Ebenezer AME Church Revamps Music Dept

Published by Torrence Glenn on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 8:37 pm.


Sorry folks, I’m in between 2 places and blogging from the Blackberry, so forgive any errors. Wanted to get you this info quick.

As you know, changes in Church leadership have been in the air. Well, as with Pastors, sometimes music leaders move around too!

Ebenezer AME church has tapped 2 UBER qualified artists I respect and admire to join their already mega talented music departments.

Ricky Dillard is joining the staff as a choir director! Umm seriously, can you imagine Ricky Dillard being your church choir director? I’m just saying, that almost makes me wanna hop an amtrak every other Sunday or something! Ha!

Also, one of our favorite males from Sunday Best 2, Clifton Ross is also joining the music staff. I’m waiting to find out what his position will be. Whatever it is, he’ll be good at it because he’s an excellent choir director (he directs the Howard University Gospel Choir who were just featured on Bobby Jones Gospel), and he sings his face off!

I’m told the choir was introduced to Ricky tonight (Monday) but the news has been in the works for some time now. (See, if you ask me to hold onto information when I ask about something, I generally comply. :-) )

Recording artist Earnest Pugh is no longer employed by the church. I understand Ebenezer discontinued the work relationship last week along with an informal announcement made by Earnest on his Facebook page.

Byron Cage remains the Minister of Music at the church. Ebenezer also counts recording artist Tye Tribbett on it’s music/ministerial staff so I’m sure service was already on point and with the additions of Ricky Dillard and Clifton Ross, it’s only getting better.

Who’s coming with me to Ft. Washington, MD? Ha!


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Alan Said on

Hope no one takes offense to this but its not only going on at EAME. This is a major problem with many churches. People should, could and would be added to the church DAILY if we, the saints of the most high God, were doing our job correctly as a whole (THE BODY OF CHRIST). There should be no reason to have to hire celebrities so you can grow your church. The unsaved (which should be a churches main focus) could care less about RD, BC, TT, and other gospel celebs. AND furthermore, if your church is pulling members of other churches into the ministry, that is not growing the Body of Christ, nor helping. Don’t get me wrong I love me some gospel music but the unadulterated Word of GOD is the ONLY THING that will make your church grow.

something else Said on

Well said Alan

Lorraine's MAMA!!! Said on

To: Lorraine
From: Lorraine’s Mama

Well whoop-tee-do Lorraine, I’m so glad you decided to give your tithes and offerings because that ’s what you’re supposed to do! You need to be a good Stewart over the things God has given YOU, don’t worry about what happens to it after that, you are giving your offerings unto God not Pastors! What Pastors do with the tithes and offerings is between them and God. If you have such a big problem with it why don’t you become an ACTIVE member of EAME, and do something about it! When i said do whatever it takes to save souls i mean within reason, now come on YOU use some common sense! Now why in the hell would i be dumb enough to run into the middle of the street cause Pastor said so, you’re just being ridiculous! You should have a mind of your own, and know God and the word for yourself, at the same time respect your leadership, and if you can’t do that then maybe you need to find new leadership!

Ditto Said on

@Lorraine’s Mama: these statements are only opinions, so please calm down.

@ Allen: I totally agree

Man I thought this was something exciting, getting new musicians at your church, i was thinking about coming for a service but man you Ebenezer folks are harsh, is your church in the hood?

Lorraine Said on

@Lorraine’s Mama: It’s apparent that you just want something to say. First you questioned my giving to God’s house. Once that was cleared you came back with whoop-tee-do. Now you’re telling me to be a good steward over what God has given me. I am a good steward over what God has given me. That’s why I can give to all of these campaigns that go on. You don’t just give and say whatever is done with the money is just done. That’s a brain washing technique that used so that members don’t question spending. Yes, it’s God’s money and we give unto Him. Thus the reason to even question things more to ensure we are being good stewards over His money. You’re taking this as a personal attack when this is my family as well. Calm down and look at the entire picture and stop being so defensive. All that’s been said would help Ebenezer to be the church it’s called to be. You have no idea what’s behind the scenes. Our goal isn’t to be popular…it’s to win souls for Christ. It’s not done by seeing who can get the most/best on staff but through God’s word!

