VIDEO: Interview With Fred Hammond

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, May 27, 2010 at 2:01 pm.


Hey folks!

It’s been a good few weeks for “The Gospel According To Torrence.” Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY has been coming by. Love that! A few weeks ago Fred Hammond came through and we got to talk about his career, his thoughts on the industry and a few other things. Now y’all KNOW I keep it really honest here so I’m just gonna put it on out there. I am not in the video, because at the last minute, I had some mic challenges. And instead of wasting Fred’s time to fix them, I just let him answer the questions while I asked em from the sidelines, so you won’t see me, but the interview is good just the same if I do say so myself! And I do say so! Ha! Watch and Enjoy!

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Trena Said on

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fred Hammond.

reba Said on

It takes more entergy to please and to be something or someone who your really not. But it takes less entergy and less time to be who you are!!!! God is calling for each and everyone of us. So let go and let God do his work in your life. To: Fred Hammond…

Tim Said on

Wow bless God I loved this interview. Fred is a very intelligent man. I honestly believe and know that God has given me creative ideas and talent to help bring Gospel to it’s forefront. God has given Fred a mighty blessing he’s one of my all-time favorite’s period!!! Glory to God

tlwbarkley Said on

Father thank you for blessing brother Torrence. He has a heart for you thank you for keeping him, delivering him, and setting him free and then taking him to higher heights untold in you Father in Jesus Name bless all those around in Jesus Name THANK YOU Lord AMEN

Rosemary Said on

I was so touched by the I realness of your interview, You got it right. I got my “church hurt” by the people I Love most and gave 100% + to could not feel or get with my realness. Keep being you. God made us who we are as long as He is first, Dont nothing else matter. She’s out there. Love You, my Brother, I dance to your music (SMILE)

gena Said on

i love you

Sarita Said on

I love me some Fred Hammond. During my worst times with my three sons {now grown} I was blessed with the ministry with the music of Fred Hammond. There is not a favorite song I love them all. I thank God for you and the ability God has given you to Bless his people.

Fred hammond | ItCaffe Said on

[...] VIDEO: Interview With Fred Hammond | The Gospel According To … [...]