Guest Blogger: Martha Buries

Published by Torrence Glenn on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 5:55 pm.


Sup folks. Sunday, our “wildcard” Martha Buries time on Sunday Best 3 also came to an end. Martha accomplished the extremely difficult task of having to “redeem” herself after she technically was already sent home. The judges picked a top 10 and she wasn’t in it, but there was something in her that made the judges bring her back. And after she came back, she stayed! Everybody couldn’t have done that. I think most of the contestants in the final 20 contest are great, but Martha was one of my favorites and I always looked forward to her from week to week because she always brought a little something new that I didn’t think she was capable of.  I don’t think this will be the last of Martha either, but until she comes back out to hopefully bring us some new music, here’s Martha’s guest blog.

***passed mic to Martha***

First I would like to thank Torrence (best blogger in the land) for the opportunity to grace his blog stage!

To the Producers:  I thank you for believing in my gift and letting God allow you to offer me this opportunity to use my gift on such a platform as Sunday Best.

To the Judges (Pastor Donnie, Yolanda and Tina):  I thank you for the comments, suggestions and critiques.  I will use them to enhance the gift the God has placed in me.  I will carry them with me everywhere I go!

To my Mentor (Kim Burrell):  I thank you for the time you spent teaching me that I can.  Just to be granted the opportunity to perform before you was a blessing in itself.  I will never forget the advice, tips and knowledge you have instilled in me.  I thank God for you!!

To the BADDEST. COLDEST, SICKEST, BAND AND BGV’S…….You all are AN ARTISTS DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!  Thank you all for your humble and inviting spirits.

To the Top 20 contestants (My friends/family): I appreciate every last one of you (Brittney, Jonte, Funmi, Quiana, Mesie, Bethany, LeAndria, Tawanna, Tiffany, Vernell, Orlando, David, Dathan, Durward, Franklin, Robert, Davon, Brian, Elder Goldwire).

This experience has been one that I have only dreamed of and for it to come to past, I am truly grateful.  Although my time has expired on this stage, God is not through with me.  I thank all the viewers for your words of encouragement as they have kept me thus far and I will continue to PUSH toward the promises of my Lord and Savior.  With that being said this is not the end as it only the beginning and start of something great!!!  God said I could have it and if HE said IT then IT is so….YES IT IS SO!!!

What’s next for Martha,   Please stay tuned.  You can follow me on; Facebook Fan Page (Martha Buries)

Be Blessed,

Martha Buries


*takes mic from Martha*

Thanks Martha for the compliment, I appreciate ya! We’re really going to miss you! Martha’s remix of “Holy, Holy, Holy” still gives me chills. I didn’t know she had all that in her. It’s as if she pulled a new trick out of the hat every week. Martha, you got this! You just got to not be afraid to look the saints dead in the eye and bring it! Hear me???

Thanks again to Martha for taking the time out to blog for you guys!

I’m out!


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str8natural Said on

Please believe that this young lady has the most versitile female voices this season! I look forward to what God has in store for you & I will definitely be purchasing your CD! God will bring to pass what He has established! Be encouraged, and keep lifting up the name of Jesus!

CrySSy Said on

sooo TrUe! honestly,..Martha Buries has the most unique, versitile voice of the top 5 conteNders!. her techinques were dOpe..and she has a RasP 2 die 4!! She exuded a positive, humble spirit on stage and tackled each assignment with Grace and Style~~ ( in Tina’s voice)..but baby ..right there–(pointing to her throat)..stay there!! ~ Martha fan in NC!!

Philippians 1:6 (NIV) ~ Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Shalie30 Said on

This woman has an amazing voice!!! I think she has a conservative side about her…which people tend to focus on most….If she would have shown more confidence in her stage performance….I think the finals would have been between her and the last female standing currently. Martha, you may not have won the Sunday’s Best title for 2010 but you are already a winner…I’m waiting for your cd’s and your public appearances at the gospel concerts…Thanks for being a contestant on Sunday’s Best..

meemee06 Said on

Martha is not only unique… she’s anointed!!! I know that the Lord has GREAT things in store for her because of her humilty and love for the Lord… Her vocals are BEASTLY!!!! Jer. 29:11-13… He’s got her in the palm of His hand!

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