Torrence’s Take On Sunday Best 3, Episode 10

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 8:14 pm.


Let’s just hit it!!!!

Israel Houghton opens the show with “Moving Forward.” It’s a song I believe he wrote (gotta check) originally but has been recorded by quite a few people, including choirs. It’s an incredibly powerful and popular song. My favorite version if I had to pick would be Ted Winn’s. I think Israel sounded great but something for him doesn’t connect with me (never has, *shrug*). He was good tonight though.  I wasn’t at this particular taping, but I’m told that the sincere moment of worship you saw tonight didn’t even compare to what happened live and in person. (I’m still trying to get uncut praise and worship breaks for you guys.) I must say, the background vocalists sound and purity of their worship (along with Israel’s, I’m not saying he wasn’t good!) was what did it for me once I watched it without distraction.  That’s all I’m going to say on that, but be deep if you want to since I know there’s a spot for y’all in glory too! (In the words of a local popular pastor in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY “Smile, give your face a break!”)

Durward Davis opened the competition portion of the show with Eric Clapton’s “If I Could Change The World.” I promise you, you can ask Jawn Murray (Tom Joyner Morning Show/AOL Blackvoices), Neily Dickerson (ND Co/Sunday Best 3 Talent/Casting Producer), or Melanie Clark ( Charlotte Radio Personality) or any other member of “The Collective” (more about that later) that for the last few years I’ve been begging for this song to be “gospelized” because I’ve ALWAYS felt it had “the oil” all over it. Whoosh! So glad I got to finally hear it, and to hear it from Durward Davis? Double *whoosh!* Durward kind of sings “perfectly” to me. There’s no perfect performance per se, but what I mean is that he always does just the right thing of just enough of those things. It’s never too much, never too little. He’s just so purposeful and thoughtful. I think the future of Durward Davis is so big and bright it’s ridiculous. He’s industry ready…ALREADY.

Leandria Johnson came next with “Heaven Help Us All” and I think she did a GREAT job! If I remember correctly, I believe Kim Burrell and Fred Hammond sang this on a BET Walk of Fame honoring Stevie Wonder a few a years ago. She may have stole the title “best heaven help us all cover” from them! Ha! The last few weeks, although Leandria always kills, I felt like she had this habit of walking onto the stage on 10, and it was getting to almost be too much. I felt like she “sang” a little bit more tonight instead of hitting us so hard straight out the gate. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you have to walk out squalling but every now and then you got to switch it up. Some folks can’t switch it, but Leandria can and DID! Loved it!

Elder Goldwire McLendon came behind Leandria singing Kirk Whalum and Jonathan Butler’s “Falling in Love with Jesus.” Now I’ll admit, it arguably doesn’t fit the first half of the format of the show which was supposed to be mainstream songs that have “gospel” appeal. One would probably say that that song was already a popular gospel song, but since it technically came out on a jazz CD in 2002, I guess it works. I don’t know. But anyhow Elder McLendon sang that thing! His phrasing and decision to use such contemporary runs sent me in. There’s just something about his vocal choices that make you glad you have the privilege to listen. A lot of people keep comparing him to your “average older man in church.” Sure, there are some typical elements there, but I think he definitely stands out more than the “old deacon” at your local assembly. But maybe I’ve never been to your church, so who knows…

To break up sets 1 and 2, Brian Courtney Wilson came with “All I Need” and showed what it meant to simply let your voice and the song speak for you. Brian doesn’t perform with a whole lot of hoopla  and “stuff” but that’s what kind of makes it special. It’s just good on its own without the extra. I’m a big fan as I’m sure you can tell and he did his good singing! Yessir!

For the second half of competition, the top 3 had to sing GOSPEL songs that had crossed over in the other direction.

First up, Durward Davis sang Smokie Norful’s first and still biggest hit “I Need You Now.” This song, combined with Durward’s voice was a recipe for a BEAUTIfUL DISASTER. I just wanted to curl up into a corner , have an usher throw a sheet over me and let me weep, moan, and have a bapticostolic FIT! It was just good good good!

Then, the producers really decided they weren’t going to play fair! Leandria returns with “I Love The Lord” by Richard Smallwood and also made popular by Whitney Houston. When she was done I had to remember that Whitney Houston had ever sung the thing and that’s when Whitney was, well Whitney! Just when I though there was no more *whoosh* after Durward, Leandria found the rest and took me up, over, under and through! I shouted right with her in my bedroom but I have wood floors and had new socks on so it got a little dangerous, so I stopped, but you get my point!

Elder Goldwire McLendon closed the show with “O Happy Day” and did good as he always does. This is definitely his type of song and I’m sure he’s sung it a million times, so this was easy for him. But it does not take away from the fact that he sang the mess out of him. Elder sings! I just got to keep giving it to him.

