Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 3, Episode 3

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 7:53 pm.

Sup folks! This week for Sunday Best 3 we’re in Philly. But I’m going to get right to the recap. You’ve had enough intro! Ha!

Reminder, some of these names I’ll probably misspell or forget altogether and I won’t talk about every single audition because there were too many. Were just hitting the stand outs. Ok? Thanks!

As you all know, Erica Campbell from Mary Mary is pregnant with her second child and due any day now and wasn’t able to make it to the Philly auditions so Kim Burrell is back to sit in.

First up, our young “judge” (the legal kind). I don’t know what surprised me more, the fact that at 29 he decided to sing “Trouble In My Way” or that he attempted to hum the background vocals and sing the leads full out like he was a one man band.  It might have worked had he brought a ventriloquist dummy with him….

Bethany Divine was “very Philly” with her rendition of “Soon I Will Be Done With The Troubles Of This World.” Now we know gospel folks all over the country like to do runs, but singers in the Northeast (Philadelphia especially), have a very distinctive way of executing them.  Hard to describe, but those of you who travel know what I’m talking about.  She was great though. Looking forward to her in the stage portion of the competition.

*Pause for the cause* Ok, I said it in last week’s recap, on twitter and now I’m saying it again: Blame choirs and their directors (self included) for the epidemic of “Choir/Church hands.” For years, we’ve made them part of the choir’s presentation and now they don’t know how to turn it off.  Sorry!!!!

Keyshawn, our 5 foot tall friend had a great voice.  One of those cases where I loved the “sound” of his voice but the rest just wasn’t there yet. If he keeps singing and works on turning off his choir vibrato, he’ll be ready. His voice is THERE!

*Pause for the cause…AGAIN* I’ve said it a million times and the truth it still stands, LEARN THE WORDS! Some of this is just foolish.  “He lets me rest in the ‘mirror’s grass….” Really ma’am? Usually when you mess up the words you insert words that are wrong, but at least make sense.  What mirror do you know that has grass?  Ok, I’m done…

Next up, Orlando.  He was pretty good, and looked so familiar. After I thought about it, I realize he used to sing backgrounds for Vickie Winans. Also, if you look at Video Gospel on Sunday’s on BET, during the intro you can see him doing a rather interestingly excited dance move. My friend’s told me that clip was from the Karen Clark-Sheard “Finally Karen” video.  I’d have to watch it again to make sure. (anybody got it on DVD, I had the VHS, ha!) I also hear he’s done quite a few plays.

Maria from Bulgaria BLESSED ME! Loved her voice and her audition. To be from Bulgaria, her presentation was so authentic. White, Bulgarian or whatever, she killed and vocally could fit in the gospel industry with no problem. I was surprised she didn’t make it through.

Camay in the green hat…. Yeah, I’ll leave it there.

Guitar guy…ummm, something about it just wasn’t right.  I think he’d make it in another Christian genre though.  You know, that Rock/CCM sing where they have those Woodstock/campmeeting events and show off their promise rings. The spooky chords on “We Fall Down?” Not so much… at least not for Sunday Best.

David, our Hebrew friend with the Yarmulke (we tend to pronounce it YAH muh kuh, lol) was amazing to me. He had great tone, and his runs worked because they seemed natural to him. He wasn’t “putting them on” and I got the sense that if he had to pull back on them, he easily could.

Roosevelt who sang “On The Battlefield” could have made it through. I really think he could have, but he oversang! I felt Donnie McClurkin’s frustration with his “fuh shnuh guh nah” ending. Forget less being more, sometimes it’s just enough.

Nicole who sang “Praise is What I do” I thought was great. I’ve heard her sing throughout that day and other places in the industry and she really has an awesome gift. Don’t think it was her time on that particular day, but hear me when I tell you, she can SANG!!!!!

Davon, like David was another example of tricks that work. He sang Mary Mary’s “Yesterday” and at first I was a little nervous. It’s hard for a guy to sing that song and the key he started in was questionable but he handled that thing! His tricks were natural and worked for his interpretation of the song. I think he’s going to kill on the stage show.

Asia (“Walk With Me)was probably one of my favorite auditions to watch. I saw her go through the preliminary rounds and wished she would have worn the sunglasses she auditioned with earlier in the day. It totally went with her “vibe.” She reminded me of that one particular aunt many of us have that seemed to forget that we were kids back in the day. You know the type, she’d walk around the house in a nightgown, play “grown up” blues records and “entertained” a whole lot of company. Ha! (Don’t front, y’all know she was ya favorite!)

Kimani, the 10 year old who sung “Blessed Assurance” was adorable. Just think, if he sings like that now, he’ll be SICK once by his teens and an absolute beast once he reaches adulthood. I hope he has/gets some good mentors to keep him on the right path.

