Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 6: Episode 4

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at 8:56 pm.

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Round 2, let’s go!

Fantasia, one of my all time favorite singers opens up this show singing a song I don’t think we’ve ever heard her sing live before, “To The Heavens.” It’s not necessarily what I would have wanted to hear from her especially since we know she knows how to lose her mind on a gospel number or even make us go into straight worship with some of her more familiar tunes. (I know I’m not the only person who rolls around on the ground almost speaking in tongues whenever she sings “Lose To Win” live.) But I digress, Fantasia still did her good singing.

1. Alicia “Lici” Lewis – “You Don’t Know” by Kierra Sheard

So one thing you’ve got to acknowledge about Lici is that her confidence is through the roof and she makes sure she lets you know she has it when she’s on stage. I think she took a lot of liberties with the song to make it her own that perhaps may have made it difficult for people who recognize that song to get into it. I respect her for sticking to her guns and doing it her way, but I think some of the stylistic vocal choices brought down the performance a bit. Lici is one of those singers that I bet you gets way better when you see her in her element at her own show. I’m sure there, you get it and it’s good.

2. Terrill Hall – “If I Be Lifted” by Milton Brunson and The Thompson Community Singers

So ummm…. yeah. Terrill pretty much drop kicked that entire performance. And I mean that in every possible good way you can think of. MY GOD! That’s how you sing that song!!!!! I’m really at a loss for what else to say, that’s just how you do it! And before I put this mic down, shout out to the background singers, y’all did that! And yes, got to shout out that Terrill is another Philadelphia Digital VIP Contestant. (You can watch his full preliminary audition here.)

***Sidebar… Shout out to all these Milton Brunson and Thomas Whitfield songs making it into the competition this year. Loving that these classic songs are getting a second wind!!!!***

3. Tuku Gaye – “Help Is On The Way” by Whitney Houston and Georgia Mass Choir

I’m glad that in her pre-interview Tuku acknowledged that she had fear of being pitchy because she really was. Quite frankly she’s just not ready to sing professionally yet. It’s one thing to hit an off note here and there but it’s another to consistently just miss the notes altogether. There’s a learning point here. You can have a great “voice” which she does but still not be ready. The tone of her voice is good but her execution of notes require a lot of work and I think if she goes and works on training her ear and her delivery she can be a better singer. What I loved though was her attitude, she understood and took the criticism gracefully.

4. Tasha Page-Lockhart – “Wrapped, Tied Up, Tangled Up” by Thomas Whitfield

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Call a nurse, an adjutant and my congressman! I’m done! I really don’t know what to say… She performed surgery on that song in less than a minute. Good Lord!!!! I’m finished! Sing daughter!

5. John Jackson – “I Believe” by James Fortune

I don’t know what happened here. It just kinda went “blah.” It wasn’t bad per se but it didn’t have much “umph” to it. I don’t know if it was the song or the background singers (like Cece mentioned) or the song taking him over (like Yolanda said.) But whatever it was, it just didn’t stick. John can clearly sing and I heard a few dope quartet moments in there, so maybe that’s more his speed. I’m just not sure.

6. Kefia Rollerson – “Everything You Touch Is A Song” by The Winans

Well, umm we can all go home now. The Lord done came in and did what he had to do and yeah, that’s that! Jeez! Kefia, Kefia, Kefia. What can I say, this competition is heating up now! I’m speechless. Kefia sang that thing with so much gut and style that it made me nervous. While she was singing I was literally thinking to myself “This is too good, she’s gonna lose it.” But she didn’t. That was crazy. And yes, Kefia is also a Philadelphia Digital VIP Contestant and I couldn’t be more proud. (Watch her full preliminary audition here.)

7. Odell Bunton, Jr. – “I Worship You” by Mary Mary

Odell was one of my favorite Houston Digital VIP contestants (you can watch his full preliminary audition here) because like Donnie said, his gift is well beyond his years. He’s got something special that you just can’t deny. Young and oily is a lethal combo and he’s got it. Now I’ll admit there were a few misses in there but it’s all about recovery and he recovered well. I think if and when he gets songs that are more his speed, we’re really going to see Odell shine but man, when I tell you that boy’s got it!

8. Joshuia Drumm – “We Must Praise” by J. Moss

Now I’m not sure if that performance came off as good as it did in person but I have to tell you, in the room, he dumped that place! I like that Joshuia, although COGIC, doesn’t try to sing “Black.” He does what comes natural to him. He’s got a great tone and knows that with or without a growl or a complicated run if he just sings the song he will sound good and I think that’s what he did. Now I’m not being remotely racial when I say this but I do think he struggled a bit with finding his rhythm at a point in the song but it was one of those things where he recovered by listening to where he was and caught up to it. Joshuia’s on his way to being a great gospel balladeer.

9. Montreea Bailey – “Changed” by Tramaine Hawkins

First, let me start off by saying how wonderfully proud I am of Montreea. I don’t give out freebie compliments or anything like that but her courage to come on TVand put herself out there to the world is a big deal. People can be mean or at the very least ignorant for whatever reason and it’s hard enough to get on TV and sing for people, much less as a paraplegic. Montreea is an inspiration and I know there are a community of folks in similar condition to her who will be inspired to pursue any dream they had despite probably being told they couldn’t.

Now on to the performance. Montreea’s voice is dope but I think her nerves made her get out of the big notes by going to this weird nasal place that I think distracted you from the good she could have done with the song. She had a lot of conviction though and I love that she allowed herself to get enveloped by the song. She may have been nervous but definitely wasn’t insecure and I loved that.

10. Venold “Junior” Johnson – “I’ll Make It” by Hezekiah Walker

Wow! Ok, tonight is just a really good night. Not just for the show but for my Digital VIP contestants. Yes, Junior auditioned in every city this season but he got his “yes” in Houston, TX after performing in the Houston Digital VIP Suite. (Check out his full preliminary audition here.) I got to say I was very surprised to see how well he DEMOLISHED that Hez tune. Singers like Junior tend to sing whispery ballads and slow tunes so they can emote and run all over them, but he showed that he could kill an uptempo tune and not overdo it. It was just great! And he worked with the band to add little bits of ear candy that was just enough to let you know that he could do some “fancy” singing but wasn’t going to go overboard with it. I LOVED IT! #StillInShock

So the judges deliberated and the top 10 are:

1. Kefia Rollerson

2. Odell Bunton, Jr.

3. Tyler Little

4. Paula Champion

5. Venold “Junior” Johnson

6. David Michael

7. Jamel Lewis

8. Joshuia Drumm

9. Terrill Hall

10. Tasha Page-Lockhart

Congratulations to the top 10. NOW, the competition really heats up so can’t wait to see what happens next week! So what did you think? Who would be YOUR top 10?


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isteele Said on

I believe that Kristen Lowe should have made it to the top 10. She has a wonderful, powerful voice. I don’t think that she should been eliminated just because she threw her hands up at the end of the song. I thought her stage presence was good as well as her performance.

PeggyJS Said on

Montreal Bailey needs to come back as a wild card. The 10 chosen did good but the majority of the people I know that heard her sing were teary eyed due to how well she sung that song and delivered the message. Someone hopefully will sign her up. She was better than Sunday’s best I guess.

Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 6: Episode... Said on

[...] Round 2, let’s go! Fantasia, one of my all time favorite singers opens up this show singing a song I don’t think we’ve ever heard her sing live before, “To The Heavens.” It’s not necessarily what I would have wanted to hear from her especially…  [...]

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