Listen Up!: DeWayne Woods

Published by Torrence Glenn on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 4:14 pm.

Sup folks! Today’s a goooood day! Dewayne Woods‘ new CD “My Life’s Lyric” releases today and I’m just going to say straight out the gate that I LOVE IT!

Now I hope DeWayne doesn’t get mad at me for saying this but y’all know I tell everything. But umm yeah, before this project I was more a fan of DeWayne Woods the person than DeWayne the artist. Let me clear, I by no means thought he wasn’t good. That’s not what I mean when I say I wasn’t a fan. He wasn’t bad or anything like that. The man can CLEARLY sing. But I was just kind of “eh” when it came to him. You know, when you don’t love or hate something. It just is. I’m thinking I may have to revisit his first project now, because when I tell you over the last year or so he has made me SUCH A BELIEVER and this project is icing on the cake!

Everyone kind of has their own lane in this gospel music thing and that’s good and all, but I believe I kind of made the mistake of putting DeWayne in a box musically. Boring isn’t the word I’m trying to think of, but perhaps “safe” is a better description. I kind of thought he was quite reserved in his approach and I perhaps wanted more “umph” from him. Well, on “My Life’s Lyric” the “umph” is ALL OVER IT and now I feel kind of like a fool! DeWayne Woods takes quite a few musical “risks” on this CD and has a lot of fun on this CD.

Favorite Tracks:

1. Still Here (featuring The Murrills) – this song is “neo soul” HEAVY (hate that term) but in a good way! The vibe and vocals are laid back but have a lot of punch at the same time. If you like your gospel to have groove, you’re going to get into this one real tough.

2. Good Times – If you like the Motown sounds, soul music of the 70’s or just like a feel good contemporary churchy vamp, you’re really going to go in with this one.  It’s got a little bit of 70’s Sitcom mixed with musical theater. The song takes turns and doesn’t stay one way for long. Once you think you got the song, it changes again. Love it!

3. Positive (featuring Daniel Weatherspoon) – I don’t know what to call the exact style of this song but it feels like a mid tempo song you’d here at the opening ceremony of the World Cup or the summer Olympics. I just like it, can’t really explain why, but I keep it on repeat.

4. God Can (featuring PJ Morton) – Because there’s always got to be one *whoosh* moment and this is it! PJ and DeWayne have a really good chemistry as we know from the hit “Let Go, Let God” and this song is somewhat of an unofficial part 2! Pull out your sheets, smelling salts, etc. and you should be fine once this goes off.

Click the link or the CD cover to take a listen and tell me what you think, then go and BUY IT! Feel me? I’m pretty sure you’ll dig it.


Listen Up! DeWayne Woods

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Marcia Said on

The CDs pretty good..
His sound is not QUITE for me, but I’ll still support.! .. and I’m sure other people will really LOVE the CD :)
Although, I do really like ‘God can’.. That’s a good one there! lol
I think D and PJ work well together :)
But yea, I couldn’t find the album on iTunes :/ … help?