Listen Up!: PJ Morton

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 3:18 pm.

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*singing* It’s my blog and I can blog what I want to! :-)

PJ Morton’s new CD, “Walk Alone” was released this week and it’s absolutely incredible.  Before some of you trip. No, it’s not a gospel CD, but if that’s a problem see first sentence.  K? However, I am a believer that most gospel lovers  are also lovers of  good music.  PJ sings about love, finding “the one” and how it feels to be a man in and out of love.  All real situations that everyone, including Christians go through.  But for those looking for more “direct” spiritual messages, he does that too.  On “Son Of A Preacherman,” PJ gives an honest and frank glimpse into the struggles of being a preacher’s kid and not going into the “family business.”  It’s not a “gospel song” per se but anyone who’s ever been in a ministry family can relate to issues addressed in the song whether your choice was to become an R&b singer or even leave something like leaving a denomination, or not becoming the next Pastor of the family church. He also has a version of the hit gospel song he wrote for DeWayne Woods, “Let Go” with his father Bishop Paul Morton.  And hear me, the oil is there!

My favorite songs though, would probably be “Love You More” and “Mountains & Molehills.”  On “Love You More,” Tweet (another one of my favs whom I believe has an “r&b anointing” lol) joins PJ and it’s one of the most effortlessly beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. “Mountains & Molehills” is a ridiculously good inspirational ballad. Not inspirational in that way that watered down gospel from the 80’s would be, but inspirational about pushing forward and seeing things in your life for what they are and realizing that problems are simply opportunities for us to shine! Let me stop, cuz I might start running! Ha!

Listen to PJ’s new CD and tell me what you think! And like always, if you like buy it!

Listen Up!: PJ Morton

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kevyn_j Said on

this is a feel good project! What I respect most about P.J. is his approach to his music career/ministry. It has been on his own terms and not “pigeon-holed” into the confines of the church’s four walls. He is a phonemenal talent that should be exposed to ALL of the WORLD, not just the CHURCH. Go forth and do exploits son!

Paul N Said on

Whats the problem with music being confined to the church? Why does the world need to hear his “talent”? what will that do for the unbelieving? NOTHING, unless the gospel is going forward.

I cringe at the way gospel music is looked upon, as if the world need to stand up and take note, for what reason exactly? The carnal man cannot understand the things of God.

I am not too deep but if you music other than gospel, you have taken a huge step down and gone backwards as there is nothing greater than giving God the glory.

Kathy D Said on

I am a really feeling PJ and his passion for his music. You see he is very real about his passion because he is not letting he naysayers stop him. As a PK I applaud him for finding his passion even though it may not be in the pulpit and running after it. God is about LOVE and that’s what his songs are conveying LOVE! I pray he continues on with MUCH SUCCESS!