TGIP: “It Will All Be Worth It” – Mary Mary

Published by Torrence Glenn on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 6:51 pm.


Sup folks, today was LONG!!!!!

Meetings, appointments, interviews (stay tuned for Juanita Bynum), and a whole lot of other stuff. It was one of “those days.” You know where you’re working really hard, not too sure you’re getting much of anything accomplished because the minute you think you’ve crossed off something significant from your “to-do” list, you have to add 5 more things to it! One of those days where “thank you” seemed like a curse word to most people and “now” or “asap” are the words you hear way more often. Yeah, I’m venting and I’m allowed. ha!  But whenever I wasn’t in meetings and was able to listen to music, I was (always, can’t stand but so much silence) and “It Will All Be Worth It” by Mary Mary came on and made everything better!

“It Will All Be Worth It” was featured on their last CD “The Sound” and after a while became one of my favorite songs on the CD. I won’t lie though, the first time I heard the song I got scared at the end.  In the vamp, quite a few legendary gospel powerhouse vocalists make cameo appearances at the end and they sound great. Let me explain, a lot of times when I get a new CD, I’ll put it in and let it play while I go about my normal activities and wait for it to jump out at me. Well, with “The Sound” I put the CD on before I went to sleep while I was doing some reading. I started to nod off, and this song came on while I was in and out of sleep.  Well, by the time the Mary’s got to the vamp, I jumped out of the bed because I thought some ghost had taken over my CD player as Andrae Crouch’s voice kind of popped in out of nowhere! You had to be there! I would try and see if you could pick out all the guest voices, but I’ll make it easy on you. Here’s what I heard, let me know if I’m missing anyone? Andrae Crouch, Daryl Coley, Tremaine Hawkins, Walter Hawkins, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Karen Clark-Sheard, and  Rance Allen.

But anyway, Mary Mary and crew do their good good singing and this song “got me together” today. Enjoy!


PLAY – It Will All Be Worth It by Mary Mary

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kqren41 Said on

ALL JOKES ASIDE, BUT erica and tina…whoever airbrushed this cover can do all my advertisements for me! i think they are gorgeous anyway, but c’mn, neither 1 of them has seen these sizes in years…dont get it twisted cuz they are still beautiful! oh yeah, i cant stand Juanita Bynum (i think she is a joke and sold her annointing to the highest bidder rather than shut her mouth and let God handle her PRIVATE business! just my opinion!

shankle50 Said on

What a blessing to have this CD to listen to. I have to say that tina and erica sing your soul into spiritual joy. Everytime I watch or here them the love and peace of God over shadow me. The songs take me to a place where only me and God abide. ‘ GOD IN ME’ what a powerful message to all who are worshipers of God. It tells me that the person I am is because of the christ that shines through. Continue to be a blessing to all with your music. Pastor Sherryl