This is no disrespect to leadership. I do honor and respect them. But we all make wrong decisions at times.

now Said on

I must admit that I totally agree with Lorraine’s comments. I too am a member and constantly see wasteful spending. I’d like to see us get focused and serve the people of God!

another member Said on

I am also a member. They have totally lost their minds, begging for money, and preaching about the importance of giving tithes and turn around and just waste money like this is rediculous. They hired Tye Tribbett who is always either late or a no show. If we were in a financial state to spend like this it would be a different story although I would still wonder why we must have all the “stars” on staff. These past years have been so difficult for me, the word isnt as solid like it use to be and now with this I wonder what is it that my pastors are after, Saving souls or Popularity? Who are we now? What has become our business in the Kingdom? I am very aware that we are not the only church facing hardship but when you face situations like this you make good sound decisions and make cut backs however you can. Its hard for me to simply pack up and leave because ive been a member for so long but in MY OPINION God is pulling the covers back and revealing the truth. I just dont know how much longer I can take this.

Gloria Rogers Said on

Agree @ another member—word isnt solid like it used to be and been like that for a few years now. I pray all will work out. It’s always hard when u been somewhere and can’t let go. Pray about it and be led. Let’s pray for a shift that God will move whoever out so we can experience a fresh wind.

Mr. Jones Said on

I’m not a member of Ebenezer but I have the and been privy to the “behind-the-scenes” work that goes on in churches, and it’s not as shady as you all are making it out to be. The average pew sitter has no idea what goes on behind the scenes when churches hire people. Most of you know a part of why Ernest was FIRED and not the whole truth. Most of you have no idea why or even how Ricky Dillard got to Ebenezer or that Tye Tribbett isn’t making the kind of money you think he is (he was looking for a church home – notice that he’s also a licensed Minister). You all need to calm down. Ebenezer isn’t wasting money. What you all are doing is projecting – you’re projecting what you would hope to make if you had a few Stellar award winning CDs and saying/believing that the figure you’ve come up with is what these men are being paid.

There are terms like “cash-on-hand” that churches have that many of you don’t know about because you don’t and have never worked for a mega church. Understand that there are things you don’t know about. Trust and Believe that Pastors Browning didn’t swindle you out of your money to lure Tye Tribbett and Ricky Dillard to Ebenezer.

Mr. Jones Said on

and one final not, Ebenezer facing foreclosure was a rumor that spread like wild fire and just like gossipping church-folks, many ran with it and put it all in the streets. And I do know for a fact that some pastors & bishops heard the same rumor and started calling Pastors Browning.

Again, everyone CALM DOWN. Ebenezer has been serving God’s people in my hometown/city – Fort Washington, MD – for many years and while I’m not a member anymore, when I can, I visit and worship has been AMAZING. They’re not trying to win souls by hiring them, that’s ridiculous to assert that.

Rainman Said on

I’m a active member of EAME also, so let me start by saying…EVERY Church has some things it could do better, ours is no different, I believe that our Pastors love the Lord & love the Church, I recently read an article that said 85% of Churches in the U.S. have suffered in some shape or fashion from the recent economic problems, so what do you guys consider waste? the 3rd largest church in America “Saddleback Church in CAL, Rick Warren” made a recent pledge to his members for 1 million dollars to cover operating expenses, let’s stop being so critical people of God…remember this “no matter what endevour that a MAN is involved in, there will be mistakes made, always have, always will” I think that statement covers EVERY Church in the World……. huh? just remember this…you will be judged by how “YOU” have lived your life, Not Pastors, Byron’s, Tye’s, Earnest’s, Brent’s, Rickey’s or Keith’s for that matter! Love you guys, God Bless!

something else Said on

@ another member & Lorraine. I think the nail has been hit on the head. I love Ebenezer and the Pastors, they are wonderful people, but I think the focus is more toward popularity as well. Ebenezer isnt as “popular” as it use to be, and you have members leaving and going to other churches. I don’t think this is how you bring them back or even bring in new souls. Its funny because, the “new souls” don’t even know who these people are lol, especially if they don’t listen or aren’t familiar with gospel music lol. So that should tell you something right there about this decision. Just keep Ebenezer, the Pastors, and the members in your prayers everyone!! Pray that God leads them back to being the family church serving the family of God.

Mr. Jones Said on

why are you guys here accusing your pastors of trying to win some popularity contest. Church folks as fickle – and from reading some of these comments, some of you fit the bill. With newer churches being built, i.e., Glenarden, Reid Temple, etc church folks did what they do best, flocked to what’s new.

As for Ricky Dillard, he will be working with the adult choir primarily, do you think your pastors are crazy enough to waste $$$ on a musician who will only be working primarily with one choir? Seriously.

