Torrence’s Take On Sunday Best 3 Episode 2

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 8:01 pm.

Ok, so we’re stateside again. Welcome to the Detroit auditions.  It’s so coooooold in the D! (Nah, it really was!)

Now I’m going to go ahead and get this out.  Yes, there were a lot more great singers that auditioned than what you saw. But it’s an hour show and I’m sure the producers had to get just as many laughs and “moments” in the show as well as great vocalists.  So yes, it came off a little like Detroit didn’t bring it. And as a preliminary judge, there were moments where we said “come on Detroit?!” But truthfully, there were many great singers that auditioned in Detroit; unfortunately, there were a BUNCH that weren’t.  More than I’d ever expected. So for every singer that “killed” (good) there were more than a few who “put it to death” (bad).

So let’s get right to it, shall we? Like I said last week, I can’t speak to every single audition, but just a few that stood out.

Deontae! Haaaa. Deontae came through the Digital VIP Suite and when I tell you he is consistent with the high note, he really is. He can hit it on command without so much as a deep breath! I didn’t realize he was serious about it though until I saw his audition with the judges.  He really means to sing that way… Not sure what to make of it, but it still makes me laugh! Deontae, keep singing. A church should employ him to sit on the pulpit while the preacher is speaking. Whenever, the saints doze off, they should point to Deontae to let out that note.  THE WHOLE BLOCK WILL WAKE UP!

Lawanda broke out into a “praise dancer” version of “Yes Jesus Loves Me.” I can already tell from the hand movements she sings in the choir.  Unfortunately, as a choir director I know where that comes from. It’s very easy for a large group of singers to look a little boring just moving left to right or standing still, so many times we teach choir members to “sing with your hands.” Well, when you’ve been in the choir too long, you sometimes forget to leave the “choir hands” in the choir!

Robert Hatcher had a wonderful voice. I’m a big fan of tone, and I think he has a great one! Now, I won’t front; I didn’t know what to expect from him when I saw the yellow leather jacket and the LITERAL Sunday Best  haircut. But imaging aside, the dude could sing. Can’t wait to hear more from him.

Carl (the Fred Hammond look alike) looked like he was really going to sing the walls down. I know that’s stereotypical but it is what it is.  Unfortunately, he was just “o.k.” Also, I think he probably should have chosen another song or another part of the song. “There Is No Way” is one of those songs where you either kill the lead or leave it alone. If you’re gonna do the choir part, you gotta make it special and not sing it sooooo sloooooow.

Felicia waited outside for 24 hours, I think she might have frozen herself to death, because as beautiful as her voice was (although light) I think she came off way too shy.  Those judges can smell fear!

One of my favorite auditions to watch was Gary Freeman’s. Oh you remember him. He was the “bass” in the fur collar trench. (I put that in parentheses because I’m not sure if you can call someone a bass just because they have a low voice. Bass is a vocal part that’s sung, he didn’t exactly sing….) But anyway, yeah, he was fun to watch.  He had a certain “drunk” quality that was entertaining. With the right men’s choir, he might be a beast though.

*Pause* Why do gospel rappers keep trying out for a singing competition. Not hating on gospel rap but this is just not the competition for you.  I really think they should get their own show that way they can be judged fairly.  Stop doing it to yourselves, unless your goal is just to get on TV. And if that’s the case… carry on.

Deward Davis was probably one of my favorite contestants from Detroit.  His audition was way more dynamic and showed way more of his awesome gift then you saw, but it had to get cut so it may not have seemed like it was “all of that.” But believe me it was!  He had many vocal and style choices similar to Detroit’s own Marvin Winans, one of my favorite singers of all time. I saw quite a few tweets on twitter from folks who didn’t “get it.” Trust me on this, he is AMAZING!

Joy Lavelle also came through the Digital VIP Suite sponsored by Ford. (Yes, that’s a plug, gotta pay these bills, hear?) I’ll admit, at first we laughed and laughed and laughed at her at many points during the audition process because she was so, umm shall we say… expressive.  But after hearing that testimony, I’ll only laugh halfway.  :-/

I forgot their names and numbers but there were 2 sisters who auditioned together and that probably was a bad idea for 2 reasons. 1.) you’re auditioning in front of Mary Mary, a GREAT gospel sister group. 2.) See reason 1. I mean really, it just wasn’t that good. The harmony was bad and the choices were odd… Not sure how much better they would have been separately, but together it didn’t work….

