Had To Share: “The One”- Shea Norman

Published by Torrence Glenn on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 4:03 pm.

Ok, so I’m EXTRA excited because I don’t know if you paid attention to when I first began my “Thank God It Played” series, the very first post featured Shea Norman; a gospel artist I thought was severely underrated who didn’t get his due. I still play his debut CD “My Heart Belongs To You” constantly to this day. His voice and “way” with a song are rather impeccable and I just don’t understand why he never took off.

Actually I do understand why it didn’t happen for him the way it could have and should have.The timing was just a little off. See, the problem sometimes in the music industry in general (not just gospel) is that as consumers, many times we have short musical attention spans and can’t multi-task. Shea Norman’s debut CD was released  in September of 2004 but guess whose CD was released in June of 2002 and by September of 2004 was still at the top of the gospel music food chain? Smokie Norful. Both artists were smooth and intricate run filled balladeers who played piano.  Although there are many similarities between the two, they’re quite different in many regards too but it’s usually a hard sell when two artists have so many similarities for both to come out on top. It’s just an unfortunate truth that we have to acknowledge.  Think about it, The Anointed Pace Sisters (although just as phenomenal in their own right!) have always sat in the shadow of The Clark Sisters, Pam & Dodi were immediately compared to Mary Mary when they came out and didn’t quite hit, etc. etc. etc.

Well, it’s 2010 and may just maybe this is the moment he and I have been waiting for. He’s got another shot and I’m glad about it! Just yesterday I received his new single “The One” and I was excited! Truthfully, I was just excited to hear ANYTHING from Shea Norman after all these years but was especially excited when I listened and realized he was taking a totally different approach this time around if this new track is any indication. Normally very gospel/hymn ballad driven with a bunch of jazz touches, this time around Shea seemed to be taking his gospel style in a more adult contemporary/smooth r&b vibe and singing about love and I love it! Makes me wanna go out and marry the first woman I see so we can play this at the wedding. Ha!

Listen to “The One” and tell me what you think?


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