Ok, now the hard part. We’ve established that at this point in the competition, everybody’s good and someone we love and that is EXCELLENT will have to go home, so we won’t rehash that too much. And I hope this is taken how I mean it and not some other way. If it were up to me (and it’s not), as hard of a decision as these are to make, tonight should have or would have been Elder McLendon’s last night. I definitely think Durward deserved to move on based on tonight’s performances. It’s not a question of who’s the more viable artist like some people like to argue. I think with proper music, marketing and set up (like any other artist), Elder McLendon can have an awesome career, sell records and perform all over this world. Some of y’all said it’s unrealistic for him to be an artist because of his age and styles and that’s just not true. Period. So my decision to send him home would have had nothing to do with any of that. I just think that for this particular show and this specific night, Durward should have continued. He simply was better. Not going to throw the words “anointing” around anymore, because at this point, they ALL have it! He was one of the first contestants I pegged from the very first day of auditions that would make it into the show. I remember Kirk and the producers and I holding him and a few other Detroit auditioners back after they had already went before the judges just to make them sing for us over and over again.

But with that said, I still think Elder McLendon and Leandria have both earned their places in the top 2 and next week I believe they’ll both continue to sing their faces off to try and win your votes.  So we ALL need to dust ourselves off since we can’t change what’s already done and walk into the next episode with open ears and open minds and be ready to enjoy it and see what they’re going to bring. Base your votes off of who’s THERE, not who you want to be there. God doesn’t even change the past, so we sure can’t either!

That’s it. Tonight’s episode was a little hard on me, so I’m gonna stop here.

Love ya cuz Jesus said so and not necessarily cuz ya deserve it. (ha! That was so stank, lol.)


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KendallG Said on

@Chi-City EXCELLENT POST! I agree with you 100 times over, sadly the people you are talking too, already know what they are doing is wrong and unfortunitly will never change. You’d think they know that if Le’Andria was completely homeless and living in a car or a shelter, she would have stated that, but she didn’t she merely was asked a question and answered while still in an emotional state by saying she lost her home and while sitting in a livingroom she didnt have anywhere to go. I’m sure she made calls and found family & friends to help out. God’s Mercy works that way! While sitting in that livingroom she knew enough to call on the nerve of Jesus and instantly she went from thinking I have NOWHERE to go to someone coming through to help. LeAndria is 1 of 6 children in which she is the eldest. Who knows how many of her siblings are still at home? She may have thought she couldn’t take her and 3 babies back home. But to now try and ruin her testimony (mind you this is what God wants her to do, to tell somebody about his GOODNESS) by calling her a lie is the work of the devil! How many people on this board know her parents personally? They maybe judgemental too and told her she couldnt come back with 3 babies outta wedlock. There are so many possiblies, that’s why it’s not up to us to judge. But thank God the real judge loves us enough to forgive us for ALL of our sins.


@Truthteller sorry i had to respond again to ur negative comment u said (nothing about her are her voice says church )I really believe now u r a worldly jealous woman probably madly in love with Durward Davis LOL and if i was him a fan like you i would rather have kids vote for me than you.GET THE BEHIND LEANDRIA because the Anointing Detroys every yoke she’s in the will of GOD such a time as this.Your jealous and a angry woman im afraid to ask how old r u because u commented and sounded oops i wont say IF U KNOW NOW U KNOW WE ARE CHURC!!Leandria and even Durward may Save Souls set the Captive Free even u Truthteller regardless of ur evil foreboding heart(continous hate in your heart)if you didnt know. I Speak Peace over your Life……NOW TELL THAT TRUTHTELLER someone that dont even no u Spoke Peace into your LIFE GOD BLESS YOU

Aoyka Said on

@KendallG…If you have been watching Sunday Best every week it had been mentioned that she had lost her house and everything, before now. No ones trying to ruin her testimony and I don’t believe anyone called her a lie. I’m going by what she said, and it wasn’t when she was in an emotional state, because it’s been said before by the judges, so she starting putting that out there from the very beginning in the season, and there is nothing wrong with that. Now you say it’s not up to us to judge, but people do judge both christians and sinners, and you are in that number.


@Aoyka now 1 thing i must agree with u that we both have opinions, but please if u can help me understand @Aoyka is someones experience comes in as defining it as an opinion for u because i dont know if u know her r not but were u there too really know what this Woman went through regardless how u have facts on how it works but again @Aoyka were u there I know because if u watch sunday best episode 7 her song HE WAS THERE ALL THE TIME !! not you but GOD so from me too you let’s stop this u may have ur own testimony of your experiences as we all do so it would sound crazy for me to give an opinion r perspective of someones trail/tribulation that’s why its called TEST-TI-MONY( Test -That I- Magnify Overcoming Not You) LOL i got a sense of humor just made that up!! Aoyka can we jus continue too lift up our brothers and sisters can u do that Aoyka now GOD BLESS YOU stop hattn and start congratulatn LOL laughter is good for the soul Aoyka u got 1 of those my opinion i think u do….

