will have no support from me. Tonex in the Lexi interview made it clear that he doesn’t need deliverance and that he’s not struggling. Other interviews since, he’s even declaring in fighting for LGBT rights. This man is not a Christian as much as he wants to be. And yes, we can judge that! 1 Corinthians 5:9-13.

Torrence Said on

Hi Christocentric. To be clear. In my interview with Tonex, we did not discuss his sexuality in the least. I ommitted parts of the interview that I felt were unnecessarily sensational at the time. But no, to your point of did I know of his sexuality. I did not. That’s about all I’m going to say, but wanted to clear that up.