But my FAVORITE audition of the night was Elder Goldwire McClendon. I have no words. He’s just amazing. He’s got ALL the elements that make a great gospel singer. Tone? Check. Control? Double check! Presence? Check. Plus, I don’t throw this word around a lot, but I gotta say it. Having been in the room for his audition, I can say straight up, the man is ANOINTED! Yep, I said it, not talking it back. Oh yeah, not even going to touch the fact that he’s 79 and can hang with any 30 year old. I’m a fan!

So what did you think about the Philly auditions? Still think the judges were rough?

Now, take a few minutes to watch exclusive footage from the Digital VIP Suite. My guest judges were Dontavies Boatwright and John McClure, finalists from Season 2 of Sunday Best.

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Ms. G Said on

If he has church hands he will not be picked, or sings his song with runs, forget it!

WSA28 Said on

I think church folk are too sensitive. These are grown adults and should understand if your not good enough for the show, or not on your A game, your going to get some criticism. Some people need to hear, “no, that was a hot mess!” to get the point across. My goodness…grow up people.

MrShawn29 Said on

I agree with the previous post. church folk are so sensitive!!! What do you mean Jesus would not have said this or that? The same Jesus that ran up in the temple and started throwing over tables? The same Jesus that asked one of his disciples, “Are you so dull?” after the disciple asked him a stupid question? (Mark 7: 17-19). Come on, Jesus was love in His actions but he was also blunt in what He said. Stop acting like the world is all butterflies and rainbows. Some people need to be told, “NO…this is not for you!”

Christians out here trying to pillow fight and Jesus said he came with a sword! Come on now! Grow up!

nimiwari Said on

I really don’t understand what is up with Sunday Best right now…for one thing, why make rules if you aren’t going to follow them? why should a person who is clearly a professional is allowed to make the final cut? I am really disappointed, and not happy with all the ‘church hands’ business. why does tina always seem to have a problem with anything ‘churchy’? There is no difference between Sunday Best and American Idol… I think the beginning process of getting on the show is not Christian at all…but God will always have His way no matter what (remember how Sherry in season one made the top two in spite of her being too ‘churchy’). tina should remember in her comments that we reap the fruit of our words… it doesn’t hurt to be nicer. Selah.

carolyn54 Said on


Valeda Stevenson Said on

Why is it people can’t handle the trueth? I mean we take it when it comes from te world, but criticize when it comes from the church. Please understand folks this is the nature of the business. I know several people that an sing, but this show is looking for the best not just average singers. Oh and by the way that 10 year old little boy Kimani Jackson was great!!! I wish BET would bring him back on the big stage to just sing again. He is definetely going big places very fast. He is aso very annointed and I’m glad the judges were touched by his performance.

lawan Said on

I love Sunday’s Best because it showcases the Glory of God in His people. As I watched the Philly show, my spirit was agitated. It’s a competition, but it’s not a one-note one-dimensional show. The judges have taken judging to an all new level of rude, crude and socially unacceptable. Can we get some compassion, love and a little bit of criticism when saying No? Even a yes with constructive criticism. We serve a 2nd chance God, Hopefully, these judges will take a hint and re-evaluate their rude behavior, before it comes back to bit them where it hurts — their pockets. Let the Holy Spirit guide your words, behavior and your steps. Tina — it’s the God in me; Donnie — we all fall down; and Kim — just as I am. Take a hint and judge as though you are being judged — which you are !!

k johnson Said on

i have looked at sunday best from it’s start. tina was always a little edgey in my taste, but this season the judges have takien judging to a whole new level. i am very disappointed in all three of the judges who judged in philly because even though some auditions were ridiculous, people still have feelings. yes, indeed, as someone mentioned earlier, they put themselves out there to be scrutinized. however, critiquing somebody is one thing, but mocking is something on a completely different level. it is not God-like nor is it in good taste. i’ve always lived by the golden rule of treating others the way i want to be treated. all a person has is his dignity.

daisy Said on

What is Tina thinking……. I was watching last week’s show and I decided that I would not continue to listen to Tina and all of her rudeness. As much as I love to hear people singing gospel music, I just can’t stomach her insults. It’s not cute CHRISTIAN GIRL to insult people the way that you do.

BettyCharles Said on

I was totally upset when I heard the words coming out of all of the judges’ mouths!!! Yes this is a competition, but the judges do not have to be like the World!!!! There is a way to be honest while still being honorable and respectful of another human beings’ feelings. I would love for the judges to be judged in the same manner in which they critiqued the contestants!!!! What if judge A said that they did not like Donnie’s raspy voice? What if judge B and C said that they did not like all of the screaming, hollering and carrying-on of Mary Mary? You be the judge. I will not be watching the show!!! As Christians we are always telling our children and others who are babes in the Lord not to watch or purchase worldly media that is harmful to the spirit. As I scrolled down the list of comments I could not help but see a common thread. It is obvious Saints, Christians turn so many people away from the Christ that they can’t see because of the Christians who they can see. Satan need not do anything but sit back and watch Christianity destroy itself from within.

