Torrence’s Take On Sunday Best 3, Episode 11

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 8:07 pm.


It’s the next to last episode of Sunday Best 3 and y’all know I’m feeling some kind of way, right? You always know the show wwill eventually end but it doesn’t make it any less bittersweet (I’ve been using that word a lot lately, Jesus be a thesaurus all around me every day.) What am I going to do on Sunday nights? How am I going to get my fix? Ahhhhhhhhh! But let’s get to the show.

Ledisi opened the show singing her latest hit “Higher Than This.” Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned her on this blog before, but anybody who knows me knows that she is one of my all time favorite singers past and present. Tonight she showed us why. Now although Ledisi is a soul singer by trade, there’s no denying her gospel roots and her ability to take you to church EVERYTIME. (Exhibit A: Her duet of “How Great Thou Art” with Kelly Price at this year’s Celebration Of Gospel.) What I loved about her performance tonight was the way she goes to church but keeps it “Ledisi” all at the same time. She’ll squall one second than scat or make Deejay scratch sounds in the next breath. She’s just amazing like that! LOVED IT!!!!!

Elder Goldwire McLendon opened up the competition portion of the show with an old hymn of the church, “I Know It Was the Blood.” Elder McLendon did a great job but what else is new? Doesn’t he always?  I just love the way he works a song. His adlibs are so HIM and he puts them in just the right places. And although I HATE this word, the man has swag!

Leandria Johnson was next with a rendition of Fred Hammond’s “Running Back To You” and I almost lost it. It’s one of those songs that you can’t “hide” in. What I mean by that is, it’s a real singer’s song and if you can’t really sing, you will totally screw it up! Leandria’s execution was almost perfect. She really sang the song without doing too much or too little. She started the song smooth and in control and by the end she had taken about 3 or 4 vocal turns that were all just right. You never know where she’s going to go with a song or what other “voice” she has hiding in her throat. *Whoosh*

Next up, gospel LEGEND Vanessa Bell-Armstrong broke up the show with her single “Good News” and then had the nerve to transition into her CLASSIC “Peace, Be Still.” Really, what can I even say about it. Vanessa Bell-Armstrong is just that singer! She kills without even trying EVERYTIME. And the thing about Vanessa is that she’s truly one of the last “original” voices. There are a lot of people that can sing but very few these days whom you know exactly who they are the minute they open their mouths.

Elder McLendon returned with a version of “Jesus Be A Fence” that I would have never expected. The arrangement was rather youthful and had a lot going on in the music but he worked it out. Most people might have been intimidated and overshadowed by the arrangement and music but not Elder!!!

Leandria returned with Myron Butler and Levi’s “Set Me Free.” I have nothing to say except SING LEANDRIA! Kd;ajikdpiaua;jdka;j  dkj;kl;audip4qhuincka aidpauikda;njkda;jdajlkk daioakj Yeah, she did that thing all I could do was just move my fingers.

To close the show, Leandria and Elder McLendon closed the show with a duet, “I’ll Take You There.” Truthfully I didn’t think they’d sound so good singing together even though they’re both excellent. They’re just that different, but I really enjoyed it! They complimented each other well and didn’t try to outsing the other. (And you know that can happen when you put 2 gospel singers together. Ha!)

Well anyway, we’re down to the final 2 contestants and you guys FINALLY get to make your voices heard. You, me and everybody else have had something to say all season, but until now what we thought/felt didn’t count but now it does.  So now it’s your turn to VOTE for who you think should be named season 3’s SUNDAY BEST! Give me a few seconds while I rant….

GET OVER who you wanted to be there, they ain’t there! The final 2 will not change, they are who they are. If you want to be a part of the decision making process, just get over it and vote!

Vote for your favorite contestant, not based on the music industry executive you are in your head. Both singers have bright futures ahead of them and can and will be great assets to our industry.

Vote, vote, vote.

And Vote….

Oh yeah, VOTE.

Don’t think one person has it all locked up because this could easily be very close. So VOTE!


Vote and VOTE!