Rodney didn’t impress the judges but I thought he was great. Sure he wasn’t your typical squalling all over the place gospel beast, but I think as an overall package he screamed “artist.” Especially in 2010 when many gospel singers kind of all look the “same,” he was young, refreshing and a record label’s dream. Somebody will definitely scoop him up if they know what they’re doing…

To my girl Effia…. Never ever let a sermon determine your hairstyle ever again. Wrong, wrong, wrong.  She claims she wanted to appear “covered in the blood.” She was covered in Hawaian Punch. Wrong, wrong, wrong! The sad part about it is, I don’t even remember what her audition sounded like. All I saw was neon red!

Patrick, I thought was pretty good, but there was just one problem. He sounded a lot like William Murphy. So why is that a problem? He sang “Praise Is What I Do,” a song by…. *drumroll please* William Murphy. I would have stayed away from a song from an artist I sounded so much like.

Quianna’s rendition of “Pass Me Not” immediately put me into the mind of Jazmine Sullivan. She didn’t run all over the place in the same way that Jazmine does, but the warm, husky tone was so there.  There was a sincerity in her voice that I loved too. Too bad the judges didn’t feel the same way about her boyfriend Donald.

Donald I thought had a wonderful tone.  Not sure what the judges didn’t like. Well, I guess I understand. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. But it was really good. Eh, everybody can’t make it through.

Rachel’s audition was a little unpolished, but I think her voice was still good. She sang “Pass Me Not” and found a way to insert one of the oddest adlibs I’ve ever heard into her audition… “Woo-Wee-Lawdy.” What exactly does that mean?  Audition tips part 2, don’t do unnecessary stuff that doesn’t come natural to you… Again, what does woo wee lawdy mean? Ha!

Donnie (the contestant, not the judge) was just hysterical to me. As I’ve said, sometimes when a show is only an hour long, some stuff gets cut, but because I happened to be in the room when he auditioned I can tell you a little bit more about him. Trust me, he knows good and well that he can’t sing. He really only came to support his girlfriend whom you did not get to see. Trust me, he knows!!!! Haaaaaaaaa

Missy, the young lady from the UK seemed to impress everyone. She kind of reminded me of CCM artist Nicole C. Mullen who I’m not a big fan of so maybe that got in my way when I listened to her audition, because the more I think about it, she really was good.

Poor Mary, her nerves got the best of her and couldn’t remember her song! And although when she finally got it together she was only allowed to sing one line, I could tell she kills it in the church choir. There was more there but she sacrificed her time to her nerves.

The “Hands Of Praise” deaf choir were a really sweet touch.  I enjoyed them.

I know we have 2 more audition episodes to go, and I want you to pay attention to something as we go along.  Is it me or does everyone who sings “I Know I’ve Been Changed” sing it with the same “stomp and point” choreography? I mean, really… Watch and let me know.

The last audition of the show, Brian, really impressed me with his tone. I tried to tell the contestants in every city that I went to that your tone will take you where your runs and tricks can’t. I hope folks realize that for the next set of auditions.  Brian’s tone was amazing and although he was shaking the whole audition, the sound of his voice made you look right past it.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Next week, we head to Philadelphia!

Also, log on tomorrow (Monday ) to see exclusive behind the scenes Detroit audition footage from the Digital VIP Suite with me, Ledisi, Jessica Reedy and Camille Betton! Good stuff!

What did you think?


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scott, t Said on

Im with Melvin i really thought we had a good reality show but its messy just like every other reality show. I wont be watching again. Maybe next year Kirk you will get more christian like judges…bring Kim Burrell back or anybody but The Mary sisters. You might as well bring Simon to the show if it going to be a trashy show.

Jo Said on

It’s hard to understand how Christian people can be so rude and think it’s okay. The darker haired one (sorry, I don’t know her name) has gotten a lot ruder since last year. Maybe they do not understand that the contestants will be able to go view episodes of the show and they will hear the comments the judges have made. Nowhere does the Word support being offensive to people. The judges make it hard for me to watch. Tina said (is that the light-haired one?): “I don’t like nobody.” Did she really mean that, or did she mean that she doesn’t like anyone’s performance (which is evident)? Why as a Christian woman would she feel that’s okay? Being a judge does not give her the right to be cruel and rude.

taylor Said on

I don’t even know where to begin, I waited over 24 hours before even responding to the show from Sunday.This is not American Idol and not that it is even okay for them to treat their contestant like they do…but for real Sunday’s Best “Tina” let’s be real about this. It’s open auditions and many people think they can sing but must you judge them so harsh and the side show comments. Nothing about that is JESUS…I sat in my house and my heart went out to those people who had to listen to what you said about them…the comment about the young lady with the red hair was that really necessary…I am so done with this show and not even sure if I want to watch the rest of this season. And for you to say ” I don’t like nobody”? What was that about was it even necessary to say. You acted as if you were doing these people a favor, you seemed so upset and mad almost bothered the people came to the audition. It would be so wrong for me to even start talking about your attire, your apperance on stage, your past & present hair styles and color. You were dead wrong with how you treated the participants in Detroit, you make the entire show look very bad, I feel sorry that your sister may have to suffer behind your actions. I am glad I know God for myself, and not depending on you to show me the way, I can not even listen to your song when they played it on the radio because your actions told a different story. In closing I hope that you will be able to surrender, your frustrations and allow God to work on your heart.