Ladee Said on

The way that the judges are acting is a SHAME before GOD!!!! He said come as you are: people are coming to give glory to GOD. Who are you’ll to be so rude and nasty. Tina you sit in that corner and look down your nose at people. This is not GODLY. Furthermore all of the judges need to go to the alter and repent. I am glad that I know God for myself because if I had to learn from you’ll I wouldn’t want to be a christian. The Bible says that LOVE and Knidness have I drawn. You’ll have not done that! I don’t care how you look at it people have feelings. You’ll are setting a poor example for christians all over the world. This is sad, I don’t see God in any of you.!What if the people stop buying your music? This is one show that I will not be watching

Shannon Said on

I have been watching this show from the beginning and it has gone down! I hope that BET and the judges are reading these comments. Tina please think about what you are going to say before you speak. When you commented on the young ladies red hair I was like “How dare she say something like that!” Go find some clairol!! Have you forgotten your hair was that red once.! Your comment was so uncalled for your sister had to tell you to hush! Simple little comments you all have been making are just a hot mess. Now we will see how the people of New Orleans take your harsh words! I wanted to try out next year but after this years rudeness I dont think I even want to watch the show. Oh and the Church Hands thing!! I was watching a Mary Mary video and guess what I saw? CHURCH HANDS!! Any hands used while singing to express yourself is church hands. Whether its waiving in the air, the directing kind whatever We ALL DO IT!! The last thing I want touch on! I was under the impression that this is competion is for non-professionals. If you have A album out, contracts on David E. Talberts plays, background singer for other artist YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL. So can someone please tell me WHY IS ORLANDO WRIGHT GOING TO THE NEXT ROUND AND TAKING A SPOT THAT COULD HAVE GONE TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!???? I would like a response to that question from the producers of this show. Things like this make people think the show is fixed!! Explain!!!

Sheila Johnson Said on

I cannot beleive all the wonderful singers they let get away because of their so called church hands and Kim I didn’t even know who she was until Sundays best their comments are mean and cruel and I don’t think they are christain like at all and if I wasn’t a christian I would really tell them what Ithink. thank you Sheila johnson

jamilla Said on

STOP being so Sensitive. People act like christians cant take criticism. Thats one of the problems in the church now, too much babying going on. You all want these contestants to be babied in their audition, it doesn’t work like that. I found the comments to be on point on some, and the funny remarks were just that, funny. ALL of you guys know when sitting at home watching the show you make some of the same wise cracks about the contestants audition. Other than that the show is good and this might be the best group/ diverse since the start of the show.

Curlie Said on

IA with the other posters that said the judges are way to insulting. I don’t
think there is a need or place for that in a Christian based show. We
are supposed to stand out as something postive and refreshing while
being led by the Holy Spirit. It seems as though this is being led more
by ego and personality. God is not a God of confusion or insult and
that is what this show has shown. There were too many good singers
that they let pass by and didn’t even really listen too. I can understand
critism, but it should be constructive critism, not critism based on
how you feel or what your mood was. Especially, when you look at
some of the people that were chosen against those who weren’t.
I quess the bottom line for me, is that it did not seem genuine and
I did not feel that the judges were knowledgable of what talent really
was and what would reach the heart of the viewers who are the
ultimate judge. No one wants to see grand standing, that is a
complete turn off from the show and the celebrities that are being
show cased.

Disappointed Said on

I am laughing at the previous comments suggesting that “Church People” are too sensitive. There’s a difference between being sensitive and having an expectation of Godly behavior being displayed in a “Gospel” (which means good news) Competition.

I can just watch Simon be nasty on Idol – that’s my expectation of him. My expectation of Gospel music leaders is to showcase the love of God to people who have dreams of being the next Mary Mary or Donnie McClurkin or whomever. The business of music is ugly anyway but the business of God’s people and the love of those people being displayed to the world on national TV is supposed to be what Gospel music, whether in competition form or not is all about. When the show was picked up by The Soup on E! I knew you had gone down. I’m questioning whether the Gospel of Jesus has been removed from the competition this year.


Paula Stout Said on

Looking at season 4 has really touched me because I’ve been listening to the Judges and I feel like Tina is being too hard on them. You have to treat people the way you want people to treat you. There is a way to talk to anybody.

Edna Sanford Said on

Don’t be so eager to put anybody down because you’re judging them on their look before they even sing. That Mary Mary with the dyed hair can’t talk about nobody’s head. Think before you speak

Sonya L Said on

I understand this is a competition, but I just don’t like all the comments the judges make. The Mary Mary sister with the red hair is just completely rude. I think that we all can agree that some of the people they have turned away really couldn’t sing, but I just wish they wouldn’t make all the comments. I am really shocked with their behavior. They must remember that someone believed in them and gave them a chance…….

Michelle Said on

OMG Elder Goldwire McClendon is my all time favorite!!!! He tore it up today on Sunday’s Best. He is sooo amazing. God has truly blessed that man with a gift out of this world. Love him and to be 79 yrs old he can still move lol. He has my vote!