Torrence’s Talk With Yolanda Adams

Published by Torrence Glenn on Monday, January 11, 2010 at 3:31 pm.


I hope you enjoyed last night’s premiere of Celebration Of Gospel 2010.  In my opinion, it was one of the best! If you missed it, you can watch the full show here!

But while I was there, I got a chance to sit down with Yolanda Adams, the gospel legend herself to catch up with her! Needless to say, this was another one of those “Torrence as groupie” moments.  When you get to sit down and talk it up with a gospel game changer who’s not only gifte/anointed/talented (all of that) but is also visually stunning (stop being deep, you know she phyne!), it’s easy to get caught up!

But I’d like to think that I pulled it together enough to do a pretty good interview if I do say so myself.  Watch!

BET Videos

Well that’s it for me today. I’m out!


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uberVU - social comments Said on

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This post was mentioned on Twitter by TorrenceG: Sat down with Yolanda Adams at #celebrationofgospel. she made me blush. hehehe

rein Said on

You see? See why she is my music role model? Hot! Sexy! Anointed! Down-to-earth! Sweet! Yessuh! I love you Yolanda! And Torrence lol ;)

ashleigh Said on

aww. this interview is soo cute. lol. you went groupie mode for real LOL. i loved this interview. good job.

ashleigh Said on

ps. ur cute too LOL

rod777 Said on

crazy that now, sexy and anointed can be said of the same person at the same moment. What is christianity come to ?!

Renee Said on

While I agree that Yolanda Adams can sho nuff SANG and that she is indeed a very pretty lady, her attire leaves nothing to be imagined. In this red dress, she’s about to lose a breast. My question is–is she representing God?? Also, in her performance (Celebration of Gospel) again her attire was skin-tight. Gospel ladies you can dress for the occasion and be “fly” w/o showing your stuff. I Timothy 2:8-10 tells women to adorn themselves in modest apparel showing godliness with good works. She is also not the only female gospel singer who is seemingly dressing loosely, so I am not picking on her. Where do we draw the line–it seems like the gospel music world is trying to compete with the secular industry w/o just going all out!! The problem is that it is hard to look at a person singing gospel and receive the message of their song when there is a split in your dress up the yen yang and or it is soo tight that I can see every curve or roll you possess. Who are you really representing and who are you trying to draw—Men to notice you or Men to praise JESUS????

Leslie Said on

As much as I love Ms. Adams, I think the parts of the interview that stood out the most is when she said she doesn’t care or worry about “the church.” “Church” cliches have left many people confused. God said He is coming back for the “church.” Does Ms. Adams care less about the church than God does? Also she’s implying that she cares about the “world” which says a great deal about her. It seems like a “Tonex” situation which says I will disregard the “bible” and embrace the world’s consensus.

It’s obvious by the clothes she wears that she is becoming more revealing . Her breasts exposed and skin tight clothes wouldn’t be appropriate even at the “Grammy’s” unless she’s not “church folk” nor Christian. That was disrespectful to the “church” who watched Celebration of “Gospel.” She’s really saying “I’m tired of “church folk telling me to put modest clothes on.” REMEMBER 85% OF AMERICANS ARE CHRISTIANS. The “church folk” are the ones buying her music.

1 Thessalonians 5:22 KJV – “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” I suggest she makes Cece Winans her stylist and like the other person say “stay out of the teen department.”


serita Said on

First, I want to say….. on Yolanda Adams behalf, usually when I see her perform or in an interview or whatever, her dress attire is quite descrete. She is not an old woman and I feel she dresses JUST FINE. While some people are so focused on what an artist is wearing to me is irrelevant unless you see them just showing all their business and then of course let’s have better judgement on what they are representing which is GOD. Yolanda inspires me and hundreds of thousands and millions of other fans and artists and I feel like her dress code isn’t important. If she is out in the club or doing worldly things that one thing…she is trying to bring the worldly people to the church or at least , showing them what it is like to have a relationship with GOD… so We love you Yoland and keep giving us the Best!!! :)

Rosa Said on

I love Yolanda! Yes, the dress looked like it would slip but it didn’t and she is firm in her beliefs and I concur that everyone should have a personal relationship with God.

Ms. Mabel Said on

I wonder if she ZamZuu? If not have her go to then e-mail me @
God Bless,
Ms Mabel

Kwartema Said on

Why is she exposing her breast…this is soooooooo embarassing…Lord have mercy

Leslie Said on

Serita, what you said makes no sense. You said she is trying to bring “worldly people in” which is why you believes it’s OK for her to dress “worldly.” That means you expect her use drugs to bring the drug addicts in. Of course, you don’t have a problem with the way she dresses because you don’t want to change. Christian women don’t reveal their breasts and wear mini-skirts.

Leslie Said on

OK Torrence, I see you deleted my comment, but you left the comment of the others who support the notion that women who sing gospel should dress like the “world” to reach the “world.” I guess you believe that gospel singers should use drugs to reach the drug addicts. CHRISTIAN WOMEN DON’T REVEAL THEIR BREASTS OR WEAR MINI SKIRTS.

You need to delete this entire blog and especially that photo.