Torrence’s Take On Bishop Noel Jones and LisaRaye

Published by Torrence Glenn on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 10:58 pm.

Noel-Jones1Today (Monday, November 21) the internet went crazy (and understandably so) with news of a rumor that the Bishop Noel Jones (Pastor of LA’s megachurch City Of Refuge) was engaged to lisarayeactress and reality TV star LisaRaye. I’ll admit I was equally drawn to the story and even more surprised but not for the reasons you may think. First, let’s get this out of the way. I spoke to sources close to the situation and yes they are dating. But no, they are NOT ENGAGED at this time.  Now that would or should be the end of this post right? Well no… Blogs and websites (gospel and mainstream) have already covered the rumor of engagement part, no need for that from me. So like always, I want to tackle this thing with a little “perspective.” Ready?

So aside from the initial shock of “Bishop Noel Jones is marrying ‘Diamond’ from The Player’s Club,” (Own it, that was the first thought that came to your mind too…,) I got a bit concerned about something else. Something way more “interesting” (and important) in my opinion. I began to worry about how this news would affect some “church girls.” What do I mean? Well let me explain. (Warning: I’m going to talk frankly about some of the not so perfect parts of church culture. If you’re swimming in the deep end of the pool and can’t acknowledge any simple, albeit sometimes unfortunate truths about the institution you’re so passionate about this post may not be for you.) Ok, now that that’s out of the way back to “church girls.” Being the church boy I am I’ve known my share of church girls (it’s more than simply being a Christian male or female.) If you’ve grown up in church or been in church for a long while, especially if you’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a denomination, you know what I mean. As a church kid in general you grow up with certain general and some unspoken rules, truths and assumptions. Sometimes these rules, truths and assumptions can unfortunately create a bit of mania that if not checked will you lead to CRAZY. So when the news of this rumored engagement broke, I knew that chances of “church girl crazy” rising up were high.

Let me explain. Church girls are taught to be “different.” Although we all “sin and fall short of the glory of God” the goal is clear. You’re to be chaste, a virgin until you’re married if you can hold out (we all know how difficult that is), and if you don’t, at least try because one day a man of God will appreciate your sacrifice. Girls outside of church may seem to be having all the fun but you won’t have to go through what they go through. You’ll get a good man. A saved man. It takes a special woman; one who’s prayed up, spiritually mature, pure at heart, etc. If you want a man who’s “strong in the Lord” you’ve got to be a woman who can handle him, especially if he’s a preacher. All these sacrifices will prepare you for “him.”

But hold that thought because then something else  happens. There’s a “shift” if you will. Half of your fellow church girls have gotten married, start having children and the other half are made to feel like something’s wrong. Because although they told you to “wait” they didn’t say for how long. They didn’t tell you that if you weren’t married and having children by a certain age they’d start to look at you strangely or hassle you about not being married by pretending to encourage you.  So now there’s a conflict. You continue to hold out and do all the right things because it’ll be worth it. It’s at this moment for many church girls is where the “mania” sets in. This is the turning point. She may start giving in to insecurity, becoming the typical mean and angry “old maid.” Or better yet, she becomes 1 of 2 types of desperate. Desperate type 1 chases any good man they can find. He walks in the church, smiles and says hello and next thing you know: “God told me that’s my husband.”  (Men run from these women like there’s a fire coming after them!) Desperate type 2 on the other hand wears her desperation on her sleeve and will just date anyone who shows interest… ANY interest. Forget compatibility, he told her she was pretty (or worse, that he loved her) and that was enough. She’s all in.

We all know these women. You may be her or on your way to being her. You’re doing your best to live saved, be a good Christian girl so that you’ll be ready and WORTHY. Then, you look up and one of the “bad girls” scoops in and gets  the man and not just any man. But the Pastor, the Bishop, the one who’s first lady you thought would be on “his level” spiritually. You’re busy teaching Sunday School and she’s late to new member’s class.  This is enough to drive a ‘church girl’ NUTS if she’s not careful. She looks at the facts and begins to lose it and get discouraged. He’s 60 something, new girl is 40 something. New girl is  known for being “sexy,” something you were discouraged from doing because you were the good girl and the man of God wouldn’t respect you if you were like that. New girl  just had a big divorce and was just on a reality show trying to find God again, etc. etc. etc. and she gets HIM anyway?