Aoyka Said on

@Carolyn…You definitely got it all wrong, my dear. You are definitely taking the comments too seriously. Oops, that’s my opinion again. You have no idea who you are responding to. No, I wasn’t there, but I know many people who have gone through a lot more, including myself. I’m sure Elder Goldwire has a testimony too. His life is history, not a story to tell. That’s not to say that anyone should make light of someone’s elses trials and tribulations. Also, many people are loosing their homes right now. I’m sorry she had to be one of them. And as I’ve written before I’ve been watching Sunday Best since the very first season. And I’ve enjoyed watching Leandria. Yes, she is talented and gifted. I will continue to watch. May God bless you, and may God bless Leandria and her three children.

MISSY Said on

@AOKAYO Its good that you expressed a desire for G0D to bless Leandria,that is an opinion that is truly worth sharing, Peace to you.


@Aokayo ok let me say this i dont really care who im responding too its people like you in churches that cause hurting people not too fellowship now i really no in so many words your Elder Mccledon family member r a fan GOD BLESS the Elder but if he could testify oh he did about his experience B ET HOMEPAGE you didnt know that, um im done let me Ieave this with u @Aokayo which was spoken over Leandria life also may help you listen too the Judge Tina Campbell and Yolanda RESTORATION and that what she do is not fake and it not for the people but she’s REAL N SINCERE …episode 10 now that settles a thing GOD BLESS YOU (this is not of GOD too continue a dialog its JUST GOD IN THE MIDST OF LEANDRIA LIFE AND THE ANOINTING BELIEVE THAT KNOWN BY 80,000 WHO WATCH (you tube)AND (facebook)THEY LOVE THE GOD IN HER THAT REACHES THE WHOSOEVER ,WHEREVER COULD’NT BE NOBODY BUT GOD!!!!! ITS CALLED MNISTRY PEACE OUT

KendallG Said on

@Aoyka I had to think long and hard if i would even respond to you because like i said uptop, some people are set in there ways and even when they know something is wrong, they will still stay stuck in there ways just to say, i stuck to my guns. So this maybe pointless, however i did wanna say this. I too have watched Sunday Best since day one season one, although i’ve never blogged about it in the past, it’s just something about this season and Le’Andria that has bought me to this point. I merely stated that when you are in the mist of a situation, you may answer a question coming from an emotional standpoint. She probably didn’t know several months later she would be so heavily critiqued. She didn’t know what God had in store for her at the time of the audition when she was asked how she had gotten to Sunday Best. She merely stated, I lost my house,i didnt have anywhere to go (she prob thought while sitting in that livingroom “Dear Lord I don’t have anywhere to go”), i came with what i had hence the reason for the socks, the flip flop and the hair not styled. She came as she was and stepped out on faith that God would deliver her from her then situation. I really dont know what you said exactly, i read several post of several angry sounding people so i made a blanket statement…but you know how that goes..they say when you throw a rock into a pack of dogs..the one that barks is the one that you hit. so i guess i got you. Like you said if you can’t handle it then maybe blogging aint for you. I will say u are rite about having a right to your opinion, we all have one, it’s just some of us chose to put positivity into the universe. After all what you put out you will surely get back 10 fold. I appreciate the dialogue with you Be Blessed.

crystal Said on

Leave Leandria alone. I am quite sure that she has heard it all before.I am quite sure she has put the past behind her and is now moving forward with the new things God is doing in her life. I wish her the best and that she has a long and successful gospel music career. I was upset that at Leandria’s audition, the criticism of how she was dressed after losing everything she had. She came and gave God her best and it shows when she sings.

RAF Said on

Some of these comments are a hot mess. Folks talking about folks situation and not about their talent. You all will have your chance to vote and your opinion is not everyone elses opinion. Crabs in a barrel, folks can’t get ahead because other folks bringing them down. No, I don’t agree that Duward should have went home. In my opinion he and LeAndria was the best that evening. However, congrats to Elder and LeAndria. God has the final say, just enjoy the competition.

