Can’t Wait!: Bonnerfide Radio Launch Party

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 6:08 pm.

Sup folks, I’m excited that my first post of the New Year is this one.

As I’m sure you all know, next weekend are the 25th Annual Stellar Awards, which until somebody else comes up with the dollars needed to challenge them are the “Grammy’s Of Gospel Music.” (Like ‘em or not…) Like most awards shows, some of the most fun and entertainment is had BEFORE and AFTER the actual award show. The Stellar Awards are no different!

The event I’m most looking forward to is the Bonnerfide Radio Launch Party!

Bonnerfide Radio is a new  internet radio show led/hosted by Gerard Bonner that really is one of the best, if not THE best! For the last few months, every morning from 9 a.m. to 12 noon (EST) I log on to to hang with the folks in what is affectionately known as the BRC (Bonnerfide Radio Crew.)  What makes Bonnerfide Radio fun and a little different is that it’s completely interactive.  You can chat with other listeners in the chatroom or just listen, but the conversations that go on go from hysterical to straight up church, depending on the mood of the moment and day.  Gerard’s got a gift for playing the right songs in the right order and giving you just the right amount of variety.  He’ll even throw some R&B/Soul in there and you can’t even get mad, because it fits right in. Trust me on this. You want to check it out.  You can also download podcasts of the show if the times don’t work for you. I don’t co-sign everything (obviously) but this is truly the business.

Well, in just this short amount of time Bonnerfide Radio has already been nominated for a Stellar Award for Internet Radio Station Of the Year. (A nomination I’m thankful they got right because some of those others….) So to celebrate, Bonnerfide Radio is throwing a party! So if you are or will be in Nashville next weekend, you MUST come and here’s a few reasons why

The Line Up!

Melinda Watts (Love her!)

JJ Hairston (rumor has it he’s going to be performing my FAVORITE song from Youthful Praise’s latest cd, “Great Expectations” LIVE  with Myron Butler for the first time!)

Candy & Peaches (Candy and Peaches West are 2 of the most sought after background singers and features vocalists in the biz.  Candy just rips microphones to shreds like it’s nothing.)

Leon Timbo

Jonathan & Jason Nelson (Putting my bid in for them to do “Right Now Praise” but it ain’t my party so let me just shut up!)

George Huff (Anyone in attendance willing to be my “catcher” because I’m liable to pass out if he sings “He Can.”)

Kevin Levar (I dig him. See, I don’t completely hate on CCM!)

Sheri Jones-Moffett (Catcher needed yet again….)

Lisa Page-Brooks (Forget the catcher, a NURSE!)

Vashawn Mitchell (A little birdie told me he may do something from the new CD…YEAH!)

Algernon (You may not know him yet, but just watch….)

Adrianne Archie (Think I may crown her a queen of the “chord.” You have to hear her joint “Strong” to see what I mean.)

Claude Deuce (Close your eyes and you’d think it was a younger Marvin Winans, a BEAST!)

Rae Ellis (youtube her! a real “soul sista” and can quicken with the best of em! *BRC inside joke*)


DJ Maestro1

CMO (Dude is taking gospel to whole different places. I’ll be featuring his CD next week!)

Tre Thomas (If Richard Smallwood were your godfather, you’d be able to sing like him too!)

Darnell Davis & The Remnant (One of my favorite choirs in the whole wide world! I’m talking past and present!)

Dominique Side

Jai (I’ve heard soooooo much talk about this girl.  I mean, so much.  So glad to finally hear her live.  Her buzz is kind of all over the place!)

My dude Jawn Murray from Blackvoices and The Tom Joyner Morning show will be hosting so you know that will be a hoot! (There is no telling what’s going to go down!)

PLUS, the BRC has formed an all star choir of BRC members, artists, etc. that will be debuting at the party and guess who’s directing ‘em? Yep, you need to come if for no other reason than to see me direct the BRC Choir. You’re really not ready, i guarantee you! ha!

Listen to the commercial below (Click the arrow) and make sure to go to to get your tickets. 7 bucks for all those artists is NOTHING. You can buy tickets at the door but then they’ll be $10 even though that’s still nothing. Still cheaper than a CD…

See you THERE!

Who: YOU!

What: Bonnerfide Radio Launch Party

When: Friday, January 15 @ 9 p.m.

Where: Limelight

201 Woodland Drive, Nashville, TN


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