Guest Blogger: Tiffany Carlin-Laird

Published by Torrence Glenn on Tuesday, June 1, 2010 at 4:57 pm.


Sup folks. On Sunday, we said goodbye to Tiffany Carlin-Laird from Sunday Best 3. It’s been bittersweet the last few weeks because like we keep having to remind ourselves, great singers will be going home. Tiffany is obviously one of those people it hurt to see leave but I predict and believe that she just left the show, but not the gospel music industry. We’ll be seeing and hearing her again, but until then here’s Tiffany in her own words.

*passes mic to Tiffany*

Hey everybody it’s me, Tiffany!  As you can see my time on the show has come to an end but I must say that it’s “not” truly an ending but more like a new beginning! Thanks to BET and Sunday Best Season 3 (smiling)

This has been great! To have an opportunity to sing in front of some of Gospel Music’s Greatest has been a tremendous pleasure. The judges enjoyed what I brought to the show and I appreciated what advice they gave me. God Bless Donnie, Yolanda, Tina, Kim Burrell, Kirk Franklin, and Stanly Brown ,PJ Morton and the Sunday Best staff and crew, those seen and behind the scenes. Thanks to the producers, too. I am gonna miss all of the new friends I made but I will definitely keep in touch with everyone.

You know, I only daydreamed of one day singing gospel music on TV and look what God has done! Congrats to the Goldwire, D. Davis, Leandria for going on to next round, wow… top 3! I wonder who is going to be chosen?!!! This is definitely going to be something so everybody stay tuned. I am thankful to my friends and family and all the fans. Wow I have fans, who would have thought….. Well, I will say good bye for now,but keep looking for Tiffany Carlin-Laird. You will see me as soon as the album is complete. And Donnie I will make sure you get your 25 copies

Until then,

Be Blessed


*takes mic from Tiffany and asks if she wants to just do a “teench” of “Goin Up Yonder” for us*

Yeah, I still replay that “Going Up Yonder” performance from time to time because it’s just that good. Tiffany’s got Sunday Morning and Saturday evening all in the same throat! Love it! Can’t wait for the album, I’ll be buying a few copies too!


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Rein Said on

***sniff sniff*** I LOVED this chick man! Love her!!!!! I KNOW I’ll be hearing from her again. I’m throwin my bid for a few copies too. I’m gonna need that “Going Up Yonder” rendition to be on the CD please & than ya ma’am. FAN FOR LIFE!

joyelle Said on

go girl go!!!!!!!!!

Devonia Said on

Wow so Gracious and so Beautiful, you definitly have fans! BELIEVE DAT! I will definitely be checkin for you in the future. GOD BLESS

Lets Be Honest... Said on

You know I have enjoyed this season as always, yet I am concerned that we call this the BEST… That means if you for get the words of the song YOU ARE NOT THE BEST! STOP IT…. The Holy Ghost has a absolute memory. Let’s be honest The Elder should have been eliminated.

RAF Said on

Miss your singing already… Sorry, I’m such a fan. I will be look out for your future projects. Best wishes…

myka bby Said on

she do not gotta voice she cant not sing …………………………..watz wrond wit yall

myka bby Said on

she do not gotta voice she cant not sing …………………………..watz wrond wit yall

blesseed Said on

i was truly hurt i just know that the 3 women would be in the bottom 3. I really believe that they made the wrong choses this season, Elder’s time been up, yes he is anointed to sing in the church and bring it down, but a record-i don’t think so…..i’m very sad, if new orleans don’t win then HOUSTON we have a big problem because she’s the on;y one left with star quailty!!! God bless us all

MeeMee Said on

Tiffany is also a vocal Beast… “Goin up Yonder” blew me away! She may be gone, but her vocals & the person that she is, will not be forgotten!!
But as for those who are blowin up about Elder… don’t sleep on him! He was singin & makin records (yes records)… before some of you were born… and they sold then and whatever he puts out will sell now!!! Gifts and callings come without repentence, but the ANOINTING destroys ALL yokes!!!

alexis Said on

hey i love your mucis god will keep you more and more stay bless

BrenintheATL Said on

People who are you ?? and WHY can’t you SPELL??!!,,”she do not gotta voice she cant not sing ..watz wrond wit yall ” and ” I really believe that they made the wrong choses this season”, If you have a computer, YOU HAVE SPELLCHECK USE IT !!!!
Let’s keep it real, Elder may have sold records in the past, if so , THAT alone disqualifies him, the singers are supposed to be UNDISCOVERED talent, granted he is amazing, BUT NOT Sunday Best material,where’s he going to drive his new car to the rest home ?

Michelle Said on

I don’t care what anyone says this chick had the best voice to me. She really did her thing with “Going Up Yunder”, and she was mostly the one that I watched the show for. For the judges to eliminate her was devastating just because she had a hoarse voice that you could not even notice if they wouldn’t have pointed it out is ridiculous!!! Love you Tiff!!!

Donna Said on

Elder Goldwire is not being patronized. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll get old too one day. Those “children” couldn’t hold a candle to Mr. Goldwire. I wasn’t impressed because of his age. I was impressed with the Holy Spirit in him, showing up and showing out. Duward was “cute” but not “great”. Singers forget the words to songs all the time and what about those that perform and only lip sync? Stop running off at the mouth and watch and see who “God” chooses.

matthew5and9 Said on

love you tiffany. i think u can do it all from jazz to gospel and probably get a pop/rock song in there.

Dyan Said on

Just can’t wait for the album. Really looking forward to “Goin Up Yonde”r. it’s my ringtone. Just a teaser, so please hurry up with the CD. Thankyou so much for the inspiration.

liz smalls Said on

I think you were super and was very dissapointed when you left but I know that great things are ahead for you. Please stay strong and hurry with that new CD.