Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 3, Episode 1

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 7:44 pm.

We’re baaaaaaackkkkkkkk! It seems like it’s been forever and just like yesterday all at the same time since we last crowned Y’Anna Crawley as the winner of Sunday Best 2. Now the search of the next Sunday Best is ON again! Well, the wait is over. So let’s just get down to it.

For the first time in BET and Sunday Best history, we took the show international.  The first auditions for Sunday Best 3 were in Lagos, Nigeria.  In this episode we welcome new Sunday Best Judge and one of the best male gospel singers ever Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Our guest judges are every singer’s favorite singer Kim Burrell, and Muyiwa Olanrewaju, a  Nigerian CCM artist from the UK.

Now, I won’t be able to discuss every single audition for obvious reasons so I’m just going to hit some highlights that stuck out to me… And trust me, some of them STUCK OUT! I’m putting this out there now, I’m sure I will BUTCHER some of these names so just let it go. Ha!

Priscilla, who was the very first in line to audition, was surprisingly good.  I really enjoyed her.  As I watched the auditions I tried to essentially “close my eyes” to the fact that the contestants were from Nigeria and see how I felt about their performances objectively, and this girl made my ears pretty happy.  She was clean and her runs were kind of on.

With that said… Who knew that gospel singers in Africa would run sooooo much?  You can tell they’ve been watching  American singers REAL CLOSELY.  I was thinking that I’d hear more pure voices and melodies from the contestants in Nigeria, but after what I saw in the other cities I guess I can’t be surprised.

One of my favorite moments in the show was Funmi Oduyemi’s audition. She came in and just sounded “OK.”Then Kim Burrell got up there and tagged teamed with her and it was a whole nother audition.  I have to give Funmi props for even having the nerve to sing with Kim Burrell with any amount of effectiveness.  Kim will make singing veterans shudder so as an amateur to hold any bit of your own is a feat!

***Sidebar*** It’s good and sad to know that tone deafness is universal, because some of these folks need to go usher or something!  The dude who auditioned and tried to do a step show at the same time is a perfect example. Yes, the lights’ going out was a sign, but not a wonder. It was time to go!

One of the most “interesting” auditions of the night was the Nigerian girl Christiana who claimed she was one of the few or only “White” contestants.  Ummm, I’m not sure I’d call that “White” but perhaps there’s some cultural difference there that I just don’t understand, but I think most would agree she was a “lighter skinned” Black girl.  Even a friend of mine who’s from Nigeria texted me and said “uhh Torrence, that girl is Black, she’s just probably light skinned or albino.” I agreed but I digress.  We’ll just call her “beige” and leave it at that.  But vocally, I kind of dug her and I think Donnie and Kim could hear it too. Muyiwa of course didn’t like it but he didn’t like anything (we’ll get to that later.)  But yes, Christiana you could tell has a gift and with some development she just may be a beast. She kind of reminded me of Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry.  They have similar “Indian chant” runs.

The Kirk Franklin impersonator was DEAD ON! Sorry Kirk, he was!!! Too bad that when he auditioned he made the mistake of singing with choir vibrato!

Brother and sister Marvelous and Joy kind of made me smile. Something about them was really sweet.  Marvelous did sort of make me shake my head though with blaming his cold for his inability to shut up when the judges said “Thank you.” Perhaps he should have blamed it on an ear infection. But I did like his tone. Joy just might have something too, but it wasn’t necessarily “Sunday Best.” I’d suggest they get together and try and be the Nigerian Bebe & Cece Winans. That just might work.

Everyone’s favorite audition of the night was probably Peter! Unlike Peter in the Bible, this one should have NEVER walked out on the proverbial water to audition. I really think he might be a little “touched.” He scared me to death.  His rendition of “Jesus touched me” proved that while Jesus was touching other areas, he OBVIOUSLY skipped over his voice. And the “air hump?” NO SIR!!!!

Ekeng was probably one of my favorite auditions of the evening.  It was plain, clear and simple. Something I expected more of from the Nigeria auditions but didn’t get a lot of.  Those runs were taking me out of here the whoel night! Like I’ve said in my tips video, JUST SING THE SONG. PLUS, you’re singing for Kim Burrell, you should be scared for your life to run in front of her!

