Kirk Franklin & Friends – “Are You Listening”

Published by Torrence Glenn on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 11:51 am.


This post may be short. Because it’s really not about my “commentary” but about the song and the cause.

During this past Stellar Awards weekend, Kirk Franklin and a TON of the gospel artists in town came together to record a song to inspire, comfort and raise funds for the people affected by the recent earthquakes in Haiti.  A gospel “We Are The World” if you will. I think the gospel industry ought to be commended for this effort and I support it fully and hope you will too.

I got to visit the studio while many of the artists were recording and it was such a beautiful sight to see.  Especially considering the hours they put in.  I got there around 3 am and it was still packed wall to wall with artists. Some were cutting leads, others were in the all-star background choir. I KNOW folks were tired, but they stuck it out.  Kirk Franklin even turned around to ask me what I thought about a particular part. (Well we’re moving on up!)

Right now you can download the song from and on January 30, you can download from iTunes and/or purchase in Wal Mart and other in person retailers. Proceeds will to go support Haitian relief organizations.

I don’t beg for much, but I PLEASE, PLEASE support this song. We can show folks all over the world that the “saints” can come together and really make differences instead of just talking about stuff.  If you don’t do it for the people of Haiti, do it to show unity among Christendom (spell check?) and the gospel industry. Feel me? Take a listen and check out some of the artists involved:

Yolanda Adams, Jeremy Camp, Shirley Caesar, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Natalie Grant, Fred hammond, Tamela & David Mann, Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Bishop Paul S. Morton, J. Moss, Smokie Norful, Marvin Sapp, Karen Clark-Sheard, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard, BeBe & Cece Winans, and Marvin Winans

Other artists who sang in the all star choir were: Shari Addison, Kathy Taylor Brown, John Gray, Bishop Darryl Hines, Stephen Hurd, Karima Kibble, Judith McAllister, Nicole C. Mullen, Jessica Reedy, The Neville Sisters, Troy Sneed, Micah Stampley, Melinda Watts, Brian Courtney Wilson and a bunch of others but my fingers are letting me down.

Support it! Please and thank you!

Watch the video here!


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keonta n Said on

this song made tears come out my eyes. I was so touched by this song and maybe if you actually listen to it , it will touch you to. Lord please help those people in haiti because it could of been me and my family that had to watch our love ones die.

LaShay Sampson Said on

i know this song is about haitis but it really did touch me when i kept listening to it i understand im not alone and God is always there for me to
i always tend to feel alone and its good to know he’s there listening and feeling my pain….its also makes me feel sorry sorry for the people in haitis and i pray for them

annie Said on

wordless tear just runnnin from my eye this could have been your family your love ones we are livin in the last and evil dayz killin each other living like tomorrow is promise but it not because look didnt haiti think the same thing so love each … other because this could be use to tomorrow never know peace and love to all if u cant give a helpin hand say a pray that this all will go to pass and there wil be a brighter day

Shawn Fowler Said on

This song is so touching! My uncle Jim Forbes is a photographer who is currently in Haiti. The video to this song..made me cry. And I’m not a cryer. How amazing..the spirit of the haitians! My uncle said that after an after shock on either tuesday or wednesday, that the haitian people were yelling…mercy jesus mercy! gives me chills!

Karen White Said on

This is a beautiful heart-filled collaboration of love! Definitely some of my favorite gospel artists.

Tonya Williams Said on

I saw the video on BET last night by the time the video went off i was in tears good job the song was beautiful and the message was even more beautiful. I hope and pray everybody is listen not just in Haiti the world over needs to wake up and pay attention to GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love You

T.Williams & Family

desline Said on

felt this song all the way in st lucia touching it a nice song and we should give more to help out god bless.

Ashlynn Said on

Great song!!!!!!!!

Trina Said on

Somebody please tell me why they tell you to vote for it but then dont give it to you as an option to choose from.

cierra nash Said on


Sar Said on

The love of God is truly felt and ministered in this song. It inspired my family to do even more. Today as people from Philadelphia PA and the surrounding areas came to our church bringing donations and we packed boxes upon boxes of dry goods and toiletries this song was played several times throughout the day. We continue to support and pray for our Haitian brothers and sisters in Haiti and those Stateside. As well as pray for those of any nationality who may have been in Haiti for various reasons and their lives and families have been impacted as well. Father we thank you for blessing us to be a blessing.

bria lyons Said on

i love this song!!♥

janice piggs Said on

THe lyic of that song really touched my heart what a blessin i had when i was listen to it may God be the glory

Ayyahsha Said on

This song brought tears to my eyes… I love it so much, this helps me as well!

Simone Said on

i love this song dat is wats doin on in haiti and the best part is Jessica Reedy because she is the best sing i ever hear in my life

lenora brown Said on

This song wow! It touch my soul way down within all the artists sing it with deep caring feelings , it brought tears to my eyes. yes yes I am listening I can feel some pain yes he do have the hold world in his hands!God is an alsome god Kirk & Friends you all are god send , I love it when all the artists can come together as one again (we are the world) Thank you all kirk!

Earline Copeland Said on

This song is simply wonderful. It is very inspiring. . . and yes, I feel their pain.

Betty Ivory Said on

Words cannot express what I am feeling as I listen to this song. I am here and listening and feel your pain. Outstanding humanity.

maleika Said on

This song has touch me in such a way to make me look at myself and turn to god and say help us all. So many of us think because today we are ok you don’t no what tomorrow will bring .please continue to keep your eye on the sparrow With much love and thanks blessyou

Myesha Henderson Said on

hEy….. LoVe dIs SonG….. i wIsh ii coulD HeLP thEm aLL!!!! i wILL kEEP DeM In MY PrAy……. i FeeL ThERe pAin RiTTe noW ………..GoD BlEss THEm aLLL……