Ciara Kinamore Said on

Robert H. had a great voice had me shoutin… I cant wait to see him make it.. I’ve followed some of his work an god is truely using him. Just be blessed Robert you have a who;e fan base here an Im rooting for you 100%

Kim Said on

As a elementary school teacher and as a child growing up, I was often reminded that manners are taught at home!! To have Tina bop around the stage and constantly repeat the lyrics, “It’s the GOD in me” and then blantanl\tly and VERY untastefully belittle the contestants. If this is how you represent GOD, then I am ashamed for you that you don’t realize the damage you may have done to some of these contestants. You could simply say no or I’m sorry you don’t have what we are looking for. However, you continued to demise and degrade GOD’s CHILDREN!! Did you not forget that GOD made these contestants and not you? Being a judge does not give you this privileged or right to be rude. I pray that you go back and watch this show and re-evaluate yourself and your distasteful behavior. I also pray that you have enough sense that GOD so graciously gave you to APOLOGIZE!! It truly amazes me how people hid behind praising GOD when deep down inside the ‘DEVIL” is steady brewing to show his face. I pray GOD have mercy on you for being so inconsidered to his children. GOD gave you your voice to sing and give him glory, not to use it to judge others and be rude. HUMAN we all may be, but RUDE all of us are not!!!

tct Said on

I must say, I would have enjoyed the show more to see more of the “talent” that was on the level of sundays best but did not make it. That dude with the purple and yellow on (“GO LAKERS”) Robert Hatcher, he has alot of talent. I can see him in the bottom two or being seasons 3 sundays best winner. He has my vote. I enjoyed “fred Hammond” as well. Good luck to the both of them! They all have big shoes to fill as the Sundays Best winner!

Charity Said on

I Don’t Know About Go Lakers (Only Because I’m Not A Sports Fan,) But Definitely GO ROBERT!!! Robert Hatcher That Is!!! I’m Just In Awe At This Man’s Talent And Drive!!! True Succes Only Comes When You Remain Humble And Grateful And I Must Say Robert Has True Success Written All Over Him!! He’s Already Sunday Best to Me!!! GOD BLESS YOU ROB And Continue In Making Your Hometowns, NYC & NATI Very, Very Proud!!! :) )

Sheena Brown Said on

In defense of this show, Now you all should know this is TV!!! Iknew from watching last season this would be like the black version of Idol lol lol. lthough the Mary Mary girl was a bit harsh, she was saying what all yall sittin back watching the TV was thinking!!! yall know when yall seen that girl with the brighyt red hair you were in complete shock!! like WTH!! And the guy with the Sunday Best shaved in his head was good, he didnt make cause he was from NewYork, they were joking around as soon as she said go lakers cause of his bright bright colors on lol lol i mean bright, but it went with his bright smile, I really enjoyed his singing, It seemed real, Go LAKER BOY, And I really enjoyed the Jazimine Sullivan sound alike girl, and the girl with the accent and the guy with the bow tie and the guy who wouldnt stop singing. The judges picks were all good. Lay off the judges, yall “christians” on here commenting probably sitting at home smoking a joint watching sunday best drinking grey goose and cranberry, talking about how bad the judges did. now you know you gone be tuned in next week!!! lol great review Torrence!!! Much love Sheena!!

DEON Said on

WHAT is going on…..This season is so not GOD like …The judges are very rude ……..I understand our walk in christ is a daily thing ,but watching TINA ON DETROIT show it was so upsetting …she came across as very rude unfriendly as well as the LIGHT OF GOD WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ON THE JUDGING PAQNEL…..i saw same when watching donnie and kim burrell in africa…The show is title SUNDAY BEST…….WELL DONNIE ..ERICA AND ESPECIALLY TINA PLEASE PUT ON YOUR SUNDAY BEST …NOT FOR ME OR MAN BUT FOR YOUR LORD AN SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST ….SO very sad 2 see christians looking so ungod like ……………..