I’ll probably get in trouble for this, but I have to say it. Muyiwa shouted and tap danced on EVERY last nerve I possess.  I’m gonna assume he’s somebody big in Nigeria and the UK, because he made his way on the show for a reason. But after some research, I’m gonna need him to not be so harsh. Because ummm, I heard him sing on Celebration Of Gospel a few years ago and looked at a few more clips from other shows. Half the singers he tried to say “no” to could outsing him. Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell you are not. Sorry buddy.  Is it just me?  Now I’m all for tough judging, but there were moments where I think he was just hating.  Oh well, what’s done is done, but I’m glad Kim Burrell and Pastor Donnie were there to give some balance, because I’m not sure what we’d be getting on Season 3 if it were left to 3 judges like Muyiwa.

Well that’s it for this week. Next week, we go to Detroit!  Plus, I’ll have exclusive video from the Digital VIP Suite sponsored by Ford where myself, Ledisi, Jessica Reedy, and Camille Betton were the judges. It was a HOOT!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?


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deon Said on

It was so sad to see people that claim to be of GOD…ACT SO MUCH LIKE THE THE WORLD(AMERICAN IDOLS WANNABEES)I was so upsetting to see people of god act with no compassion and such a sense of rudness…God light was very dim over that judge panel especially donnie (man of god)and kim

deon Said on

I HAD TO SAY one more thing …it is nothing wrong with being real and a person with faults …we all have them no one perfect but god himself ,but my problem with the church in the 21 st century ,in watching donnie and kim is we more like the world than God ,AN THAT MAKES ME VERY SAD….We are covered by the blood,but who’s blood …the blood of jesus christ …or the dirty blood of mankind and the evil world ,which we live in …THINK ABOUT IT

deon Said on

it is nothing wrong with being real and a person with faults …we all have them no one perfect but god himself ,but my problem with the church in the 21 st century ,in watching donnie and kim is we more like the world than God ,AN THAT MAKES ME VERY SAD….We are covered by the blood,but who’s blood …the blood of jesus christ …or the dirty blood of mankind and the evil world ,which we live in …THINK ABOUT IT

bingo Said on

I love you Donnie and your music. However I feel Kirk should be judging and you should be the host. It’s not because you can’t judge because you know talent when you see it. I’ve watched all of the Sunday’s Best and will try to continue to watch this season but why did you have to go and pattern the show after that secular show idol. I stopped watching it years ago.You don’t need to stoop to their level to get ratings. Honor God. I never heard of this Kim but I saw her singing Whitney’s song. Really you can do better. The body of Christ does not criticize negatively and when we do judge we do it in love. God annoints voices and we all should have a song to sing to Him daily. So she should be thanking God if people enjoy her voice.Look forward to seeing Mary Mary.Listen to your audience. God Bless.

verbzz Said on

are you guys gonn comment on the actual contestants??? u too are taking away from the show if you don’t give feed back!!! once again i say i thought Ekeng was the best… what are your opinions???

GG Said on

I watched Sunday Best for the past two years and thoroughly engoyed it. The past two seasons were well organized, from the auditions (online and onsite) to the on-air shows. So far this year it looks like to show has been hastily put together – the audition locations were changed at the last minute and the online audtions were not any better organized. From watching this past Sunday’s episode, I’m not keen on the new judges. It looks as though the show is moving away from what the show should be all about, finding great gospel talent with professional judging. I hope as this season’s show progresses that it gets better. Also, can someone tell us when Ms. Crawley will be releasing her CD? Is she still focusing on Gospel music?

Spring Said on

The Jugde from Nigeria seems very negative,and yes I know it’s a competion.

Don Said on

Totally agree,with the previous comment.

Sarah Said on

Perhaps I watched something very different than many of those that responded, but I strongly DISAGREE that the show was poorly put together or that all of the judges were mean. Muyiwa was very harsh and “mean” if you will….Donnie and Kim were able to see more posititve in the contestants and the feedback overall was fair and credible.

We as Americans are very critical of Africans and how we “perceive” them from media. My take was Muyiwa was concerned about the peron representing his country would not be perceived as a “buffoon”, so he was overly-critical or mean.