So when the news of Bishop Jones’ and LisaRaye’s relationship broke, my heart broke not for him (clearly) but for the church girls who would see this as a invitation to say “screw it. Clearly this ain’t worth it and this good girl thing ain’t working. Let me just go and do me.” This, my friends is a recipe for and the start of potential crazy. At the risk of sounding oddly deep or unnecessarily churchy, church girls this post is dedicated to you. Don’t let a relationship that you don’t understand (self included) cause you to lose it, think less of yourself or go against what you know is right for you. Trust me, there will continue to be plenty of stuff that will make you  go “hmmmm???” Know who you are and trust God’s plan for YOU and not for LisaRaye, Bishop Noel Jones, your aunt Beulah or Kermit the frog. Trust me on this, doing what you think she or anybody else did will not get you what’s right for you. I hope you got it…. And for the those who must have a scripture , check out: Jeremiah 29:11 and Philippians 1:6. Just saying….


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Elliot Said on

I am not surprised that Bishop Jones is dating Lisa Raye. Lisa Raye is an extremely beautiful and talented woman. Bishop Jones firstly is a man and Lisa Raye is a woman, you figure out the rest. But , one thing that is troubling to me is I thought that we as believers were not to be ” Unequally Yoked “. Is Ms. Lisa Raye a Christian? or to the liberally minded non Bible reading church going people, that we as Christians feel that it is okay for the two to date each other. It is important for Bible believing Christians to up hold a standard, and not break or compromise biblical standards. Just because this is Bishop Noel Jones, should Biblical standards be different for him? I am not surprised that there is a lot of compromising going on and I pray that Bishop Jones as annointed as he is as a preacher, would not allow Bilbical Standards to be compromised because Ms. Raye is an extremely attractive woman.

This reminds me of the scene in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve looked at the ” Forbiden Fruit” and they both ate of it. What happened after Adam ate it? God told them they could have any of the trees in the garden but this one. You are not to even look at it, but they did why? What role did Satan have in all of this? I am sure that the ” Forbiden Fruit looked really good and that is why they ate it. But after Adam ate it what happened after he indulged in eating the fruit? Just because Ms. Raye looks good on the outsideon the inside? and would this be beneficial to the man of God Bishop Noel Jones or to the body of Christ? Saints of God let’s pray without ceasing for this situation between Ms. Raye and Bishop Jones.

Arsha Vigor Said on


lb Said on

Great article Torrance, We all have to take in account that life is about choices. God himself is pro-choice, Deut. 30:19 he says ‘I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death blessing and the cursing therefore choose life that both thou and thy seed may live. God will not go against a man’s will . However, he must be prepared to endure the consequences good or bad. Remember it’s a choice. And at the end of the day when our plans fail, and all options has been canceled it is the plan of God that will prevail. I pray that Bishop Jones follow God’s plan, because God will never go against his own word. God will preserve his CHURCH. Praise his name. Since he is our brother in Christ, as Paul be careful least we find ourselves in similar situations.

lb Said on

ps: by the way I was a church girl, now I am Church woman, minister, and married!

TrustGod Said on

Sorry but from my reliable sourse – straight from the horses mouth (her FB). She is neither dating or have dated nor engaged to Bishop Jones. Not sure how these rumors started but go to the source and stop spreading gossip. Good grief – if they where that is up to them and it is truly their business! Good LORD!

Ruth Said on

I know the kind of women you talk about……yes I am single and celibate, I am not desperate but I am not going to just settle for a pretty face either. i believe that my Boaz is nearer than even I think so I am trusting God but I also understand that as much as my natural desires kick in at times marriage and sex are not the be all and end all Mine is to ultimately please God, Now if that sounds too spiritual it isn’t meant it is just that I know so many church women of my age in bad marriages or second or third marriages because they saw how fine he was and didn’t consider his character, is he a man chasing after God who will rub your feet for you when you had a long day and not expect sex. Will he pray with you, fast with you is he kind does he respect your family and go out of his way for others without looking for a reward. Personally I find it sad that there is so much hype and gossip about Bishop Jones I thought gossp was a sin. I don’t know anything about Lisa Raye but I am sure Noel Jones has sense enough to seek God for a wife and then listen to what He says.

april Said on

My goodness this is so upseting out of all the holy women in the world who have a true relationship with GOD LISA RAYE,oh my who she gone help minister to at refuge bishop noel done took it to far if this is true its sad and sets a bad example for the church in a whole,although we cant help who we like or fall in love with,but come on bishop,id rather see him with paula white,juanita bynum somebody who trying to live holy lisa raye yes she pretty but pretty cant pray or minister effectively,and cant get a prayer thru either wow im amazed ive been cogic all my life and im thinking glad i have the pastor i have and his wife a annoited vessel used by GOD,HOW LISA GONNA INTERCEED FOR THE SAINTS IS WHAT I WANNA KNOW YET ALONE MINISTER TO THE YOUNG WOMAN IN THE CHURCH I HOPE THIS IS NOT TRUE LORD HELP US ALL TO LEAN NOT TO OUR OWN UNDESTANDING BUT IN ALL OUR WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE YOU AMEN

Vegas Valley Mary Said on

1 Corinthians 14:33
For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints

I am glad LisaRaye “Directly Addressed” this matter on twitter.