Diva Mac Said on

I am a active member of Ebenezer and some of the above comments boggles my mind and especially if you claim to be a member. Some of you are speaking out of ignorants with no facts to support your statements. You are speaking out of hearsay and hearsay has holds no merits in this church called Ebenezer. We have wonderful Pastors and they do their best to keep things running in smooth order. While you all are expressing your opinions, you should be praying for yourself and your heart because God hears every negative thought you are thingking. Judge not (Matthew 7). If you can comprehend that verse then just maybe God will spare you. The Bible said “Touch not my anointed.” There are consequences when you act ugly. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. You people are allowing others and yourself to put your home church down. Stop the negative talk and, lies about Ebenezer. We have never been in Foreclosure. It was someone from the outside who spreaded that lie and you all are eating it up. This is your home and you should respect it. Whether you agree or disagree with the choices of the music be quit about it. Min. Cage, Ricky Dillard, Tye Tribbitt and Mr Lewis are here to stay, deal with it. Put God in your life first and everythings else is second nature.

2Blessed Said on

Thank you Diva Mac. I have read all of these comments and it was truly distressing to me that folks who claim to be members of EAME would openly put down their church and their Pastors in such an open forum. In my family we were always taught that if we had a disagreement it stayed in our home and we worked it out amongst ourselves. I am heartbroken reading some of these posts. If you know anything about Ebenezer then you know that have always had an awesome music ministry going back to the beginning days of Rev Vails. Our Pastors are doing what the Lord is leading them to do and it is our responsibility to support them and most of all PRAY for them and for our church and music department. And for those bad mouthing them, please remember that the power of life and death is in the tongue. Let us stop criticizing our leaders and if you are a member and have a problem them try to set up a meeting with one of the administrators but don’t do this. It is mean spirited, ugly,gossipy and not becoming of a true Christian man or woman. As my young folks would say “ain’t no Jesus in that” at all.

kamire Said on

I have read all the post and this is the MAIN! reason why you can not get the UNSAVED to come into the house of god. because we’re acting just like the world it’s time to GROW UP! IN GOD!!! . Let’s pray for the church…


Hello Ladies and Gents, the following is an official statement from the EAME website to address the ongoing “RUMORS”

April 3, 2010—A recent news report giving the impression that Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church of Fort Washington, MD is facing potential foreclosure is unequivocally false. Ebenezer is not, nor has it ever been, in foreclosure. In fact, the church has never been late or missed a payment to its banking institution. Based on these facts, we are shocked and disappointed by the gross mischaracterization of Ebenezer in the media.

With a 150-year legacy of service, the Ebenezer Church family is aware of and has been directly involved in assisting members, other churches, and neighbors affected by the current economic landscape. As hundreds of churches across the nation have grappled with high interest loans and financial challenges, Ebenezer successfully restructured operations and mobilized members to manage the struggling economy and banking practices.

To further strengthen our financial position, a new lender arrangement was sought. While a number of banking institutions pursued the opportunity, Industrial Bank of Washington proved to be the right partnership because of a shared commitment of service. The newly established relationship with Industrial Bank of Washington will help to advance the support and services Ebenezer provides to our more than 10,000 members and hundreds in the surrounding community.

Well people of God, I hope this article will be the beginning of the end of all the false “RUMORS” surrounding or Church & Pastors, now on the other hand I realize that there will always be those “folks” who will continue to spread gossip, lies & rumors….always have, always will,

Be Blessed,

2funny Said on

Most people don’t realize Ebenezer is not your traditional AME church. The pastors believe in the gifts of the spirits and speaking in tongues. You are free to worship however you feel comfortable. Most of you are speculating about the church’s financial condition and have no knowledge whatsoever. The church was not facing foreclosure, they were re-financing to get more favorable terms, that would be beneficial to the church. How many people know how much money Ebenezer gives to other local churches to help their ministry? They do a lot more than you think and because you aren’t in the know, you assume and start these type of rumors. Ebenezer probably does more in the community than most churches in the DC area. If you aren’t involved in any of the ministries, you wouldn’t know. For as many members as they have, it’s always the same folks involved in everything. How many people on here volunteer for Warm Nights, to go into the Prison’s, Mentor young people, attend bible study, are in a choir, etc. Probably just someone who comes on Sunday and expects the church to give them everything. You get out what you put in

x Said on

Ebenezer is a traditional AME church.
The AME church don’t speaking in tongues.

Please call the Bishop Adam J. Richardson Jr and he will inform of this.

STOP Said on

i have to stop u there @ X.. Have you even been to Ebenezer before, probably not.. Ebenezer is A non traditional ame church, have been for years. and they do speak in tongues and have the gifts of the sprit. Ebenezer is a praising and worshipping church. Dont comment if u know nothing at all bout the church