Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 5: Episode 6

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 12:54 pm.


Hey folks, sorry this is a little late but it’s been a few weeks of planes, trains and automobiles and I’m a one man band, so forgive me. Ha. But let’s get into really quick!

Season 3 Winner Le’Andria Johnson opened the show and absolutely bodied the performance of her new single “Sooner Or Later.” Le’Andria makes me nervous when she sings because I always think she or the audience may break something! Sheesh!

First up, Ashford Sanders came with “Oh How I Love Jesus” by Thomas Whitfield. This dude is just smooth as butter. He’s a total natural!

Next Up, Sara Escamilla performed “Optimistic” by Sounds Of Blackness and quite frankly, the train just kind of fell off the tracks. She forgot the words and she gave into it. It’s a tough spot to be in, because you have to think good and fast and most times we’re not prepared to draw a blank in performance. But the parts where she really did sing, it sounded really good which was probably most frustrating because I was rooting for her. Donnie McClurkin made mention that she probably should have just started in singing in Spanish or something to cover the flub and I guess that would have been OK… But I’m old school and you know how we used to do when you forgot the words, you got to churchin’ some “ooh yeah” and “oh yeah” until those words came back. And if they didn’t? Oh you just get “filled” real quick and go in until the song was over! I’m just saying! But I love Sara and her voice and her sincerity. I see a bright future for her, really I do!

Kizzy Walker was next with “Oh How Precious” and she just knows HOW to go straight to church! She better be glad she didn’t go to my church when I was a musical director because I would have used her up! Ha! And that song just happens to be one of my all time favorites. One of those songs where if you want to see me get “ugly,” sing that. I lose it every time. You can’t just go around calling Jesus like that in succession and not think anything is going to happen!

Joshua Rogers came next with “Peace Be Still.” Done… Goodnight. This blog is over. What else am I supposed to say? Jeez Joshua, NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Luther was next with “Jesus Be A Fence” by Fred Hammond and it wasn’t really his kind of song. He struggled a bit and it kind of came off a little hokey for some reason. Like Sara, once he’s able to go and “do him” I think his future is bright and he’ll be just fine. He’s a gospel crooner!

Next was Danetra Moore with “Take It Back” by Dorinda Clark-Cole. So umm, Danetra pretty much walked into the devil’s camp and took back all the stuff he stole from her, as well as some stuff that he bought on sale, along with some of your stuff and mine too. What in the world kinda singing was that. She blazed through that thing so tough! Sheesh. And what I loved about it was that she didn’t just go to church, she performed too. She gave you a show! SLAYED!

Following Danetra was Alexis Spight with Walter Hawkins’ “Be Grateful.” Amazing job. I not only love how she intelligently placed her adlibs and runs, but the way she “stood” to deliver the song with the mic stand. There was a power in it that was different for her then than there’s been in the competition up until now. Not to be churchy, spooky or deep but did you feel that moment when “it” happened? There was a “shift.” (ok, that might have been much Torrence… lol)

After Alexis’ performance, we took a break from competition for a performance from J. Moss with “Good And Bad” off of his new CD. If you hadn’t noticed, there was a them of “grace” and “redemption” lightly woven into this episode and I dug it. Love the sentiment of this song.

To finish out the competition portion of the show, Michael Lampkin was next with Thomas Whitfield’s “We Need a Word From The Lord.” It was good but boy did it great on that reprise. Donnie has a way of knowing when to keep going. *Whoosh*

So after another strong night of competition, Brian and Sara went home and your final six are:

1. Alexis Spight
2. Joshua Rogers
3. Danetra Moore
4. Michael Lampkin
5. Kizzy Walker
6. Ashford Sanders

Did the judges get it right? Who do you think should have gone home. Was I wrong in my assessments? Let me know!


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