Torrence’s Take On Da T.R.U.T.H. “Situation”

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 6:06 pm.

dat_r_u_t_h_pressphoto1re2And another one bites the proverbial “moral indiscretion dust.”  This is beginning to get a little out of hand.  Gospel rapper Da Truth recently posted an apology to his fans on his website stating that he had suffered a moral indiscretion and would be taking a sabbatical to get “restored” or something like that.  (Not in the mood for cutting and pasting so go read it there.)  But seriously, this is getting to be a little too common and ridiculous.  Now y’all all know me and know full well that I’m probably one of the LEAST judgmental people there are and this is the very reason I’m a little….ummm….”frustrated.” (having a hard time finding the best word.)

Infidelity or “moral indiscretions” as they’ve been code-worded for the last year or so is nothing new but they seem to be getting messier as the days go by, especially among gospel artists.  Not too long ago, we discussed a situation with gospel rapper The Ambassador where I kind of got a little beside myself and ‘went in” on his label Cross Movement Records for that silly and over the top (that still stands) statement they put on their website where they put his business on full blast and sat him down.  Well as so many of you and others let me know, that label is known for it’s very strict stance on “holy living” for their artists and that’s to be commended.  However, I think there’s something to be said when you’re EXTREME VOCALNESS on being holy, right, etc. doesn’t hold.  Perhaps you should shut up a little bit.  Here’s what I mean:

 As a Christian, artist or otherwise, I do believe and agree that we should try to be the best and live the best lives that we can.  But let’s be honest, some of us are a little harder than others when it comes to how we present our “Christian lives” to others. I’ve noticed a scary pattern lately.  The artists who keep “falling” are the ones who talk the most and strongest about living these extra holy lives.  Yeah, the same ones who criticize young people for listening to “secular music.”  Yeah, the same ones who say you can’t work with an r&b artist. Yeah, the same ones who call out “sissies,” smokers, and drinkers and al of that. Some will probably call this post messy, and for those of you I’m sorry if you perceive it that way, but for years I’ve had to counsel and reassure young people who look up to me who have struggled based off of these kinds of hard core and many times unbalanced teachings. I’ve always said a person struggles the most with the thing they won’t shut up about. Well, when you present yourself as “holier than thou” you had better be! But what I think makes these “falls” worse is that they’re so deliberate and calculated. Sin is sin and I get that, but cheating on your wife, especially with a choir member or fellow artist’s (who used to be your mentor) wife who’s been through something similar, etc. is just a tad bit ridiculous.

 Now to be clear, I sincerely hope and pray for the best for Da Truth, Tye Tribbett, The Ambassador and others who have made mistakes, slipped up and are dealing with their marital issues, but I think this is a lesson to us to stop being so deep and judgmental of folks.  Let’s REALLY LOVE one another and rep Christ and stop making ourselves out to be more than the humans in need of God’s love that we are.  Trust me, it’s better that way.

 One of my favorite twitter followers (and I follow her too) @youthpastorTEE recently said something that really stuck with me, the tweet went a little something like this. “People reject the Christ they ‘can’t’ see BECAUSE of the “Christians” they ‘Can’ see!”

 I’m going to leave it at that.

 What do you think?


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Lamar Said on

CMR releases a statement about the situation with Da’ Truth. This is for all of the people that felt such “righteous indignation” with the statement CMR put up for Ambassador and felt that they were too religious and judged them, when in fact people like Torrence(writer of this article) made judgment that was horrible anyways. The Bible doesn’t say don’t judge, it says don’t condemn.

The Bible does say to judge with righteous judgment, but since everyone cares about giving their own opinions, they would just rather believe what Torrence has said about Ambassador’s situation, and now we have to deal with Da’ Truth’s situation. Keep CMR in prayer, there is alot going on and when I say that, I don’t mean with sin, I’m talking about the burden of many events other than the moral failings and I believe that the enemy is actually attacking this label, so can we pray more than we talk about this, this time around?

Here’s the link, maybe this will shut up alot of the foolish feelings people have with CMR’s statement about Ambassador, and feel like speaking on how CMR handles these things. As Stephen the Levite said in a rap:

Accept: the fallibility of any man that is not Christ and not canonized with His teachings.

Meaning, don’t stop listening to Ambassador and Da’ Truth’s music just because they have fallen in sin(also don’t assume this was just a one time thing, this would probably have been multiple times of occurrence before its revelation to someone else and the the subsequent statements). But know the truth in the words spoken by these artists and walk in the truth of Jesus Christ. It is discouraging to see stuff like this happen to our brothers, but stay focused with what Christ is doing!:

Octavia The Writer Lesley Said on

Amen and Amen. As a young person, I think you are very insightful and your words were measured properly. As Christians we need to uphold a standard, but at the same time we need to be careful not to appear so Holy that we become of no earthy good. Keep up the good work!!


