Torrence’s Take on Sunday Best 6: Episode 6

Published by Torrence Glenn on Sunday, August 11, 2013 at 12:49 am.

037 #606-Sunday Best

Let’s just right into episode 6!

United As One opened the show with a medley of hits they performed on this year’s tour. Zacardi Cortez performed “Mighty God”, Kierra Sheard performed “You Are”, Vashawn Mitchell performed “Greatest Man”,  and James Fortune performed “He’s Still Able.”

Now for the contestant performances:

1. David Michael – “Oh How Wondrous” by John P. Kee

I really enjoyed this and can see what the judges said about him possibly letting go a little more, overall it was really good. I just love the sound of David’s voice and to do a John P. Kee cover is hard for ANYBODY to do and I think he met the challenge.

2. Odell Bunton, Jr. – “Excellent” by Martha Munizzi

So there are 2 things that show the measure of a singer. 1, how well they sing when they’re hoarse. And 2, how they recover from mistakes. Odell flubbed the words big time but recovered big time. We got to see him with a little more energy than normal and he PUSHED. Loved it!

3. Kefia Rollerson – “Put It On The Altar” by Jessica Reedy

So the “swag” award goes to Kefia… I mean, she walked that song right on out like a pro. She kept true to the original but brought a little something extra and bossy to it. I just loved it!

4. Venold “Junior” Johnson – “Standing In The Need” by John P. Kee

Now I didn’t dislike this performance but I clearly wasn’t in the room when they taped this because I didn’t “go in” like everybody else did. But maybe it’s just me. Junior sings, so there’s no doubt there but I think he has to bring some of these songs down a key or two so he can sing “comfortably.” As much as I loved the “push” in Odell’s performance, sometimes you can push too much and that’s the only thing did I didn’t like about this performance. But like David Michael, he did a very difficult song by one of the greatest singers of all time a lot of justice.

5. Joshuia Drumm – “Love’s in Need” by Stevie Wonder

I enjoyed this performance for the most part. Joshuia was doing some really dope tricks in this song. There were a few off incidental notes but he came back from them really smooth. The more I think about it, I really did enjoy this performance. My only real issue was the ending. There didn’t seem to be one…

6. Tasha Page-Lockhart – “Alabaster Box” by CeCe Winans

When I first heard Tasha was going to sing this song I thought, “oh this won’t work. She’s a squaller and this is a pretty song and that’s not what she does.” Well Tasha decided she’d go and shut me up one good time. She did it her own way and I enjoyed it. She managed to work a little bit of the Tasha squall into it without messing up the song or turning it into a screaming fest. Loved it.

7. Paula Champion – “In Your Will” by Men Of Standard

So when Paula sings, you’ve got to prepare yourself. It’s like eating a whole bunch of spicy food and then trying to have dessert. You’ve got to clean your palette so that the food you had before doesn’t stay on your tongue and mess up the sweetness of the dessert because it’s such a departure from what you just had. Paula’s approach to gospel music is so very different than what we get that you have to take a minute, get all that other stuff out your ears and just hear her for what it is. And when you do that, omg, it’s soooooo good! Sheesh! I can’t promise that it’s going to be an easy ride for her in this particular industry because it’s so full of belters, screamers and wailers but I think there’s a lane there opening up with the likes of Jessica Reedy, Anita Wilson and some others that I’m ready for her to come in and shake things up! Whew that was good!

8. Tyler Little – “He Has His Hands On You” by Marvin Sapp

So I thought this wasn’t oh so bad like the judges kind of made it seem. Although something did happen at the opening of the song that took him off his game and I think he spent a lot of time trying to recover whatever that was. But that was something I could see, not hear. If I were to just “listen” to it, aside from that opening line it was pretty great!

Next up, Tasha Cobbs came and DEMOLISHED her hit “Break Every Chain” right before the elimination.

So, David Michael and Joshuia went home. I got to say I wouldn’t have sent these 2 home. Who would you have sent or do you think the judges got it right?  Next week it gets really real, trust me!


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