Listen Up: Marvin Sapp

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 5:00 pm.

marvinsappI’m just gonna act as if you guys already have this one, because Billboard has already predicted that Marvin Sapp’s new CD, “Here I Am” is poised to sell somewhere about 70,000 copies (HUGE numbers for a gospel release) and may even debut in the top 5 of the top 200 chart.

“Here I Am” has not lost a spot in rotation ever since I got it. It’s just that good.  Let me give you some perspective. We all know the phenomenon that was “Never Would Have Made It.”  The song took the entire country over and because of it, Marvin Sapp sold over 700,000 copies of “Thirsty,” his last CD.  For many folks outside of the gospel community, this was their first experience with Marvin Sapp as a vocalist and they ate it up! Me? I’m a Marvin Sapp fan from even the Commissioned days, and for me “Thirsty” was good, but certainly not his best work. (Stick with me here, i’m not hating!)  I’d run into folks who’d tell me how great this “new gospel guy” was and I would constantly encourage them to check out “Nothing Else Matters” and “Diary Of A Psalmist” so they could get more of the Marvin Sapp i fell in love with and also to see that he wasn’t a “new” artist by any stretch.  So let’s fast-forward to “Here I Am.” Well, Marvin found a way to make his new and old fans just as happy.  This is THAT CD! My favorite track would probably have to be “Fresh Wind” but there isn’t one on here that I don’t like and that’s RARE!

Take a listen and tell me what ya think? And like I always say, if you like it, BUY IT!

Listen Up: Marvin Sapp



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priscilla Said on

I love this CD like i do the other one! i almost lost all of me when my daddy pass away i did not think that i was coming back to reality because my daddy always believe in me, i fell down hard and i didn’t want to get up but after i listenin to never would have made it, i got to praying every day and nite and talking to God and he let me know that i was going to be alrite, i am so much better now and every day i see the best in me!
Thank you Rev. Marvin Sapp

tabatha Said on

Marvin Sapp is a true worshiper I thank GOD for his life in the music industry. When I first started listening to his recent cd’s im like wow” thirsty” got me through one dramatic change in my life not long ago, I still listen to it daily. I will say this “Nothing else Matters” is a very powerful cd. It is something about the old music it can bring you out, if you just truly listen and meditate on the words being ministered through the anointing power of god. God bless, man of god.