Kim Said on

My husband and I are youth directors at my church and it’s hard to deal with situations like this. The kids come 2 us asking questions of why etc… It makes it harder for us bc we try to have our kids listen to christian hip hop etc. and show them that you can still rock 4 Christ and have fun. Times like these we have to tell them that yes they made these mistakes but they are very much human like we are. For me it saddens me bc in the secular world we’re looked at like what’s the difference btwn us and them? They’re off cheating on their wives!! It talks about in James 3:1 My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment. Many of these artists are teaching and preachin the word of God! For CMR I pray for the company bc I feel that the enemy doesn’t like what is taking place. 2 of their biggest artists have fallin within the last 1yr. I pray for the artists that are struggling with these issues bc they have to now heal their families and pick up their lives off the floor!

Frazy Said on

Moral indiscretion does not necessarily mean cheating, or related to whatever tye tribett did. It could mean cursing, or falling to control emotion inside the studio or at home with the family or attending something which he felt unwise to have done,,,, therefore since it is not clear wat exactly was done it is good, to avoid taking ur assumptions seriously and just pray for them. for it might had been wat u think he did or it might had drunk alcohol and got drunk which led him to doing something more unwise….its all moral indescretion. just pray for him for we all are faced with moral choices everyday and there no one who has never been part of doing something morally wrong such as deceiving.

LoveGod--HateSin Said on

Don’t be fooled this situation is what it is God is checking folks and He is doing so by allowing these things to come about. I didn’t have a problem with what Da Truth preached (concerning sin) because it’s scriptual. It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY not being judgemental (stop being so touchy about that word). Remember sin is sin and we should not lessen that fact because Da truth seemed to be hypocritical in his teachings compared to his moral indiscretion. The best example was the apostle Paul who was given the ministry to preach this Gospel along with what was expected of the believer invovling a lifestyle change (no more sinning). This did not make him judgemental and he was as stern as anyone concerning sin and he himself had struggles (Romans 7:18-25) The most important thing is that Da truth sees it as sin and has or is taking the biblical steps for reconciliation………we all can probadly learn something from this……I’m prayin 4 ya bro………God bless

Jesus is my Pilot
not my co-pilot

Billy IsReal Said on

Wow, I guess we all fall short of the glory of God. I sent a demo to Cross Movement a couple months back and still haven’t got a response. I wondered was it because of my past. I thought maybe I wasn’t good enough to be a part of something so “Holy”. Now, I realize that isn’t the case. my heart goes out to Da Truth. I hope he and his wife can be reconciled. I hope his ministry will continue to be blessed. We can all learn something from this. It is not our goodness that makes us righteous, it is God’s grace that makes us righteous. Give Him A Break! I’m sure his guilt and suspension from the label , not to mention the conviction of the Holy Spirit, is punishment enough. God Bless

Phil Said on

I agree with Lamar, can we stop talking and just start praying. And, can we not just run and pray when bad stuff like this happens but even lift da truth, tye, ambassador, and everyone else up when they are on the front line. I hate it when we forget about people but then once we hear some bad news about them, then we run and go pray, or some of us dont even pray we come running to the message boards yapping. After hearing about these two situations, I know for myself that I am going to start really praying for these guys and other artists out there that they will continue to represent Christ to the fullest. One thing that I have been told is that the enemy comes against the leaders first, and once he can get them its easier to attack everyone else in the camp. Ambassador, Truth, and tye are all big artists who have a major influence on this young generation and so my prayer for da truth and ambassador now is, they may be down, but they aren’t out, and I pray that they will come back restored and with a testimony. The only way that I would be disappointed in them is if they just completely gave up, but I dont believe that is happening. And for everyone who thinks these guys represent themselves as being better than everyone, how about we take a look at ourselves. How are we presenting our life? And what about these pastors out here who are sleepng around with women in the church and doing all other sorts of crazy foolishness, ubt still standing on the pulpit Sunday after Sunday calling everyone else sinners. Yes CMR goes hard for God, and challenges us to live to a certain standard, but it takes a strong amount of humility to confess your sin and apologize to your supporters. Da Truth chose Character over fame, and that doesnt seem like a “holier than art thou” personality to me. Who does that? I could say a whole lot more because this is something that has been on my heart for a long time so anyone who wants to chop it up email me

Cornelius Street Said on

Terrence , wow, funny how believer’s let BET pimp them just for a paycheck. BET the worst thing to happen to black folk since the Crack Cocaine epidemic. Please read what Malcom X had to teach about your media company. For you to come out against men who have made impact for the Kingdom of God is a joke. Essentially you are saying the same thing about King David, Solomon, Moses, and others that are mentioned in the bible that have transgressed against God. But you are suppose to be a believer, you are a novice, yet to experience the love of Christ. We all fall daily, there is no difference between a liar, in which you have done, gossiper, which you do for your job, adultery, fornication, it’s all sin. Because these are ministers of the Gospel does not exclude them from there flesh, and they have never said they couldn’t or wouldn’t fall. If anything crossmovement has always asked for our prayers and support due to the pressure they face daily. But you wouldn’t know about that, because you are more committed to your job than you are your relationship with the Father. Keep ya mouth shut when it comes to believers of the Gospel, you tear down, they build up. If someone wants to look at Truth’s or whoever situation and decide that’s why they don’t serve God, then they weren’t called from the door. Dude I fell across this posting, but you need to be Pastored and taught the Word of God. That’s obvious, you should look at the company you write for as the worst and think about what they are asking you to write about. BROTHER! From a former fornicator, adulterer, liar, and every other sin doer. Thank God for the Blood of Christ!

