Had To Share: “Testimony” – Patrick Riddick & D’Vyne Worship

Published by Torrence Glenn on Friday, June 11, 2010 at 6:21 pm.

Testimony Cover Art

Sup folks, why didn’t anyone tell me I hadn’t blogged in a little bit. Y’all know I need help! Ha!

But anyway, I’m excited about what I’m sharing today. I’m unashamedly a CHOIR BOY! I love all forms of gospel music and music in general, but I’m a church kid through and through and there’s nothing like some good ole choir sanging. Choirs have somewhat lost their place in gospel music over the last 10 years as more and more groups/ensembles and solo artists have kind of been moved to the front of the line. I sometimes fear that the appreciation and legacy of the gospel choir is in jeopardy.  There aren’t many new choirs putting out music on a national level. If you listened to gospel radio or gone through the shelves of the local record store, there wouldn’t be much there. Of course choirs like Hezekiah Walker and LFC, James Hall & Worship & Praise, and Ricky Dillard & New G are holding it down, but they can’t do it alone. JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise also do an excellent job of maintaining the classic choir sound while still sounding current and relevant.

So with that, I’m especially excited to feature the music of Patrick Riddick & D’Vyne Worship’s new single “Testimony.” I first heard this song when participating in Darnell Davis & The Remnant’s (another contemporary choir I love) One Voice Conference in Minneapolis, MN last year. Patrick Riddick was the guest director and taught this song to the conference choir and the song blazed. I did some research and then I realized I had favorite’d quite a few of this choir’s clips on youtube already! So I’m really glad that they’re finally ready to release a CD of their own.  See, let me explain some things to you, not only am I a church kid but I’m a northeast church kid so they’ve got that “barks, squalls and altar calls” sound that we’re known for. This is choir music at it’s finest in my opinion and I think you’ll appreciate it too. Make sure you go to iTunes or Amazon.com to pick it up and watch out for the CD release. If we want to keep this music alive, we have to support it. Amen? (churchy!)


PLAY – “Testimony” – Patrick Riddick & D’Vyne Worship

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Deborah Said on

I love the song it bless my soul . It is my Testimony ypp
Thank You and may God bless you and your family

Sista in Christ

Gwendolyn Said on

I thank the Lord everyday I open my eyes and see another day.Love this song this is my Testimony too matter a fact.it’s all God children Tesitmony thank you for this Song Patrick Riddick&D’Vyne Worship God Bless And Keep You!!!!!1

Tracy elliott Said on

I want to really thank you choir boy and the wonderful choir. I over slept and missed church today and not feeling well , but this song made me feel better it lifted my spirits. this is definately my testimony May God bless and keep you.

JRuss Said on

So glad to be apart of this great ministry, pleaz keep us in prayer as we endeavour to restore the real meaning of Gospel Music

matthew5and9 Said on

Torrence, keep us abrest on the date the project is dropping. I, too, love choir music. Give me something that will scratch…oops…an old Carlton Pearson phrase. #HUSH.

J Holland Said on

Can’t wait for this album to drop for sure….. I’m not even a chior “Lover” but I love Patrick Riddick’s ministry.

constane jones Said on

Hi,has any one who is reading this blog,ever attented The Gray Sisters Gospel Group from Decatur Alabama concerts.The Sisters have been singing together for 32 years as a professional gospel group. The sisters have sung on high profile concerts with high profile gospel artist such as:The Honorable Dottie Peoples,Lee Williams,Luther and Deborah Barnes,Beverely Crawford and many others.Please visit their website on google or u tube or my space at:graysisterssingers.com.These sisters are anointed, they can sing with or with out their musicians.With that I would like to dedicate this song to every one who reads this message.This song is sung by the 1st Lady Shirley Gray Green, “HOW MUCH DO I OWE HIM”.

J.Johnson Said on

All I have to say my Bro Pat and the Group are doing there thing and God has great things instore for yall… Pat taught “Testimony” last year at out AIM Convention (Cogic) in Tampa, FL and we had a ball singing this I can’t wait until the cd comes out. All im playing right now in the Ipod is “Testimony” and “Greater is He”….