Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 5: Episode 4

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 9:57 pm.


Hey folks, not gonna hold you long on intros. Let’s just jump into part 2 of the first 20 performances. If you missed my recap of Episode 3, click here to read it!

In this episode we get right to the contestants. First up, Antwoine Overby with “My Name Is Victory” by Jonathan Nelson & Purpose. It was good but knowing the tone of his voice, I really wanted to be blown away by him. Like Donnie McClurkin said a few times this evening, some people just needed a little more time to really get into their songs and make it work. Some folks don’t have a “hit it and quit it anointing…” Ha!  One thing that I enjoyed about his performance though was his energy. He was definitely excited to be up there.

Next up was Kizzy Walker with the Kirk Franklin & The Family staple “Silver and Gold.” She gave a good ole strong churchy performance that if you weren’t paying attention, would take you right to the carpet. She went right on in! And didn’t something happen on that “Oh but when I met Jesus!” *whoosh*

Following Kizzy was Julian Awari with “Savior More Than Life To Me” by Kirk Franklin & The Family. (That’s it, i’m busting out my Kirk Franklin and The Family CD’s tomorrow and going in. Hearing all these classics has taken me there.) But anyway, back to Julian. Ok, is it me or was this goooooood gooooood gooooood. I mean, this dude is smooth for no reason. He’s got a little work to do in the stage presence department. He was pacing back and forth like he was giving a talk at a youth retreat. (Oh yeah, he’s a youth pastor, makes TOTAL SENSE now.) But he can learn past that.  Either way, Julian killed!!!

Next, was Jackie Calhoun with “I Go To The Rock.” Jackie was front row convocation ready and her performance was equally churchy. When you just want church call Jackie Calhoun! And did you quicken like I did when she sang “Who do I lean auwn auwn auwn?” Yeah, I felt a  little something right there! Ha! Again, she definitely needed a little more time to develop her sound and really let us have it.

Next up was Jeremy Hill (another digital VIP contestant) performing He’s Able by Kirk Franklin & The Family. (I’m telling you, I’m going in this week!) But yes, Jeremy knocked it out the park. Point blank. Period. He took that song for a walk up the mountain and back down in no time. I’m almost ready to call it as my favorite performance of the evening. KILLED!

And our next performance was by Susan Hedgepeth singing “Jesus Children Of America” by Stevie Wonder. This performance was just odd and awkward. It was clear she wasn’t comfortable with the song and she kind of checked out. She kind of looked like she was in pain and was just waiting for the moment she could walk off the stage. She’s a naturally laid back person I can tell, but I think she could have possibly recovered if she would have just opened up and went with it. There was so much potential in that song and arrangement. Grrr, I’m a little frustrated with it, can you tell? And yes, for all those asking she is indeed the girl who sang the hook to the 90’s R&B “Short Swing My Way” by KP and Envyi...

Next up was another digital VIP contestant (I’m claiming my folks! lol) Keith Ball with “Magnify Him” by Byron Cage. Keith had a hard job ahead of him because he was the only contestant to have a “B-Side” song. You’ve got to really enjoy Byron Cage and own this CD to know this song even though it’s a great song. So he had to make us and the audience get with him on a song that they may or may not have been familiar with. So when I realized what song he was doing I thought to myself  ”This is an odd song. Not much he can do with that.” But clearly myself didn’t know much because no sooner than I got that thought out, Keith started slipping in these ever so slight yet complicated runs and slides that just gave all this color and personality to the song. And before I knew it, I was screaming at the television going “Sing fool!” Ok, I’ll admit, I didn’t necessarily “need” that run at the end of the song but who cares, he smashed.

Behind Keith was Michael Lampkin with “I Just Can’t Tell It All” by Daryl Coley. Perfect! Period! He CAN sing but at the same time knows HOW to sing. Yes, there is a difference.

Next up was Kimberly Walker singing “Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand” with an almost hybrid country church interpretation. This song and arragement were just not her. She did what she could with it but whoa was she out of her element. The woman can sing and has tone that is out of this world but she seemed rather uncomfortable. Ooh but some glory fell in the end, Ha! I know, I know, the judges loved it but I’m entitled… nah nah nah nah nah nah nah.

Finishing out the competition was Joshua Rogers with Brand New Day by Jonathan Butler. I won’t say who he reminds me of vocallybecause I believe his talent, gift and anointing can and should stand on his own. But whew, that boy sings!!!! I don’t know what to say… My Lord!

Well, that’s it! We went from 20 to 10 just that fast. Your top 10 are:

1. Ashford Sanders
2. Alexis Spight
3. Brian Luther
4. Danetra Moore
5. Sara Escamilla
6. Jeremy Hill
7. Joshua Rogers
8. Keith Ball
9. Kizzy Walker
10. Michael Lampkin

What do you think? Did your favorites make it? Let us know.

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Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 5: Episode 3 | The Gospel According To Torrence | Said on

[...] So what do you think? Do you agree?  Hit me with your picks. But since this another 2 episode night, episode 4 is right behind it. Click to read my episode 4 recap! [...]

Renee L Maynard Said on

Out of the 10 that was picked they could have chosen Jackie Calhoun instead of Danetra Moore. However, I enjoyed ALL the men tonight & if Kirk expect for this season to be a man Sunday’s Best, they got to bring it every week like Kizzie Moore & Alexis Spight.

michelle Said on

Im sorry that I did not get to watch Sundays Best tonight,because I have Direct Tv and they pulled the station off of Direct Tv this week along with a lot of other stations thats bad,not good for Direct Tv!

Janice Walton Said on

Oh! Oh! Oh! Joshua Rogers! He can sangggg! I believe too as he stated that “In The Name Of JESUS! He is going all the way!” Singing a New Day! He is definately a annointed young man of God. Can’t wait to here him sing next week

karil Said on

I believe I enjoyed Jacquelyn Bonner Calhoun. She even played both young and middle age part. The lady with the red hair was just screaming. If Jackie did sing over the back ground . I do think her vocal were clear and heart felt. The Heavy guy can’t think of his name he was great! kirk ask him to speak but he sang as he left the stage. That man was awesome. The others did Ok but I am not a judge. So I dont know what good singing is. I know I dont remember all those people no way. Good luck to the next Sundays best person.

jamie Said on

Kimberly Walker was a stand out. Would’ve loved to see her make it further and was sad to see her eliminated.

steven Said on

omg im soooooo glad that you are calling out these songs…..some are so good i wanna buy and don’t know alllll the gospel….lol but so far alexis, danetria, and ashton are fav

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