I will watch it again….maybe I missed something. Blessings Friends!

samuel Said on

Well for me personally you guyz re really doin a good job but for the judges u guyz jst ve 2 take it cool wit this pple,d best amongst all was jst dat beauty queen FUNMI ODUYEMI,I wonder where she has been all dis while wit re talent imagine her doin a duet wit a star and no inferiority complex men dtt babe is out for her.god bless u all

Queen Said on

BET, I don’t see how you can let these judges ridicule some of the contestants, some who sacrificed everything to come to the audition, only to be made fun of (i.e., the lady that came all the way from Ghana with a bad leg — one of the judges asked “what’s wrong with your leg” (jokingly). To that judge (Donnie, in which I am surprised), “what’s wrong with your mouth?” To the African judge (Muyiwa — how can you even be a judge), give your people some credit and a chance — you have said “No” to practically everyone. To Kirk, how can you joke about the culture of Africa, calling the man’s clothes “hot” — how insulting. You three need to stop, get on your knees and pray. You let the brother and sister go, who could really sing to me — but yet you said yes to the little white African girl because she was cute and she could not sing. This is so hurtful to see how you treat people, our people, how can you look at yourself in the mirror — or maybe you haven’t. I will not watch your parody and what you have turned Sunday Best into. I pray for you and will not stand by and watch or be a part of this painful saga. Get it right, BET…

Latres Said on

I think the the judges were mean as the hell. it seemed like the ones they were telling next time was great and the ones who were ok got in. The way the guy on the end talk to people was a shame it took alot of courage to get up their and sig and knowing that this was the first time being their. Alot of the singers had alot of talent and all 3 should be ashamed of how they handled their self.

Toni Said on

Did I hear Tina just clown the young ladies with red hair. That was really inappropriate. Didnt she have her hair that color too? They were really judgmental on alot of people, they were to critique the vocals not criticize the people. No respect for Tina at all NONE! What if I were to critique her jeans all of the time or her hair! This is for Christ not for Mary Mary! Poor choices for words tonight! I wouldn’t buy another CD from her.

david terrell Said on

There was a 23 yo brother they turned away and accepted Quianna Pettigrew they’ve got to be crazy her boyfriend was better than her and Tia Campbell is outta her mind they need to get rid of her seriously.

lelelawson Said on

Tina is really starting to get on my nerves. WE DON’T EVER HEAR NONE OF THE JUDGES BUT HER!!! i was like SHUT UP! lol. i still love mary mary but DANG! lol.

ilvmusic Said on

I’m watching the Sunday, Detriot auditions. I’m very confused. Mary Mary are a great musical ministry and duo, however as judges they are not. How in the world can Tina say a person is all over the place with runs. Maybe they are changing their qualifications this year. I’ve watched each season before and all they let in were those that were “all over the place” Y’anna Crowley, Jermaine Sellers, Cyrstal Aiken,; shall I keep going? That’s all they like. Those that come in and are true singers, without all the riffs and runs “dont have the wow factory” and I quote. I don’t see how they can turn away the one young lady that yelled, when that’s basically all that Tina does in every MAry Mary song. From the Christmas CD (what is a gift) to yesterday, to Shackles, to their new cross over CD. I thought the show was for amatures and not those that are already professionals. They critisized the young lady with two bad notes?????? Get some people that really want to see a person change the music industray and be DIFFERENT than what’s already out there.

ilvmusic Said on

Oh….one more thing “all over the place”… Tina, are you not a fan of all the Clark sisters, Jay Moss, Kim burrell………ALL OVER THE PLACE..! But I love them ALL. But come on…. If you want something different, don’t be so critical.

mike Said on

It was a young brother that Kirk brought in to sing and he gave me shivers with the way he song and they turn him away. it seems they are letting really good singers away. i won’t the best singers to in the gospel industry.

saqui Said on

I watched a few minutes of Sunday Best after returning home from church today. I was a little surprised by the way this panel of Donny Mcklurkin, and the 2 other characters were making faces and mannerisms mockingly at the contestants whether they had talent or not. The pane of judges were unprofessional and small in their behavior. They displayed a lack of character and obviously have learned nothing in life. You are not angels or perfect and the public knows it some of us have seen you in less than flattering situations.

olufunke Said on

Please can someone upload the one for today,nigeria version.tanks