VIDEO: Torrence’s Talk With Wess Morgan

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 4:37 pm.


Sup folks,

A while ago I sat down with one of my favorite newer  artists (by “newer,” I mean having come out in the last few years), Wess Morgan. Now I’m trying to get better at not “typing” a whole lot of intro before these videos but I have to set this one. If you’re unfamiliar with Wess as I was a few years ago, I’m pretty sure you’ll be a fan soon after being exposed to him. A few years ago I had bought a bangin’ new 52″ LCD flat screen TV, and like most men with new “toys” I stayed in front of it for about a week straight. Meaning, I fell asleep and woke up on my couch even though I had a perfectly good bed and tv in my bedroom. But I digress. So it’s about 3am, and I had left the TV on the Word Network (I’m so saved, ha!) So some SERIOUS SANGING woke me up and I say “who in the world is that? I know Daryl Coley’s voice but who’s this other guy.” I rubbed my eyes, found my glasses and it was Wess Morgan singing a duet with Daryl Coley. Now this next line isn’t for the racially sensitive… I said, “is this dude White or light-skinned cuz he’s going in!”  I stayed up the rest of the night to watch the concert special and was a fan EVER SINCE.  Later the next day, I did some research on him and found out that not only was he an awesome singer, but had an awesome testimony.  But I’ll let him tell you that part.  I also love that Wess lives and preaches BALANCE. He has one of the sickest suit/bowtie games in the industry, but is just as comfortable with his tatoos and a white tee! Enjoy!

To find out more about Wess or to get one his projects “Look At Me Now” or “I Choose To Worship” go to


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Dominique/ Said on

Loved the interview, Torrence! Wess Morgan is a favorite of mine because of his awesome testimony and talent. Listening to “I Choose To Worship” right now……

Sister G-Anne Said on

I fell in love with Bro Wess around the same time…listenin’ to him and Bro.Darryl sangin’..He Brought Me Out”…went on line, found his website, and have been a fan ever since. I have both of his projects…I have turned so many..Brothers and Sisters at church on to him…especially those who have struggled with drug addictions. What a powerful “Testimony”…Every time he comes to NYC…I make it a point to see him….He will be in Bklyn on May 28, 2010…..I’ll be there……..

Torrence Said on

Wow, thanks Sister G-Anne! I didn’t know he was coming to BK then, I will be in the house too!!!!


anna hines Said on

I would love to see wess morgan come to cleveland, Oh. , the song that he sang really help me a lot know one can say it like wess, it is really something when GOD step in your lift.

Ms. Graves Said on

I love Wess! I like the anointing that God has preserved for his life. When he says that God keeps you through all the things that we go through here on earth for a testimony, it is so true!

So, tell it! I am going to tell my testimony also, God has to get the Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Cooper Said on

I can’t say enough about Wess Morgan. The first time I saw him on the Word Network my spirit immediately connected to the nakedness of his worship. The anointing within his spirit carries and releases a freedom that takes you right into the bosom of who God is!!!!!!!!!!
I CHOOSE TO WORSHIP(speechless.)

Mrs.D Said on

Bro Wess is the most transparent Pastor/singer that I have ever seen. He draws the lost in with his heart of compassion and understanding. His singing and preaching is truly anointed, he reaches many of the hopeless and broken hearted since he has been where so many are today. Thank you for sharing him with us. He is truly the real deal!

Elder Christopher L. Hairston Said on

Grace and Peace, Pastor Wes, we sat at the same table at the BMI banquet, And I must say I would have never known about your testimony until I heard this interview, and to me it’s conformation for my life, and the way I used to live it cause God has delivered me also from the same thing, praise God I have been blessed to tell it, up and down the east coast and God made it easy. Thank You, ELDER CHRIS HAIRSTON

Mary Douglas Said on

“For so long, I was silent; For so long I did not have a song of praise, depression filled my days, dark clouds blocked my way, but there was a voice speaking to me, waking the past so quiet in me……WOW! Pastor Morgan those were the words that woke me up in my midnight…..I’ve been a fan ever since… His songs know who I am and they minister to me. Thank You again Pastor Morgan for letting GOD step in your dark place and bring light into ours. Pray someday you’ll be able to visit MANSFIELD, OHIO @the OASIS OF LOVE CHURCH 190 CHESTER AVENUE

Linda Said on

I LOVE Wess Morgan he is an anointed man of God His songs minister to my soul God is using him in a mighty way
Pontiac Mi

bea Said on

I would love to see Pastor Wess come to my home town of Walterboro, SC.
He is wonderful, his heart of compassion just blesses me everytime I hear him. I enjoyed him on the KD Bowe morning show. Love you Pastor Wess..

Billions1 Said on

Both of these men of God need to come to West Palm Beach, Fl. to share the Word in song with us. Please come and visit us.

Anissa Said on

Great interview. What a blessing he is to us all. Continue to allow God to use you Pastor Wess Morgan.

Cassandra Jackson Said on

Thank God for Wess Morgan you are awsome!

tamra Said on

I saw Wess Morgan on the Word channel. What an awesome young man!! I was lifted by his testimony. He is a wonderful singer. Keep praising the Lord & he will take you higher & higher. God Bless You!!!

MBM Said on

I was just talking about this man …last week with my husband…and I didn’t know his name…I just called him the white man who wears a bowtie..that can sannnnng! Now that I know WHO you are I will be going to your website.

MBM Said on

I was just talking about this man with my husband.. I didn’t know his name I just called him the white man with the bowties…who can sannnng! but He’s so anointed and I can’t wait to look at his website for more blessings thru song.

Gloria Said on

I t hank God for Wess Morgan, he is so awesome. When I first heard his song, I wanted to go out and buy it.

Fernandez Said on

Pastor West Morgan, from the first time I heard you at Bethany Baptist Church, in Lindenwold NJ, I been following your journey. You have done everything you talk and sing about. The first time I E-mail you I told you God has bless us with an gift, You, You the man Pastor Wess Morgan. I’m Proud to say that within my life I have had the chance to not only see you but hear you, what a blessing. Here’s to life and all the joy you bring

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