Guest Blogger: Tawanna Tarvin

Published by Torrence Glenn on Monday, May 17, 2010 at 1:03 pm.


Hey folks. On last night’s episode of Sunday Best we lost 4 contestants as we went from 11 to the top 7. Tawanna Tarvin, whom I unofficially dubbed as a “gospera” singer in the vein of Lecresia Campbell was sent home after what I think were 2 great live performances.  We know everyone can’t win but it’s still hard to see people go home.  Because as with any competition show, contestants end up with a ton of new fans,  I wanted to give Tawanna a chance to speak to you all in her own words.

*Passes mic to Tawanna*

Hello and God bless everybody!!! from your sister in christ Tawanna Tarvin. I thank God for everything that he has done and is doing in my life. I feel blessed to have been apart of Sunday Best 3 my life has changed in an amazing way because of Sunday Best. I will be forever grateful for all that Sunday Best and BET have done. My Dreams have come true I had the best experience of my life on Sunday Best. To all of those who are apart of Sunday Best ,Strange Fruit media and BET I say thank you soooo much for the love you’ve shown. I want to give a shout out to my family my mom, my son, my brothers, my church Liberty Christian Center . I say thank you to all those who supported me and prayed for me. Much love to the Producers and creators of Sunday Best, Strange Fruit media, BET, Pastor Donnie Mcclurkin, Tina Campbell, Yolanda Adams, Kim Burell, Kirk Franklin, The band and background singers, (everybody) behind the scenes that put in so much work.. I say thank you to all those who supported me and prayed for me. Thank you all for believing in me. I encourage you all never to give up. Dreams really do come true and even though I didn’t win Sunday Best I am still a winner no matter what and the same to all of the contestants that are no longer on the show. You all are still winners no matter what. God still has purpose and amazing plans for our lives. This is just the beginning!!! I will not stop here there is still so much more God wants me to do. I will continue sharing my gift with the world no matter what. I’m looking forward to working on several CD projects in the near future and whatever else God has for me to do. I want to share something; there have been so many people to come up to me with tears in their eyes saying how the contestants and I inspire them and help them believe that anything is possible if you believe. It is important that we realize that it is so much bigger than just being on T.V. peoples lives and hearts are being touched in a special way and that means the world to me knowing that I/we are making a difference in someone’s life. Feel free to connect with me on facebook,twitter, and myspace under my name Tawanna Tarvin. I love you all God Bless!!!


*Grabs mics from Tawanna*

Thanks Tawanna for taking the time to share with us here on “The Gospel According To Torrence.” You did your good singing and I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you in the future. I’m looking forward to it.


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christine Said on

very good singing, yesterday was not your best but i heard what you are capable of doing so I know we will be hearing from you again god bless you

Deborah Lee Said on

You are an awesome singer, but you started with the high notes to quick like Yolanda said… any how, you are awesome and when your CD comes out I will be sure to purchase it…I love Soprano singers because I am one…God bless you Tawanna

Halle Luejah Said on

Could you list the 4 names of the contestants who went home?


Cookye Said on

I am so proud of you..Ive watched you advance through out this competiton but moreso through life.. and just to take it back.. I remember meeting you in honor choir n All-State tryouts at NLU(now ULM) then at Freds’ church(dont recall the’ve always had a beautiful voice and Ive enjoyed your singing since way back then. All the way from Huntsville, AL.. Ive been bragging about you.. people are quick to critique but can barely hold notes..You will go far..I dont have to say it because I know you believe..I am proud of you Tawanna..Dont give up and Dont give in!!!

Maria Said on

Good Job. I’ve enjoyed hearing you. Continue stepping out into the deep as God beckons you to come forward into His presence.

It’s yours for the asking, the believing and receiving. Go ahead girl and continue being a blessing while utilizing the gifts and talents that come from God. Sis in Christ, Maria

Bev. Mcbean Said on

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

I watched this every step of the way. Sorry you had to go but in competing
there’s only one winner.
I am glad you got to be seen and heard in full capacity. I do sing from a
teen in church choir into my adult years. It’s a joy when you sing a ’solo’
and someone comes up to “say you bless my heart”. Even singing in the
congregation. It’s a gift the Lord gives to us. We just need the avenues
to utilize whether competitively or just plain praising God.
I am glad “BET” gave you that oppertunity ; at times we get pushed to
the curve,un-noticed, because it’s for the Lord.”

Shawn Said on

I was so hurt that you were sent home. You are a great singer, an anointed singer, and your soprano tone is rare!!! You def put me in the mind of LAWANDA CAMPBELL and LUCRESIA CAMPBELL….. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your style and your SPIRIT. PLEASE dont give up. Please dont be discouraged. I want to hear MORE from TAWANNA TARVIN… I def thought you would be in the top 3 or top 5…. !!!!

TamTam Said on


I am sorry to tell you this but I didn’t like your performances at all. Something about you did not seem genuine and did not set well with my spirit. I am sure you will find your calling but I don’t think this is it. Consider yourself truly blessed to be chosen among these great contestants. Many reading this may feel that I am harsh. That is not my goal. My goal is to challenge you to dig deep within and search your soul. Good luck to you in the future and may God bless you.

dasha Said on

lovin the afro

Tanya Said on

Thank god for you lifted my soul when i was down love you for that may god keep you and blesssssssssssssssssssss you.

jjac401 Said on


You truly have a beautifully annointed voice. I just loved your elegant presence, voice, and style.

I hope that you will be coming out with you music on CD soon!

God bless you!!!