Guest Blogger: Sunday Best 3 Winner Leandria Johnson

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 8:59 pm.

Congratulations to Sunday Best 3 winner Leandria Johnson!!! I think we all realized from episode that no matter what happened, she was special and going places. Well, she’s “leaped into her destiny” and was crowned the winner. Ladies and gentlemen, Leandria in her own words.

***passes mic to Leandria***

“Wow Wow and Wow again” I am so overwhelmed! This is unbelievable. I would first like to thank God for giving me the strength to follow his instruction. I would also like to thank My parents, Bishop Gregory and First Lady Sharon Johnson for their continued support and covering, and for never giving up on me. I would like to thank my siblings, and the rest of my entire family! You guys are the best. To my 3 Beautiful children, I thank God for you and Mommy loves you very Much! To Elder Goldwire, You are such an inspiration, and you have taught me to NEVER GIVE UP, and Always follow my dreams! Can’t wait to see your name in lights! To the rest of the Sunday Best Contestants, I would just like to say Congratulations and this is just the beginning for us all! Let’s Make God Proud. To my church family in Orlando, FL. HQ Ministries, Thank you for your everlasting support! It means the world to me, and I don’t know where I would be without you! To my voters, I am so appreciative for every single vote that came through on my behalf! You don’t know what this means to me. You play a major part in my dream coming true! THANK YOU! And Last but Not Least, Thank you BET for for creating such a wonderful platform for people, such as myself, to help spread the Love of Jesus through song! I am so excited to be crowned your new Sunday Best, and I commit myself completely to continuing to build the kingdom of God! LET’S GET IT……WE SHALL LIVE AND NOT DIE!

***takes mic from Leandria***

Whew, Leandria! We’re so very proud of you and we’re just blessed to have watch you evolve from the girl with the flip flop and socks into the gospel star you are today! I CANNOT WAIT to see all that you’re going to bring to the industry! You’re about to turn this thing upside down!


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Anese Said on

Hey Leandria, this is your girl, your cousin, your sister in christ all the way from San Diego. I couldn’t wait to watch Sunday Best each week just to see, feel and be apart of your ministry via song. It was no doubt in my mind that you were going to be athe winner from the very first day I saw you. As you see it matters not what the outer appearance looks like because God knows your heart and each time you sung, you knew God, you know how he would bring you out and baby it was evident in your annointing! Take this wonderful opportunity and platform that God as allowed you to take the wheel on and drive carefully but at the same time make it last and I will always be a fan of yours. I love you for free and I wish you the best success!

michelle franks Said on

I am so excited about your win ! You have encouraged so many viewers ,with your powerful testimony . You have shown me that no matter what ,keep trusting God . We all see what the end was by simply trusting him. You showed the JOB experience . Your singing is so annointed ,this is
what the body of christ need ,some real annointing that will break yokes.You are a very special gift to the ministry of our Lord!

Shantelle Said on

First of all I would like to thank God for my laptop and internet service because I don’t have cable. When I heard u sing at your audition(my six year old daughter and I) I had chills all over and I kept starting your session over and over. You are so anointed and I felt it and saw it. I knew that you were the winner. My daughter kept singing “This is the day” all day long and the next day. :) I thank God for giving u the voice that u have and the opportunity to share it with us by singing for and to him. I saw in your eyes that u were genuine and again each performance or shall I say Praise to God touched me and I cried every time u sang. Stay in His will and continue to seek his face. Let him cintinue to order your steps. Be blessed. Love you girl!!! Cant’ wait for the CD…

Deanna Said on

Congrats! You go girl…..with God ALL THINGS are possible. Keep looking to the hills from wence cometh your help and God will continue to give u wisdom and direction.

Michelle West Said on

Leandria, I just want you to know that you are a personal encouragement to me. I was watching your performance or should I say, your praise, and it enlightened me as a single mother who is really going through some things. I know there is a calling on my life to do God’s will and watching you each week and seeing your new beginning empowered me in the Lord. I pray that God continue to strengthen you and that you continue to obey His word. YOU are a powerful walking testimony and I know it’s not by coincidence that I was able to follow you and some of the restoration that grows within you. I am just overwhelmed and thankful for black mothers like you who portray strength and most important the love you have for Jesus. You are a mentor to me and I love you and what God is doing for you, and what you are doing in Him.
Your sister in Christ,
Michelle West

bay city texas Said on

congratulation leandrea I am so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad for you keep the good work up. Hope your CD is coming out Soon.

