Listen Up!: Karen Clark-Sheard

Published by Torrence Glenn on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 2:43 pm.


TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!! Karen Clark-Sheard’s new CD, “All In One”  is in stores and available on iTunes!

Thanks guys for coming back daily for the “unveiling” of the new CD’s. You guys were ON IT! I can literally say that the blog grew tremendously with new folks because of it. I’ve got another bunch of exclusives coming in the next few weeks and months so stick around newbies! To the old heads, look down your row, touch ya neighbor, shake a hand; you know the drill!

Well, now that the day is here, listen to the album in it’s entirety and then click on the pretty little iTunes button or go out to your favorite CD spot and pick it up! Now before you measure it against “Finally Karen” or any of her other projects… how about you don’t! Walk into this CD with an open mind, because truthfully, she’s made some choices on this CD that aren’t “typically” Karen, but overall I have to say I love it! My favorite tracks are:

1. Have Your Way (Praise & Worship the way it’s supposed to be done)

2. Because Of You (More Praise & Worship but the singing she does on this here…. *whoosh*)

3. Prayed Up (This CD passed what I call “stop by” test with flying colors. Many times I play music really loud at the office and people that listen to all different kinds of music are always around. Any song that makes an R&B or Hip Hop head pop their head in my door and say ‘who’s that?” or “that’s hot” gets an “A” for making someone stop by!)

4. I Made A Choice (Proof that Karen can literally sing anything. I’ve said this for sometime that one of her “problems” is that although she’ a church girl,  and a gospel singer through and through; it must be hard knowing that you can almost sing anything you want and not be able to express that. I’m glad she played with her R&B chops again.)

5. Blessings (Just a dope song. The groove is old and new school at the same time. I just dig this)

6. Good (More of the R&B/Soul chops at work, but straight squalling at the end.)

7. Hold On (my favorite!!!!!!!!)

8. He Knows (it’s probably a song that’s gotten the most criticism from Karen’s fans because of the level of “compresssion/production.” Yes, there’s a little “autotune” on there, but I think it’s not too much. It’s just enough. it doesn’t really bother me…)

So click on the link/album cover and listen, then GO GET IT OK!!!!

Listen Up!: Karen Clark-Sheard


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Kina Said on

i had to get mines from itunes because they didnt have em at the store. they need to send some mo copies out. thanks torrence for all the exclusives…i cant wait for what other stuff is comin out. this is my first gospel cd release of the yr.