@TheRealLRaye – Let me put an end to this…people have us dating, engage and running off to get married and I’m not doing ANY of the above. I attend….
1 day ago

@TheRealLRaye – I attend his church because I’ve been in search of a church home. I made a brief stop at his church and I will be continuing my journey.
1 day ago

Chelly D Said on

I was on the prayerline this morning praying on behalf of the fivefold ministry gifts when someone asked for us to pray for Bishop Jones concerning this matter. As I read your article I felt that you were informing, enlightening and encouraging as well. As I read over the comments I began to think about the many people who pile into church each week seeking salvation, rededication, healing, deliverance, and just a place where they can be shown some love. I began to think about the many weekly prayer meetings that are held across our country that usually have the lowest attendance. Yet someone is wondering how Lisa is going to intercede for the saints, when most of the sainlts ain’t. We as people of God are not perfect in anyway. We are all striving to be like Christ aren’t we? What would Jesus do? He might say, “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” So far I haven’t heard Bishop Jones or Lisa go on record and say that they are engaged, but if they are that’s between them and God. If you have a problem with their choice(that’s if they have made the choice) pray for them. If you really believe in the power of prayer then pray. If she is to become the bride of Bishop Noel Jones pray for God to mold her and shape her into the woman of God that He created her to be. None of us walked into the church house being saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost from the womb. Those of us who are now, have a great responsibility to love and not hate. In spite of how things might look in the natural. We don’t know the mind of God. We know in part. Whatever goes down my prayer is for God’s will to be done in both of their lives. To God be the glory forever and ever Amen.

Lisa Said on

With all due respect this is a load of pure nonsense.. What is up with the hypocrisy about “church girls”?? What about “church boys”??? How is it somehow ok that these men can run through as many women as they want but they are still right with God?? I’m not saying that ‘church girls’ should do the same- but give me a break. You are preaching pure and utter hypocrisy like somehow God ‘rewards’ these ‘church boys’ (who have sex with as many women as they want) with a “church girl”.. And then you say for these church girls to stand strong and know that remaining chaste (for these very men-including a pastor- who run through as many women as they can) will bring them great reward?? Come on. THIS is a gospel of confusion right here. And for the record- citing a bible scripture does not make your point any more valid or less hypocritical.

Vegas Valley Mary Said on

LysaRaye will be the talk show guest live

Online: (The Zone Radio 1000 AM WCCD )

WCCD AM Radio1000 | | “The Praizeness Station in
the Nation!”™

Date: Tuesday November 29, 2011
Time: 3:08 PM

According To Twitter:
zoneradiolive Don’t forget LIVE in The Zone @TheRealLRaye will be our guest.. at 308

Ness Said on

Torrence, I had “concerns” when I first heard. Clearly there is an “image” concern for the man of God. As a happily married woman whose husband was not a traditional “church guy”, I agree that your husband does not have to come from church. Don’t get me wrong, he is a believer but when we met, had shunned the traditional church for all the hypocrisy and foolishness. Through my witness (I hope) and much prayer, some serious arguing over the years (I don’t advise this ladies) about his lack of commitment to the church, he has found a place in ministry where he is happy. Between my single friends and the women I lead (I’m a women’s ministry director), I hear and have to discuss this issue a lot. I have all kinds of personal opinions but then I remembered Hosea and Gomer (read the whole book). If God told Hosea (an upright man of God) to choose a harlot who kept going back to “the life”, He could certainly be telling Bishop Jones that this woman known for her “sexiness” could be his wife. I’m just sayin’…

Beverly Said on

All I want to say is, GOD CAN CHANGE ANYBODY!. This maybe His way of coming into her life. Noone can say they are perfect, church girl or not so we shouldn’t judge. There has to be another side to ms. raye if the Bishop {who happens to be my favorite one on tv} is interested in her. Its okay to date, you just got to know how far to take it! Congrata to the both of them. I hope you find love! I love you Bishop Jones! You are truly a man of God!

StrongKoffee Said on

I’m sorry, I have to say it. This article was all wrong. I’m no “Lisa Raye” fan by any stretch of the imagination. Noel Jones, I like hearing the “Word of God” preached. It does not matter that he is the messenger after all, God can use whom he will to bring his message. If he can open up the mouth of a donkey he can certainly use a “Noel Jones” to bring his word.

Secondly, Torrence, what’s with adding all the fuel to the fire??!! Is it to get the article hyped? What is it to you? Someone showed me this nonsense and I unfortunately read it. Whether Jones and Raye date, get engage, do whatever or marry, what business of it is yours or anyone else?? They are the ones who have to stand before God and give an account of their lives. What heaven or hell does anyone have to put them in?