Ron Said on

@ Phil, I feel ya man but I guess you’d have to be a musician; one of the people in a concert @ church, someone who talked personally to these fellas and was checked by these fellas. The video trail, the paper trail, of these ministries have more Lecture than Lift, more condemnation than effective communication. And then, pray…how bout this…what are we actually praying about….What happened to, “anything that is not like You, take it away, out, whatever…” Well is this not an answer, an awakening to set the example so that others may not fall or even a wake up call that we start praying for pastors and stop making Artists/Entertainers the neo-pastors…..Hello

All By Grace Said on

Very informative, thank you for sharing!

Dungey Said on

My friend actually to me about this the other day. My first reaction was well, I pray for their situation and their wives. Was I devastated…not at all because long ago I learned that Pastors, Christian artist, or any other authority doesn’t give you salvation. Only God through the blood of Jesus Christ. My first reaction was those that would stop seeking God or fall off because they idolized the people to much. It is nothing wrong with respecting the people who are in authority but sometimes we go to far. You can ask some people a question they would say “Pastor said” or “Da Truth said” they don’t say what God tells them. There is a need for Pastors, holy hip-hop,gospel, christian music. None of these will replace a relationship with Jesus Christ, point blank. These are just tools.

Side note: I will continue to listen to Christian hip-hop and I believe it plays an important role. I personally really don’t like listening to traditional Gospel music. I understand what it means and I respect it. It really doesn’t move me. That is the same tons of people growing up in the hip-hop culture.

LetMeTalk Said on

So, I guess y’all think this is the first time this has happened. Not So! This is just the first time he got caught. God does some really wicked stuff, just to keep us on the right path. God will let you get away with some stuff because, He knows all about you, but He won’t let you get away. Now maybe we can become a little bit more transparent in our message concerning our salvation and our approach towards others who are struggleling. God is Holy, we will always be striving towards that Holiness…Not one of us is exempted from this situation, just thank God it didn’t happen to you, because you are just one vunerable moment away from being victimized by the enemy. Now let’s gather together and pray for Ambassador, Truth, Tye and the rest of them that are put before the fire every day just to encourage us…it’s not an easy thing road to travel.

mario magana Said on

The more legalist you are and preaching agaisnt your own conscious and talking about your works, the easier it is for you to fall…don’t point fingers in music and in preaching the gospel offer a truth be honest with you and God, this will help you see the mirror image of yourself and how much we need God…we all do, artist on a stage, preachers, choir, ushers, deacons, youth pastors, non believers, atheist, homosexuals, humans!!! We all need his love and to accept his commandments because we love, not because we work at it, its like a boy-girl relationship when you work at it is a weight on us, when we love freely its all because we love…

Devin Said on

All them dudes at cross movement act like there so deep and talk down on other who struggle in there walk, its funny how this is coming to light now. Iam not suprised they say one thing in there music and on the other hand do another I am from Philly ask around they are saying the same things about all them dudes I dont respect them .

Ryan Said on

Da Truth is sleeping with Tye Tribett wife and to be honest she is was tired of Tye cheating on her sleeping with the girl in his group. And the Ambassador was sleeping with the Ceo of cross movememt record wife and they all were all best friends its crazy

WOW! Said on

Now can you make music with secular artist, it looks like we are all in the same boat. They’re sinners and so are you. Look at God’s grace and how remarkable it is, he forgave you just like he forgives others. A wakeup call fa sho.

Say What! Said on

Morale Indiscretion…You still won’t admit that you sinned, huh? dress it up however you want to. When I had my child out of wed-lock, I had to ask God for forgiveness of my my sin for I had fornicated with a woman and to bless the child that was coming into this world. Image to some people is all they have, because they feel imageless inside, so they always want to be respected from the outside ( how people see them). Humility starts within, humble yourself and stop dressing up issues, this is no time for political correctness you need deliverance. Take it from one who knows about that spirit…he’ll try his best to keep you from exposing him, but God knows what you are dealing with already.

WeiadaB Said on

As Christians especially ministers of the Word. We are called to a higher level of standard. Its not that these artist fell harder because they are hyporcits or because they exposed certain sin. When we expose the Enemy,
he comes at us much harder…. So as ministers of the faith we have to prepare artist so that they will not get caught up in sin. Artist need to be taught to have a consistant prayer life, confess the Word over there lives each and everyday and keep their eyes on God and not man…..

Weiadab Said on

Be the change you want to see in the WORLD.

CHOSEN Said on