Guest Blogger: Latalya Andrews

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 7:19 pm.

Sup folks! Latalya is back.  She, like me,  was a little under the weather last month and couldn’t do her monthly post, but she’s back.. Not gonna be before you long (Churchy, lol) so Latalya can get right to it!

*passes mic to Latalya*

Heyyy my BLOGDERS!

Recently my sister came to my house raving about an artist, who was at a church she was visiting, that  just drew her to tears. Since my sister rarely gets moved to tears and let alone SLAIN, laying out  with the spirit by a songs, I rushed to my computer like it was running away from me (get it….that was a joke! ok….no? Laughing) and checked this fellow out for myself.  This artist that immediately filled my ears with excitement was Anthony Evans.


Now Evans latest record came out late January 2010, took only 6 months to put together, is his 5th album and entitled “Undisguised”. From the start of the 1st track you can clearly see Evans is letting his mask REALLY fall and picking it up was not an option both personally and professionally, this project is definitely his authentic self.

Evans infuses an urban, pop-ish worship style to “Mighty to Save”, “Amazing God”, and “Stand” making them his own.  “Rejoice” featuring Kari Jobe, I found myself instantly relishing in!  Mellow simple wholesome worship, that makes you want to just meditate quietly, that face down stretched out of the carpet worship to the Lord.

He stated, “As Christian artists we think we can’t be perceived as broken. We have to put up a facade that says ‘we’ve got it’. But opening up, revealing the truth of who we are and what we’re experiencing, allows God to do what He does best.

Which is so true in music period. Artist… you know what I’ll say “we” because a majority of us do it, especially Christians. We are so caught up in this “persona” when the spot light comes on, that we don’t realize that we are getting in the way of what God wants to do. And it’s not so much about looking good. Don’t be afraid to take it there! Go ahead, get UGLY for God!

Go check him out and you will defiantly be blessed!

PS: Thank you so much for all the comments and the love/ welcome. I totally checked out all the artist you all have suggested and commentary is coming soon. Keep sending comments and new artist!

“Holy kiSSes*

***takes mic from Latalya***

Well there you have it! Your monthl  “artist Torrence probably would have missed” moment with Latalya! Ha!


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mrz.youngswagga Said on

wat are yu yall doin.. i dont see how yu get on bet.. im da badest rapper in east atlanta