Recap: Sunday Best 3 Digital VIP Suite – DETROIT

Published by Torrence Glenn on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 8:26 pm.


Sup folks. Me again!

As you all know, auditions for Sunday Best 3 were a little different this year.  For the first time ever, we had the Digital VIP Suite sponsored by Ford in every U.S. audition city where a select group of 150 contestants were able to audition.  In the VIP Suite, my guest judges and I were able to handpick who would go to the final round of judging. My guest judges for Detroit were Sunday Best 2 finalists Jessica Reedy, Camille Betton and R&B/Soul STAR Ledisi. Check out the clip below to see what went down in the VIP Room in Detroit! Yeah I know, the Detroit auditions already aired…. Well, there were some back-end issues that kept me from getting the video to you earlier but it’s here now so don’t trip!  :-) This Sunday, check back for Philly’s Digital VIP Suite Recap. Watch now!

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lilly love Said on

i have lost total respect for all the judges because their rude and disrepectful comments to the contestants. Christians should not disrepect one another… the world does it enough to us everyday!

K.Grimes Said on

God Bless everyone. I really don’t know where to began. However, I will began with; I am very DISAPPOINTED with the show this season. One, I am missing Bebe and Erika. Even though, Donnie is one of my favorite artist. I have found him to be very rude and Kim…well….. Last week, a young lady came into the audition dressed in green. She may not have had the best attitude but the judges were supposed to be the LIGHT or the professionals but what came out of Kim’s mouth. “I don’t want to be dreaming about “leprechaun”. HOW RUDE. If we are to be christ like, we must show it. If, I wanted to see rude, I would watch American Idols. I was looking and hoping to support something from a Christian side of view. If the judges were to look back at the comments they have made, i am sure they wouldn’t be happy with themselves. I would really like to see Bebe and Erika back. I miss them. I thought to myself, they will be back at the final 20. I don’t know. I am not a person afraid of change but, the show has only been for 3 season and now the third season a change already. I am still supporting the show for now. But, I pray if there is another season, you all will get back on track and realized the main reason for the show. To promote a positive show for us christian to watch and be proud of and. showing GODS’ love.

kiki Said on

I agree with the comments above on saying that Sunday Best is not the same. All of the judges call themselves christians but they are treating their fellow brother and sister that are audtioning with no RESPECT. Tina Campbell is very rude and disrespectful to the competitors. She has to remember when she first started that their where things she had to learn to get where she is now. Donnie is a great singer and he speaks on God word and how we are suppose to live to be christian life,Do you believe he was encouraging his people they way God would want him to?
We are suppose to encourage them not talk down to them, I am very disappointed in the show this year. I miss BEBE Winans he was never rude to them he talk to them and enocourage them even though he knew they sound horrible

Barbara Deloach Said on

I have never blog before, but I had to say how I feel about Season 3. I am so disappointed with this season and Sunday Best has change. What happen to the encourgement! We all know that some people really can’t sing, but I think we need to be mineful on how we judge them, The judges just seem like they want the people to be like them, when everone is different. Tina made a comment about the hands, what that got to do with someone gift. Most of the people are coming from the Church thats all they know.They are not you! I only can speak for me, but really make me don’t wont to watch this Season.

CCarmichael Said on

i too never respond but am in agreement with all the post except the one that said for Christians to grow up. I watch the show for entertainment and sometimes comic relief. But was very disappointed when I watched for the first time this season and the judges were rude and mean-spirited.

I agree, if you can’t sing, you can’t sing…the world is full of “talent shows” where there’s atleast one mean-spirited judge. I expect that from the world. I may even agree with some of the judges comments, but the Jesus in me wouldn’t allow me to say those things to someone – especially not on national TV.

I accept Tina’s comment that by default, most church singers are already awesome and they are looking for exceptional. You were able to communciate all of that in the previous two seasons without being crude and mean…. raise the bar for the world, don’t lower your standard!

ferrell Said on

i don’t to much watch Sunday Best, why because you all have some of the dumbest judges Mary Mary some of the contestants sound better than they do, i’m animal show, maybe they will have a heart.

Darlene Said on

First I want to say I agree with the ones that has already commented on the judges. I am so upset with all the judge starting with week one. I agree with the sister that said you all have change you all are rude and nasty to the contestants that was bold enough to come in front of you all. Pastor Donnie you should be the example first, these guys is trying to make it in the music business and before you all made it where you’re at someone had to work with you all that include marymary and Kim B. I think you guys should have a little heart. I remember Kim made a rude comment about the young lady that had the green on she didn’t want to be dreaming about leprechauns, just as Tina said the women with the red hair need clariol . WWJD if those people came in front of him. God is a Loving God. The Bible tell us to come as we are. I love Sunday Best but I am disappointed in the three judges on last Sunday. WHERE IS THE LOVE AND HEART.

