2010 – Yes, No, Maybe? (Part 2)

Published by Torrence Glenn on Thursday, December 30, 2010 at 12:52 am.

Not a whole lot of intro for this one, you can get that in Part 1.. Let’s get to it!


Vashawn MitchellTriumphant - I’m not even going to go here at the risk of sounding biased because I’ve said so many good things about this CD so many times, so I’ll just say YAY! It was just one of the best CD’s of the year, just was… *shrug and quicken*

Y’Anna CrawleyThe Promise – One of the most anticipated CD’s of 2010 was the debut of Sunday Best 2 Winner Y’Anna Crawley. Y’Anna delivered a CD that was a bit unexpected but good nonetheless. What I appreciated most about it was the clever lyricism and edge she showed. It’s as if Y’Anna said “yeah, I’m a church girl and can squall with the best of em, but i’m not 90 years old so I’m going to have a little fun.” “The Promise” did do one thing to me though, makes me want the next CD pronto. I’m ready for round 2 already!

Beverly Crawford - Live In Los Angeles 2 – I’m a big Beverly Crawford fan. I find her overwhelmingly consistent and she just sings me under. This CD didn’t disappoint at all and as I’ve said about other projects, if you like your gospel churchy, then this is for you! This CD also falls into the “yes” category because it was released while I was going through an unusually rough patch and it really helped get me through without losing the little bit of mind I had left…Yeah, this CD wins!

Jonathan Nelson & Purpose – Better Days – Expectttttttttttttttttttt The GREAT, Bless-ing… NOW!!!!!! *oops sorry, was singing* Jonathan Nelson has to walk a fine and difficult line with his fans because they can be “split.”  Us choir heads want to hear Purpose lean back and wail big choir songs. But many of his fans love his more worship oriented tunes so he has to try and figure out how to make a CD that we’ll all love and not alienate the other group. He did that. I will admit that at one point he did string too many slow songs together in a medley but It wasn’t a bad thing, just a little too slow for ME, but that wasn’t enough to take away from anything, so this CD wins!

Brian Courtney WilsonJust Love (Deluxe Edition) – You can go through my blog over the last year and a half to get my thoughts on this one. Just great! The man knows his voice.

The Soul Seekers - II - Quartet music we can all enjoy! Yeah! No, seriously. For most of us under the age of 45, quartet music can be an acquired taste or at the very least music we have to be in the mood for. The Soul Seekers have a way of hitting you with some straight up authentic quartet music but at the same time not allowing it to drain you. (Do not front, it can be  draining!!!) We’d been waiting for a good while for this CD to be released but it was worth it because they took what they did on their debut CD to the next level. It’s pretty amazing how they manage to make it work because sometimes when you pull all the best musicians and singers and try to make them do something together it actually become a talented train wreck of sorts. They make it work!


Benita Washington - The Word Remains – Ok, this kind of frustrates because I think Benita Washing is severely underrated. Her voice is amazing, she can sing with the best of ‘em and has the nerve to be anointed on top of that! And I’m thinking maybe that was the problem and reason I just didn’t really enjoy this CD. Sometimes an artist will be so good, they and their teams maybe think it won’t take much to make a good CD. the songs just don’t do her justice and at times a few are really “thin.” As a singer/artist I think Benita is GREAT, but “The Word Remains” just didn’t win for me.

Fred Hammond Presents - Life In The Word – I just didn’t get it… Can’t put my finger on it because in theory the ingredients were there. Fred Hammond is a great singer/songwriter/producer and a few of the singer’s featured are pretty good, especially Michal Bethany but ummmm yeah, I feel kinda stupid on this one because I feel like you should be able to explain yourself, especially when you don’t care for something but I just can’t, so I’ll stop… Perhaps I should move it to the “maybe” column and listen some more? Eh, I don’t know. Going to walk away from it for now, maybe there’s a retraction in the future. Stay tuned…

Shekinah Glory MinistryRefreshed By Fire – “Praise Is What I Do” is pretty much where I left off with this choir/team (not sure what to call them.) But I always give them a shot and listen with an open mind…. Still just don’t get it… Overall it’s just a lot of really simple call and response and chants that just kind of bore me. I walked away from the CD thinking “you must have had to be there.” (And sometimes, that’s what it takes…)


Israel HoughtonLove God, Love People – I’ll admit, this CD almost went into the “no” pile and then I realized I was putting there just on the strength that I hadn’t liked most of his other CD’s and didn’t really give this one a chance. Not fair at all.  But then I went to the taping of Celebration Of Gospel ‘11 and heard the song “Mercies” with Kirk Franklin and said if anything, that CD is going to have to get a good listen just for this song. So, I pulled it out and I will listen to it at some point. Give me some time. :-)

Joe Pace - Praise For The Sanctuary – You know the drill, I’m gonna listen to it. (Can you tell my fingers are getting tired? Ha!)

Tye TribbettFresh - The jury is still out on this one…. We were all a little curious and concerned as to what a Tye Tribbett cd with no dance crew behind him would sound like and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t what I expected. (I thought it was going to be one of those obnoxious “you’re gonna take this new weird music and like it” kind of CD’s.) I can honestly say the songs I like, I really really like, but the ones I don’t, I really really don’t. So that’s how “Fresh” fell into the maybe bucket. But I think it’s more important to focus on what I liked so if you’re still not sold on this CD, check out “Good,” “Eulogy,” “Take Over,” “Keep Me,”…. “Keep Me”…. “Keep Me”…. “Keep Me….” “KEEP ME!!!!,” and “Your Blood.”

B.  Chase Williams feat. Shabach – Released – Same ole tired song and dance, I still need to get a good listen. (I promise to better next year, i mean that thing!) But I was a huge fan of B. Chase’s choir work and wore ALL his previous albums out so I’m sure I’ll love this one.

Well, that’s it this year for 2010 – Yes, NO, Maybe? Do you agree? Was I too harsh? Too soft? Tell me what you think or anything I missed. I’ll discuss in the comments with you! But either way, make sure you go out and buy the CD’s you like. Whether you agree with me or not gospel music needs your support so even if I don’t like it, you just may and there’s not a thing wrong with that. Do you! Ha!


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