There are 3 ways to vote. You can vote on the web, call the toll free numbers or send texts. Go to for all the voting methods and use all of them if you can. Whoever is the next Sunday Best is not up to Donnie McClurkin, Tina Campbell or Yolanda Adams. It’s up to you, LITERALLY. Vote, Vote, Vote, vote!

Ok, I’m done.  Vote. Vote.

And oh yeah, don’t ask me who I’m voting for because I’m not, I can’t. It wouldn’t be right, but you should. And don’t ask me who I want you to vote for. Actually, if you ask me that question, my answer will be “Vote for your favorite contestant.” And that’s my honest answer.

Ok, I’m done for real. VOTE!



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Cherokee Said on

This is a trend, BET apparently has issues. Same old thing, different Sunday. Obviously, the average male can’t out sing or out scream a female. I guess that’s all you need to be is a single mother with a few kids, be able to sing a little or scream and you’ll get that sympathy vote, which equals Sunday Best. Are you kidding me?. This is extremely disappointing and pathetic to say the least. What message does this send to our males? Why would they even try out?, and where is the standard? I’m not running out buying nothing that basically sounds the same as what I’ve already heard before, but a different female screaming voice. No more Sunday Best for me and my family.

bhuweb Said on

The thought that comes to mind when I consider every exciting episode is heart and spirit.

All of the performers showed real passion for the gift of music ministry and they are all to be commended for keeping their tenacity and long suffering through this past decade of unfortunate events.

As America and the world watches, God delivers on His promises and we are all inspired to watch, fast and pray.

For Mrs. LeAndria, what can I say? So much can be said but truly, it is not what is said but what is felt. You allowed the Lord to use you and all I can say is AMEN, AMEN.

Congratulations LeAndria we all applaude you and we will continue to pray for you direction through Christ.

signed. &

Virtuous.Diva Said on

The comments in this blog are very disheartening. Regardless, of who your personal preference was there is a clear misunderstanding of the rules. The rules are that the PUBLIC decides who wins. BOTH contestants displayed the grace, anointing and love of God through their lives. Whether we choose to admit, the competition “Sunday’s Best” is a TRUE representation of what goes on in every church of ANY size, location, or culture. There are more WOMEN than MEN so it is only natural that more women relate to a woman. As Christians, we should meditate on the love and Word of God that always causes ALL of us to TRIUMPH through CHRIST JESUS!!




meechie Said on

i am so happy about leandria.. don’t get me wrong.. goldwire takes you back to the old southern churches.. but if comes down to talent.. leandria had it from jump. there are millions of people singing in churches who sound like elder.. including my grandfather..and about the sympathy votes? i’m sure goldwire had hundreds of sympathy votes cause of his age.. but leandria is something special..even if you don’t go to church.. listening to her .. you will something so special in HIS annointance.. i had tears everytime she had the @@%.. bless you.. you are really.. SUNDAY’S BEST!!

Deja Said on

It is apparent after tonight’s show that this is not about God or Sunday Best. BET is using the name Sunday Best to get viewers, because they know church going folks will watch the show. Shame on you. BET after tonight, I predict you will loose a lot of viewers, so you better make as much money as you can off the female singers/screamers you have already chosen.

meechie Said on

idk what happened with the word… but i said.. “microphone” lol

Torrence Said on

ummm, ok michael. whatever you say. ha!

Saxplayer Said on

I am pleased with tonights results. My final two would have been Leandria and Duward. I liked Elder McClendon but its like with any other gospel artist there style of gospel has to speeak to me. now there is no doubt that the Elder has walked with God a long time and can provide a lot of wisdom however the youth are a tough to get to and usually respond better to someone that looks more like them. Now I would like to think that the winner was picked by the people that voted and not from the judges because I believe that they would have picked the Elder.

Pookie Said on

I love both of them.Goldwire,my, my,my,my 79yrs old see what God can do.Who would of though a 79yr old man would been on sunday.That just let u how God works!!!!!It was his season.U never know when it is your season just stay in the word,do is will,be obedience,and have faith.they need to make a dvd out this sunday best,cause everybody was good.What happen to durward?

stella Said on


Brandy Said on

I commend Sunday Best for this season. This season welcomed in the LORD, JESUS CHRIST. It was annointed…I think partly because of Donnie McClurkin and the other judges recognizing and welcoming the ’spirt’. Unfornutately, there can be only one winner. LeAndria – GOD BLESS YOU. May you grow and go even further into Glory of God. Elder – GOD BLESS YOU. – May you know your purpose on this show can’t be confined to a contract. YOU ARE SO BLESS!! This a mere drop in the bucket of all the blessings God has and will bestow upon you.

