Quickie: Fred Hammond Launches fHammond Family Entertainment

Published by Torrence Glenn on Friday, July 9, 2010 at 3:30 pm.

Well it’s the end of an era. Well sort of. Fred Hammond, one of gospel’s most influential songwriters/producers/artists launches his few label fHammond Family Entertainment on Universal Christian Music Group (UCMG) with a  new project “Life In The Word” set to be in stores soon. Soon as in July 27th soon!!!

****Please make sure to read the correction after the highlighted paragraph and to get an understanding of why it’s written the way it is.****

Yes, you can stop shaking your head. You got it right.

Fred Hammond’s almost 15 year or so relationship with Verity Records is over. But that’s not the real story here, just thought I’d point it out because if you follow gospel music beyond simply the music you realize how long it’s been.  From Radical For Christ to the Commissioned Reunion and re-releases, Fred and Verity have been going pretty strong. It’s especially strange following the recent success of his “Love Unstoppable” CD’ that I still believe was one of the better CD’s of 2009.

CORRECTION: I got a call from a representative from fHammond Family Entertainment who politely let me know that they made no mention of Fred Hammond leaving Verity Records in the press release they sent me and this is true. Fred leaving Verity Records was a conclusion I came to on my own based on the time of the information detailing the launch of his new label and some statements he made via his official twitter page. See below:

As an Artist I’ve been with Verity since the mid 90’s and while other artist may complain I’ve learned that it’s been a blessing,

So my goal is to always see the positive. But I’m also setting up my children to have something when.. Well you know.

Plus I believe there’s new talented writers singers, producers, who should be heard. But I’m not interested in performers or Artist.

Just called chosen vessels who are yelled ready to work.

So technically, although at first reading the tweets, his statements may have seemed like a thinly veiled “goodbye speech” of sorts, I realize I might have made a mistake and been a bit presumptuous to declare so boldly that he had left Verity Records, when he nor his reps actually said that. That’s my fault and mistake, and I own it and apologize if Fred Hammond as an artist is still signed to Verity and I misrepresented that. However, I will be paying very close attention to this to see how it all plays out because although Fred and his reps clearly never said that he left Verity Records, they also haven’t said explicitly that he’s still an artist there either. There may be more to this but I wouldn’t want to read any more into this than I already have and create even more “confusion.”So until something concrete comes I’m letting it go! Ha!  So raise your communion cups and let’s toast my first “retraction.” I’ll keep my eyes and ears open in the meantime.

****Back to your regularly scheduled blog post.****

But on to the new project. “Life In The Word” doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a typical Fred Hammond project but more of a launch pad to feature his newly signed artists (Michael Bethany, Erick Warren), and some “spoken word.” I haven’t heard it yet so can’t tell you much more than that, but believe that we’ll be taking a listen real soon! I also hear Men of Standard’s Lowell Pye makes an appearance on the CD as well.

Well, congratulations to Fred for stepping out and doing his own thing. It seems to be a trend in gospel that I’m glad to see. So many artists like Fred, Karen Clark-Sheard, etc. have been in the game a REALLY LONG time without much ownership of their recording career so it’s good to see them get that power and also use it push newer artists. Because let’s be serious, it’s pretty hard for new artists to break into this thing without the co-sign of a veteran.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for Fred and fHammond Family Entertainment.


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Cliff Holmes Said on

I love Fred, but we’ve been down this road before. Why is this different than fHammond Music? Remember The Singletons, Shea Norman, the Fred Hammond Presents (In Case You Missed It) album?

I just hope this becomes a real music “camp” and not just one album. I’m sure there will also be a BreAnn Hammond (his daughter) album in the future too.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens

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CyCy Wright Said on

Love your music Minister Hammond………………..”WILL YOU MARRY ME”

Regina Said on

Walter Hawkins touch so many lives for the past three decades. He will be missed here on earth. But, he deserves to receive his reward. He brought many a soul to Christ through his music. He is now in the arms of Jesus.

Minister Hammond, MUCH SUCCESS on your up- coming project. I really don’t understand what the big deal is regarding who records your music. As long as it reaches the ones who need to hear the messages you deliver. I attended the 2010 Gospel Fest in Chicago. You gave a profound testimony that touched my heart and given me renewed hope. You were used on that day by God Almighty Himself. I will never forget that day, or you for saying what you said. I also saw you this morning on T.V. with Bro. CoCo , while I was getting ready for church. The end of your search is closer than you can ever imagin. God has heard your heart, and He will answer soon. Just continue to be obedient.

Angela Pogue Said on

today was the first day in a long this that i missed church i turn the tv to bet to listen to some gospel music and their u were you got me i needed to here what u said because i was going thru the same thing now i am like the eagle standing along as well i am waiting for your love cd to come out .

Leticia Said on

Thank God for you Fred. Man You are one of the reason why I sing.

CoCo Said on

lol at the posts that are “hitting on” Fred! Too funny….unless, of course you guys are serious, in which case , it would be kinda sad.

Anyhoo, “Life in the Word” is not a new CD, but I’m glad to know it will be widely available soon. I think he began selling it “independently” a couple of years ago. I LOVE the song, “You Are My Dwelling Place” and have tried (unsuccessfully) several times to purchase the CD from his “representatives” (for lack of a better word), but I never heard back from them. They might be friends of his, but they definitely caused him to lose money by not responding to inquiries to purchase the CD, which is really quite sad. Looking forward to finally being able to purchase it.