Thirdly, what’s the purpose of throwing acid on the fire with the whole “church girl” spiel? How ridiculous, and even more ridiculous are those that fell for it. You took an opportunity to exploit the way that one who is in Christ, considers themself attempting to live. And you took a few digs at that. So what if “Sistah Girlfriend – Holding on” is waiting for “Mr. Right” instead of “Brother Right Now?” If you know the Lord, then encourage her in him , don’t make fun. Never know when you might need “Sistah Girlfriend – Holding On” to pray YOU THROUGH!!

sc Said on

OK….anyone who know Noel knows he is a Alcoholic, womanizer, manipulator and BI-Polar. He is a public success and a private failure. Trust, they like each other and are spending time together. Lisa Raye met his mom in Oct, and Mother Jones let is be known she is not impressed. He went to Syracuse NY to preach at his dad 55th church anniversary and talked about her, and told his mom “I think I love her, I think she is the one”…mother said “she has a lot to work on and does not approve.”
Lisa got on twitter(fri) and the christian radio show(Tue) and says “we’re friends” and the 3 men helping me get saved I’m holding onto them Mckenzie, Sharpton, and Jones…and keeping them close. Later she say if any man God has for me…either one steps forward, move over….Lisa & Noel PLEASE!
Lisa is about that $$$ and his family and friends are worried that she will ruin him. He’s doing a good job himself. If I had a $1 for even time he said about different ladies”she’s the one” I’d be rich. He’s been married over 20 years and cheated(still bitter), then engaged 3 times and promises and his “lady” for the moment the yellow canary ring size “5″ in his safe…he purchased for his last fiancé Nora Payne. People these are facts and those of you who know Noel know it is the truth (Bryant,Patrice, Margarie, Edwin) covering but, talking on the side for years…He is spiraling out of control. and his days are winding down. Noel has hurt so many woman and is bitter and nasty and it has to stop.

It’s so refreshing that during the last few moments of the radio interview, Bishop Bloomer offered to send one of 3 book he wrote to Lisa…”Witchcraft in the Pews” by G. Bloomer…he knows Noel well…HELLO-Warning-Wake up Lisa and stop looking at the “Power and $$$” and just like the rest of us, people will try to warn you.
Noel is a wolf in she eps clothing! He doesn’t know a Good woman when he has one…trust he’s had several, but love his double lifestyle. Trust Lisa is a $$$ hungry woman to the core. Noel will shut that down fast. He’s controlling.

Vegas Valley Mary Said on

Here’s The Bottom Line.

ann Said on

I am amazed! I do not know if it is true or false but what I do know, dating the world naturally or spiritually is forbidden- a friend of the world is an enemy
of God’s. That’s Bible. The African American Church is going through
difficult times. We are subject to so much false teaching. Very few
pastors in our diaspora are teaching biblical doctrine. Most of what
we hear is not biblical. They start with a verse or two and then are so
far from scripture, it’s frieghtening. Thousands upon thousands are in
numbers at our churches but how many members are born-again believers
as well as followers(disciples) of Jesus Christ.

I will committ to pray for Noel Jones. He is in need of much intercesion
because of his position and Satan and his buddies will take him out.
Satan will do such a number on Noel Jones, that it will blow us all away.
Satan hates Noel and he knows his weaknesses and he will use them to
destroy Noel, his family and the church that he currently pastors.
Satan is not playing with Noel or the church, we are the ones that
are playing. Satan is a destroyer, a steeler, a pure hater and an accuser
of the brethern. If we think we can stand up to him and be arrogantly- ignorant with the word, then we are already defeated. Jesus defeated Satan on an empty
stomach because He knew the power and the promise of the Word!

dlastqueen Said on

Torrence, thank you SOOO MUCH for this post! You hit the nail right on the head. I am what many would label a “church girl” and you are right. For years, I was trained to hold out but they never said HOW LONG and desperation can set in. It is a bitter pill to swallow to see older men dating/marrying younger women or saved men dating/marrying women outside the church and here you are doing things the “Bible way.” Then you have married men in the church chasing single “church girls” to be their mistresses and married women looking upside their heads like they’re trying to steal their husbands. It has come to a point that so many “church girls” have basically given up on attracting a single, saved man so they go to the streets and others like myself have just given up on finding a mate, period. Thank you for telling the “church girl” story.

Evonne Said on

I enjoyed this post, thank you for taking the time to (obviously) research and make a valid post.

Hold on!! God has not forgotten you. Keep all eyes on Him, not man!

blessings!!! Said on

i say you are somkey hot in this pictuer and i think that she should be dating a men i want to make passion love to you