Last season, the contestants were good and could “sang” but the annointed was indeed felt this season.

For those bloggers that are disappointed…know that for the contestant you wanted to win – what God has begun…he is faithful to complete. Ultimately, God is in control and HE WILL GET THE GLORY!!

David Said on

Sunday Best would have never been what it was this season, without Elder Goldwire. God Bless Elder Goldwire.

Cat Said on

Congratulations to them both they were the last two standing and both winners one just got a car.

Rodney Gholston Said on

This is a total disgrace! Elder Goldwire McLendon was clearly the better of the two. I guess if you scream like you’re insane you are Sunday’s Best. This is the third year in a row where the wrong person was picked and it is getting on my nerves. This is a very very bad decision!!!

Cherokee Said on

@Rodney….A disgrace and a shame. Real, true authentic gospel music has gone down the tubes, and it’s not coming back. It’s a travesty. We are living in terrible times and that’s all people see is green.

Lee Said on

Wow, it is over. I really enjoyed both of the final two contestants as people that we can admire and relate to. Yes, as gospel artists, both have things that could be critiqued, whether it be line memorization, vocal weaknesses. When the competition started, I did really think that her voice was strong enough to go the distance. But week after week, she became stronger and Elder continued to minister and preach. I was so moved by passion for the Lord and the fact that he was so seasoned. Yes, while they may pale in comparison to some of the current artists that we love to hear, they were real people who we all can relate to and we felt the Lord touch both of them and NoThing can stop them now. I wished both could have won. I pray that LeAndria will go to the place in God where he will make her complete so that she can be placed in the divine will of God, no matter what she has to do or give up to get there. I encourage her not to crossover into the secular world, but to give her gift totally to the Lord. And if she does that, she will continue to have a major role in the kingdom. I pray for Elder Goldwire McClendon’s strength and that he will be encouraged and the continual favor of God keep him as he has inspired the young and the mature and is a testimony to the power of God if you live right. My family is ready to purchase both of their cd’s.

Karen C Said on

This season of Sunday’s Best was awesome and pure church. I could not wait to see what word was going to come forth through, the contestants and judges each week. It was GOD’s anointing flowing through his people. I had my favorite and you had your favorite. Who we liked was not really based on their talent at all, it was moreso based on where we are spiritually right now and our testimony and the things we have been through. It doesn’t matter who won the title. According to Rom 8:28 “All things work together for the good of those who love God & are called according to his purpose.” You can not tell me this season did not serve it’s full purpose. I know some souls had to have been saved, hearts touched, lives changed & people set free because God’s message come forth through both Leandris Johnson and Elder Goldwire McLendon. I just thank God for the opportunity to have witnessed it for myself. The moving of the holy spirit on national television in 2010, who would have ever thought. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Wayne Said on

Everyone keeps saying this was the best Sunday Best season of all times- and because of the annointing and God having his way- well who do you think bought that to Sunday Best Season 3- Elder Goldwire Mclendon!

He helped usher the Holy Spirit into national TV- he definitely should have won Sunday Best. Leandria had her moments but trust me- she danced after Yolanda said to let her dance- she was not dancing then and was praising the Lord trying to create an atmosphere like Elder Goldwire. You could tell it was not the same.

We had a convention last month and every night we had a Leandria singing- you can’t tell the difference.

Those that gave her sympathy votes due to her “situation” should feel very used and foolish ..In an interview at the end of the competition she said that the house did not belong to her..she had rented it,and the owner went into foreclosure..

Huge difference!

Aoyka Said on

@Wayne…thank you for speaking the truth. Apparently, and especially the younger folks who are following her don’t want to know, hear or care about the truth. There are always excuses, misleading statements, manipulations and drama. IMO, it was all staged from the very beginning and Sunday Best is a joke. What a shame.