TGIP: “Make Me Real” – Dorinda Clark-Cole (@sistabamm)

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 6:24 pm.

Sup folks! It’s almost Friday!!!! Yay, yay, yay! Ok, had to just get that out. Ha!

It’s been a rough week, not necessarily in a “bad” way but just busy, intense and FULL. I’ll be traveling this weekend and still “working” but I’ll be among friends and it’s still the weekend! Anyway, today’s “Thank God It Played” really “got me together” more than usual. I’m gonna say it again, my iPostle (my iPod) really is anointed. It tarried, got baptized or something because it knows just what to play and when ALL the time!

Well today’s track was right on time for me and hopefully some of you too. (A bunch of you have let me know that they usually are so I’m glad about it.) “Make Me Real” was a sleeper track on Dorinda Clark-Cole’s last Verity Records release “Take It Back.” (She recently signed to Light Records, remember?) Not at all sure how this song never made it to radio but hey, I dont’ work there. :-)   Dorinda is one of the most consistent and prolific vocalists in gospel but in my opinion, this is one of her most dynamic CD performances EVER.  You get to really HEAR her voice on it. The choir backing her up is SANG-TANG-A-LANGING and the message of the song is one that has just been timely for me in conversations I’ve been having with friends lately.  “Lord, make me real.”

I’ll tell you a little story… I went to a service recently at the urging of a friend and colleague and I was really tired. Not in the mood to be in any service whatsoever (just being honest.) So, we went to the service and then we ate and came home. Here’s the problem, that’s literally all I remember! I don’t remember who preached, who was there, who sang or what the message was about. But apparently I stood in all the right spots, sang along with choir and praise team at parts, gave the preacher an amen here and there, even waved my hands. I was on AUTO-PILOT. I do “church” so good I did it without even paying attention. After I finished laughing at myself I felt this wave of slight disappointment come over me. I realized that this has happened more times than just that once. (Please don’t judge me folks, I’m begging you! Oh well, go head if you wanna. I’m grown.) But anyway, I realized after talking to a few people that this was happening to each of us at different times. And we all came to the conclusion that we didn’t want to get to a point where we “missed God.” (How’s that for churchy!) But it was time to focus and be REAL. Even if being real was admitting “that church is as boring as rice cakes, let’s just not go” or “I’m in no position to minister today because I got a stank attitude.” But whatever it is, I want to be REAL and not just play with it, ya know? Ok, I’m rambling but you get my point. So “Make Me Real” really got me together today because phony is as ineffective to the gospel as it gets and who wants that? NOT ME!

So listen to Dorinda Clark-Cole’s “Make Me Real” and tell me what you think. And you know the rule, if you like it, BUY IT! And for your convenience, here’s a link to it on iTunes.


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