EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO: “His Blood Still Works” – Vashawn Mitchell featuring Lisa Page-Brooks

Published by Torrence Glenn on Monday, August 9, 2010 at 6:39 pm.

Only one more day before Vashawn Mitchell’s ridiculously anticipated (in a good way) new CD “Triumphant” drops. You’d have to be living under a brick to not have heard or seen the video for his latest worship hit “Nobody Greater!” I remember being at the recording and predicting with all power that this song would be a game changer and sung in all our churches and from what  I hear and see, it’s coming to pass. (Churchy!) Well, without giving my full review before tomorrow (and of course you’ll also be able to listen to it), I have to tell you, it’s REALLY GOOD!

But aside from “Nobody Greater,” you might remember that I went in and raved about another song at the recording called “His Blood Still Works” that featured the ONE and ONLY alto Lisa Page-Brooks on lead. Well, I was able to pull some strings and bring you the world premiere of the performance video for this AMAZING TRACK! Vashawn’s writing and Lisa’s absolute oily demolition of the lead vocal will have you in full fledged *whoosh* instantly!  As a matter of fact, I’m not going to keep talking, I need you to watch. And I’m telling you right now before you start laughing and asking…that is me acting a churchy fool at around the 4:20 mark and I’m not ashamed! Ha!

Ladies & Gentlemen here and nowhere else, the  video for Vashawn Mitchell’s “His Blood Still Works.” *passes you a white sheet*

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Tee Said on

Lisa Page Brooks has been the industry best kept secret for years… those who follow gospel know her as the lead singer from the group Witness these ladies were trailblazer in contemporary gospel music from a female point of view.. (they were the female commissioned) before Trintee, Mary , Virtue it was Witness they were high popular and are grammy nominees and stellar an dove award winners… It took 20 plus years for Lisa to get her her props and it way over due… her single “Thank You” is #2 in the country and it poised to take the #1 spot from Marvin Sapp! Sorry for the long post but I thought it was imperative you know she’s not new to this at all and that those who know her love her ministry!

Larry W. Robinson Said on

OMG – This song is a HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa Page Brooks is SOOOOOOOOOOOO anointed!! My God Today!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire project is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Said on

This song (Lawd) Lord Have mercy!!! I know his blood works and covers me everyday. I can never make it through cause I know that I know if it had not been for the Lord and the shedding of his blood. GLORY TO GOD!!!. My Bro Vashawn you are one of the voices for now!!! Continue to move with and only through him. I love the ministry and the CD is amazing. Lisa Page Brooks your anointing is incredible.

Larry Hampton Said on

Vashawn…Lord, have mercy! I am so excited for YOU! I celebrate with you today…this project is SO HOT! Lord, the anointing…the power…the GLORY of God is presents. I keep hearing reconciliation. This project is going to gather the saints and the unbelievers! I thank God for you man!

Paulette Hanna Said on

I thought Nobody Greater was awesomem, but it’s just something about the blood. Congraulations!!!! Yes the blood still works!

blakcncr Said on

I think i felt my help movin…literally.

Ngai Malik Said on

I felt that 1, just what I needed to hear in my moment of weakness!!!

DeWayne Hodges Said on

This is what you call ministering through song. Anyone with the holy ghost felt this and if you don’t have the holy ghost, you know what it feels like after listening to this! Lisa Page Brooks was made for this song and I bless God for Vashawn allowing her to do this song the way it needed to be done!

Carmika Said on

Lisa Page-Brooks is indeed a secret weapon and has been one of Gospels best kept secrets….She blesses me EVERYTIME she sings anything. One of the best in the game!!! Sing mam’!

Linda Crawford Wesley Said on

I was fortunate enough to pick up VaShawn’s cd @GMWA in cincy a couple weeks ago. I have not been able to stop playing it!! Thank you VaShawn for following the move of God to select Lisa Page-Brooks to minister the song “the blood never lose it’s power”!!! And if that isn’t enough, her cd project “strong” is a wonderful compliment to this! If you don’t have it, you need to invest in that cd as well!

Gregory Grant Vaugh Said on

It’s Good To Know The Blood Still Works. OMG. HI YA

David Said on

Sister Lisa sings this here,,,,I ran around my office with my hands lifted in praise!!!!! Thank GOD the Blood STILL works!!!!

Renee' Said on

Love Love Love Lisa Paige Brooks. She is one of the most overlooked females in the gospel industry. I have loved her since the group Witness. Yes indeed the BLOOD STILL WORKS!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Said on

I’m Full! Somebody Shout POWA”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GQLee Said on

Lisa Page Brooks is THE ALTO of Gospel. Her range is awesome, her vocals are unmatched, and she does it as ONLY she can! She’s been around for over 2 decades. This woman of God is anointed and the oil is on her!

Just Pretty Said on

Jesus! Jesus! that’s pretty much all you can say. Jesus! Jesus! AMEN


I was in Love with the song No boy Greater to teach my church choir. Uh oh I think I have found a new love in “His Blood Still Works”…..Yes Sir… Bishop VaShawn Mitchell ….lol can you please come to Phoenix, Arizona, with you blessed Group..Love yall and be contiously Blessed!
your sister in Christ

reginald Said on

he can wrk it out

Kay C Said on

I like it a lot…the Blood Still Works.

Apostle SBBarber Said on

@Tee (Aug 9th). All I can say is dito. Your comment was on time reminding industry of the legendary gospel psalmist WITNESS”. Now, Thank you “His Blood Still Works” – Vashawn Mitchell featuring Lisa Page-Brooks…Must air on GRACEMediaNetwork.com Music Channel and GMNLive.com Radio on the Internet asap. please add us to you promotional list: email: gracemediaservices@yahoo.com. Want to telephone interview Vashawn Mitchell asap 763.221.6894. Grace & peace. attn: Ms. Kimberely or ‘Reggie Reg.