Michael Glivens Said on

LeAndria—–a star in the making. Please know that every time you sung, people where anointed by your God given, great voice. Don’t be scared. Pastor Donnie McClurking said it all, you were born to sing. LeAndria the world is waiting for more. Also, do a duet with Season 2 winner, Y’Anna Crawley. May the Good Lord Bless you and your family always, A fan

Grace Said on

hey, i love leandria she sings so powerfull i think she will win Sunday best. Please vote for her thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!! =-)

zetta Said on

Congratulations Leandria!!!! I was soooo overjoyed when you won Sunday’s Best……You are such an awesome inspiration…..May God continue to Bless you and your family!!!!!!!!!! :)

Monique Samuels Said on

Congratulations!!!! What a Gift from our Creator! You are what this World need, Right Now!!!! I Can’t Wait to See the Manifestation of God’s Plan (through you) for the Body of His people and those who will become His!

lisa Said on

Congratulations Leandria!!!!!!! You are so annointed and such a inspiration to all women ike myself that are in the mist of a storm. I know Jesus but listenening to your testimony through song made me want to get to know him even better! You are truly amazing and I anxiously await your cd! May god bless you and keep you and your family always!

SistahPG Said on

CONGRATULATIONS Leandria!!! I watched you from the first interview that touched my heart!! What a test and now look at your testimony. I felt every note that you sang. I was also blessed to hear you at my church Greater Allen Cathedral in NY – you blessed my heart!!! I can’t wait to see you again on July 18th. I am so happy for you. May God bless you and keep you is my prayer!!!

karen rhodes Said on

LEANDRIA! Girl i am so happy for you. When i met u at the age of 5 years old at the AvonPark General Assembly, i remember a little girl w/ so much sas, an could hold a conversation better than some adults I no. I also remeber that evening, the anouncer callin little Leandria Johnson up to sing before the church. Leandria, when i heard the harmonizing gift that god gave you I was blown away. I remember tears streaming down my face an being in disbeleif that the voice i was hearing was that small little girl. I have been blessed over the years that we grew up in church to get to hear your voice an now millions get to injoy the same blessing. I am so happy for you girl, an may you continue to bless the world with your very special gift from god.

cla Said on

Does anyone know if it’s true that Le’Andria will be performing at this years GMWA Conference in Cincinnati, OH on July 29th? Thanks.

Blessings from afar Said on

Le’Andria I am so proud of you I feel truly bless through the songs that you ministered during this season of Sunday Best. Even though you went through the storm you are not alone and you never gave up. We often tell the Mountains we go through about GOD but GOD says tell your Mountains about me and you did and the blessings now shower your life! May GOD bless and keep you on this journey. I hope to one day grace your presence.

Bells Said on

We waited week by week to hear your gift. I knew that you were someone special from the very beginning. Each week as you provided just brief renderings of each song, we sat and cried because we could feel Jesus all over you.

Your story is one that gives hope and inspires us all to do the will of God and see how He will show up in our lives. This was the best season ever. Continue to follow the Lord. It’s very clear that He is directing your path.

Because He is the Christ,


Holmes.. Houston,Tx Said on

I knew from day-1, that you would be the winner. God is able to do all things.
Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for the CD

Nakisha Said on

Dear Leandria,

First allow me to say congrats. I cheered for you ever since the try outs. Everytime I heard you sing I wanted to cry. Because of you and your gift I have returned tochurch and feel a lot better about my life and the direction I’m going. May God continue to bless you and can’t wait for the album.

olasunkanmi Said on

hi leandria, i am one of your die hard fan. cant wait 2 hear your album. God bless………………

DANA Said on

Let me just say that you are exactly where you are meant to be. The world I see today is moving further and further away from God’s graces that it is easy for people to neglect the relationship we must nurture and maintain with him, but he has all tools at his disposal and with you he has brought out the power tool. There is nothing this world needs more today than for us to recognize and abide in God’s love and know all we have and can ever get comes from him alone. I could speak in tongues with electrification every time i hear you sing and when this magnificent gift of yours is recorded and played for any nation of any language nothing but that love is received by the listener. Let God continue to use you.