Angel Said on

I watched the last two seasons of Sunday Best and was looking forward to this season…I am so disappointed! I agree w/many of the earlier posts, the Erika from MaryMary has changed. I remember the last time I watched it, and she kept saying no to people b/c of “church hands…and it being amatuerish/unprofessional,” yet I’m looking at the K. Franklin “are you listening” video; and not only her and her sister, but everyone in that video is doing the “church hands.” I had been watching this season off and on already, but that did it for me! “Church hands” is what church folk do and its apart of our worship. I agree w/the judges when they make comments about wanting to see that you know/can relate to what you are singing about–I totally agree. But all the EXTRA stuff is not appropriate, even if alot of us are thinking it (cuz we ain’t that saved to the point that we don’t have a sense of humor now!); In her (their) defense maybe they are trying to be a little humorous, but I’m sorry guys you’re coming off as cruel–that method ain’t working. I agree w/ the earlier comment about K. Franklin he is still the same ole K. Franklin AND I LOVE HIM!!! His humor is just that…and he doesn’t hurt anyone in the process. I am grown and spiritually mature, and like to have fun…but not at someone else’s expense. Now, not buying the judges music is taking it too far…we all make mistakes! As good as Mary Mary’s last CD was….LOL!!!

Natnael Said on

The Judges are REALLY disrespectful. They need to really calm down. The most i dislike about the Judges is when they tell contestants “Stay away from signing” I think sometimes they really get Jealous of Contestants.

MsLydia Said on

I thought my feelings about the show and the judges stood alone. I am shocked at the attitude and this GOD LIKE mentality that I have seen from Donnie, Kim and the other Mary… Is she pregnant? I was blaming her rudeness on pregnancy.. I will not watch Sunday’s Best anymore until Bebe and Erika returns.

Be Blessed Potential Contestants.. as long as you are facing those three, you need to remain steadfast and in PRAYER!

Lydia Said on

I do not want to forget our Nigerian judge… he was a total mess and I think his ears were closed during the entire audition!!!

naudia Said on

that little was so good he made me want to cry

beverly Said on

I was very disappointed to see how the judges are presenting themselves in this season, especially in new orleans. Some of the contestants were laughed at, talked about and sometimes they were address very negatively in their face. I believe that this is not what Jesus would do. In his word it states that, with Love and Kindness have I drawn them, these are the main ingredients in any situation. I’m sure it took alot of guts, faith and confidence in themselves for them to even try-out. So dont forget who brought you this far on your journey, because we all had to start some where. So I say To Mary, Mary and Donnie Mc Clurkin remember your witness, what message are you sending to this world thats sits in darkness,and Watching your Actions!!!

luv2sang Said on

umm, BET is not a christian network, Sunday Best is not a christian show, stop expecting EVERYTHING to be ‘butterflies and rainbows’ it will not be!! This is an entertainment industry and watchers watch for that purpose. BET is competing for a market share of the entertainment/music/gospel genre and have attached GOSPEL acts to help with that goal. But don’t get it twisted, ministry will happen, the anointing will be felt, it won’t be the vehicle that the majority of us are used to, but keep it straight what is really going on.

#that is all

Londa Said on

I was so excited to watch another season of Sunday’s best. However after the first couple of shows I am very disappointed in the judges. More so Tina of Mary, Mary. She is EXTREMELY rude and has the funkiest attitude of them all. Trust and believe your vocals are not alway up to par as well. To all the judges please remember to always be kind and tackful at all times. Not only are people that buy your albums watching, but so is GOD

wanette a Said on

i wanted2c my sis Venus

Ms. K Said on

n the past I love Sunday best, I not feeling the judges the rudness of Tina and Dionnie and Kim. People being dismiss because of hands performace, and style. Plese bring back BeBE he is true , kind and knows how to judge. They not even voting , just telling people no . In thhe past they will vote on all of the individual that tryoput. But now it no no no. Get real BET you moving in the wrong direction.

Traci Poellnitz Said on

I have to say this the judge Tina is very mean and bitter; her sister Erica is very judge mental, as well as Donnie. They must remeber that they are SUPPOSE to be Chistians and the bible says ” Judge not less you be judged yourself”; circumstances happen and people should not be judged by there appearance. The bible says “come as you are”! Furthermore, this is not American Idol; the last I remeber the show was called “SUNDAYS BEST”! Are you Sundays Best?

L Said on

Okay I don’t blog but this season is a mess! MaryMary has over stepped their boundaries. They don’t know what each person has been through and their mean comments could be the straw that broke the camels back. Tina is telling people that the gospel industry has some “beasts” and that they arent good enough. Well i have news for you Tina, Mary Mary is not all that, I have heard better. Just because u have a hit song that doesn’t move mountains. You are not a beast Tina and a lot of the people turned down is better than MaryMary may be you just fear competition!!!!! So called Christians with Worldly artists in your video who openly mock and diss God in their songs. What are you guys thinking?????? Either hot or cold. Not leukwarm!!!!!

A. J. Said on

Will someone answer me? I have been looking for something that will tell me where BeBe is, what is going on, he started with the show and is part of the reason the show was working for me his spirit showed thru it all. Is he coming back, what happened? Sundays best fans need to know and I do too.