Michael Said on

Frankly I’m shocked. The two women judges on this show are ruining it. Their curt remarks and unchristian behavior is right out in front of them, and they don’t try to hide it. Further, I’m a singer, and they have actually shorted people who have actually had talent, which goes against the purpose of this competition. Sorry Kirk, wrong choice of judges. Donnie is actually going along with a lot of their choices without too much comment. Make no mistake, you need to fix this.

keisha Said on

this is crazy kirk picked the wrong jugdes it was like mega people that kan sing realy realy good but it seemd lik the judges were only picking the ones who kuld kinda sing an mary mary were making fun of people being mean making smart comments thats not cool wow mary mary you lost cool points for that for real tho

MoGirl Said on

This is the first season that I’ve really followed this show, and I can’ t figure out for the life of me what in the world they are looking for. I mean, some of the people that have been on this show have clearly not been worthy, but some of them I wonder how they come to the conclusion that they shouldn’t go through. First, they’ll say to one you are doing too many runs. Then the next person that comes one does a whole bunch of runs, similar to the other person, and they get put through. I know it’s about the look, how you carry yourself, and how you deliver what you are singing, but I’m confused as to what they are looking for. And you all are right, Tina needs to go. She is so cold.

acquiescent Said on

Ok, so I watched the show again this afternoon. I have a couple of favorites, but I am soooo stuck on that Robert Hatcher guy!! IDK, just somethin about him. Hummmm

Jade2qt Said on

Its sad that they picked five people that werent from detroit. Im sure that detroit has alot of talent in it. The fact that they had people who live in detroit that were good and talented (tiffany) but didnt make it on the show says alot about the show too. I think the judges were extremely too hard it was alot of potential in the bunch, they’re expecting artists to try out these are “church singers” and they will present themselves as such. They are going to be very mad when they see some of those people famous that they turned away.

Jamahl Said on

This season sucks already, the judges sucks why is they so rude,and ignorant, and I think the old judges from season one and two should come back cause donnie and kim suck and they complain about everything sometimes tina do too. It was a lot of good talent that came to those audtions, for example the young white lady, she was great!. This season is going to suck because of those judges!

Mr. Roundtree Said on

I have thoroughly enjoyed this show for the last two seasons. And I don’t know what happened with Bebe, but this year I’m so very upset with the way this is going. Erica has a chip on her shoulders or something but this Im sure is not the God in her. The church hands, What other hands would be more suitable for Sunday Best, I know they know they are only going to get so many people from each city so the criteria is gonna be tight, but the comments about people who have been there for many hours to audition for you to remain employed and feeding your family, is heartbreaking to say the least.You have made me not want to watch this years competition anymore and based on the comments before mine, i’m not alone.

Mr. Stephens Said on

I agree with Mr. Roundtree and his comments about the judges’ this season, they are not really acting like Christians. They are making smart comments about contestants and that is not being Christian!!! If they continue to make those kinds of comments, I will not watch Sundays Best anymore. It should be named Sundays Worst because of the Judges!!!


SUNDAY best NOT SUNDAY MESS they say this is a business i guess so when will we be about are fathers business just dont like none of this just a MESS !

Ms.Thomas Said on

I am truly unhappy with this season of Sunday Best. I feel that the judges have been extremely hard and nasty to the contestants and some of them have been awesome. Some of them were actually alot better than the ones they picked. Tina has had such an attitude, Donnie is trying so hard to be Simon Cowell and it is horrible to see a Bishop act so terrible to people and I feel that Kim is just following the other two. I have heard her sound rather pitchy on certain occasions. No one is perfect and when listening to the contestants I feel that they should critique them and send them on if they have great potential. Once they know what not to do they will be fine. I am so sure of that. They have turned away great singers. We need Be Be and Erica back. They have a better personality. I am considering not watching the show anymore. Although Christians struggle with things sometime, they also have to know when to calm themselves. We have seen nothing but emotion from the judges since the show started this season. There have also been some not so christian like comments about the contestants. This is totally unexceptable. I am so sick and tired of black people getting on television and carrying on. It is just a mess.

Ms. Martiyona Said on

I think some people are getting confused. I do believe that Erica is the one with the dark hair and Tina is the one that has been rude this season. Like someone else said many singers, as I see in their videos on viedo gospel and other shows have church hands. It is just something that you do when you sing gospel because you are singing in reference to the Lord. Erica is not on the show this time. I love Donnie and Kirk because I do not think they try to hurt people’s feelings but Tina is really harsh. I don’t know if they are paying her to act like that or what but I know that she has got to know that something is wrong with the way she is talking to people because I know that the God in her has told her so. I don’t think that Kim B. was a good addition to the Sunday Best Judges because she does a lot more making fun of poeple and making more rude comments than anyone else. If church hands bother you so much why dont you just let them know not to do it before they start singing.