CHI-CITY Said on

Just in my own quest for more Le’Andria I had the pleasure of viewing several Youtube video’s of her ministering through song at church and i saw a clip of her in a “jam session” with her brothers after church on May 23 2010. She was AWESOME, very talented. Her ATL GA Midnight Musical performance was Awesome as well. I loved that testimony she gave while performing I NEED THEE. I did notice that in the Jam session Leandia was wearing the same exact outfit as she wore on her Sunday Best performance of IN THE MIST OF IT ALL…well over a month ago! I said that to say this..TO ALL YOU FOLKS THAT CHOSE TO NOT BELIEVE, QUESTION OR DISCREDIT HER TESTIMONY…Please be careful of how you speak against God’s choosen one! I have a healthy fear of GOD and i would advise you to do the same. LeAndria clearly didn’t have much, just as she said otherwise im sure she wouldn’t be capture repeating outfits within a month’s time. And to the poster who said that they had doubt about her being put out without notice…I work for the COOK COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT,SMALL CLAIMS DIVISION IN THE STATE OF IL…..and that was a VERY IGNORANT STATEMENT just yesterday i did administrative paperwork for 3 improper evictions. And that was a slow day. Just because it’s the law to give notice…you’d be surprised how many do not follow the law..some landlords will rather pay the fine and suffer the consequences just to GET YOU OFF THEY’RE PROPERTY! Property owners are feeling the economic hit too and rather than them allow you to stay in there homes rent free and possibly lose the property, they will much rather illegally evict you and get anotha tenant in so they don’t continue to fall behind..THIS IS FACT. and before you say it…BANKS DO IT TO! They don’t always follow the law either because they think you are too ignorant to know your rights…PLEASE QUIT THE LE’ANDRIA BASHING AND ENJOY THIS BLESSING FROM GOD!

ousrrearg Said on

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Jeanne Said on

Praise our God in Heaven Leandria. He is great and greatly tobe praise. God is the alpha & omega in your life and He holds your final destiny in this competition.God Bless You Leandria my sister in the Lord.

valerie Said on

Down to the finals tonight, cannot make a choice, hope that Sunday’s Best finds it in their hearts to make Elder and Leandria winners, I think that would be the Godly thing to do, even if the votes come in different, have two Sunday’s Best, I am sure God will say it is okay.

Lorraine Burnett Said on

Just As I am without one plea…but that thy blood was shed for me.
That is how I see Le Andrea Johnson, she came just as she was
and allowed the Lord to use her. The Bible says that he was wounded
for our transgressions and bruised by our inquites and by his stripes
we are already healed. Which means that we are forgiven because
he has promised to forgive us for all unrighteousness, that’s what
restoration is, realizing that we have sinned, and repenting for them.
We do not know Le Andrea’s story and even if we did we, none of
us are in a position to judge. We have all fallen short of the glory
of God. So none of us are tht perfect that we can have the right
to judge anyone. Further more none of this has anything to do with
the fact that the woman is talented or Sunday Best. They did not
ask for who was the most saved ( and there is no such thing) they
asked for Sunday Best and she is that indeed. It’s one thing to shout
after singing your song yourself, it’s totally another when you can
move a whole audience including the judge. That is the move of
the Holy Spirit and as Donnie said she has allowed and invited us
as viewers to see the Lord at work in her life. I am so sure that her
story and her testimonial was a blessing to many. It shows you how
God uses brokeness to open your heart to receive what he has for
you. LeAndrea is a blessing and she is Sunday’s Best and that is’
all that should matter on this board. Not her life, unless it serves
as a Blessing to you. To discuss her life in a negative way is just
not acceptable to me. I see her as a child of the King, of which there
are many and WE are ROYALTY! God Bless!

GMPSNG Said on

Tonite was awesome. I am amazed at the level of professionalism displayed by both contestants. I believe both of them are winners. I would suggest that the organizers of sunday best find a third place prize because the top three should get great prizes. All are sunday best as far as I am concerned.

Those of u in America who can vote go ahead and vote as many times as possible. Call the toll-free line and do ur thing.

Juanita Said on

As I stated earlier, (not sure why my comment isn’t posting) Elder is simply the best because of his unique and electrifying voice. The last thing BET needs at this time is to ghettorize this competion. Elder seems to be a very good and decent man deserving of such rewards.

ernestine newton Said on

it is what it is-ELDER GOLDWIRE MC CLENDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woodie Said on

“The last thing BET needs at this time is to ghettorize this competion.” Juanita, Juanita this is a dispicable and ungodly comment. ( Note: I did not say you are, just your comment) Is this the best you can do? Are you suggesting that should Le Andria win it is ghettorizing the competition. Are you saying she is a ‘ghetto gal’? How does God view her? Have you not read that God rebuked Peter for calling what He cleansed “common and unclean in reference to Cornelius? Is it not the same Peter who declared ” now I realise that God is no respector of persons? Did God not fill the Gentiles with the Same Holy Spirit that the Apostles received? Does LeAndria deserve the same consideration?Often the people we despise are the ones God choose to use. A case in point, God choosing David over his ” good and decent” brothers. “The Stone that the builder rejects is become the head Corner Stone.” It is a sad day in Christendom when mudslinging and name calling becomes the order of the day. People, in The Name Of Jesus stop this bashing right now, enough!! Let your conversation be seasoned with salt, that it may add Grace to the hearers. Be thou an example to the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in faith and in purity( Paul’s admonition to Timothy and one of my favourite verses). God bless and Love to all.

ipmkyqdpwj Said on

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