NATIONAL: Notorious Klansman Dies; Sen. Burris Under Fire in Illinois

February 16th, 2009

Nororious Klansman Dies
An infamous North Carolina Klansman was buried last week. Virgil Griffin, best known for leading a Ku Klux Klan chapter that was involved in a deadly clash with members of the Communist Party two decades ago, died last Wednesday at Gaston Memorial Hospital. He was 64. Griffin, who during his 40 years in the hate group – he rose to become imperial wizard of the Cleveland Knights of the KKK – was cast into the public spotlight after five members of the Communist Party were killed and 10 injured in a clash with the Klan in Greensboro in 1979. Many civil rights advocates believe that justice was denied when Griffin and several of his fellow Klansmen were tried and cleared of state murder charges and federal civil rights conspiracy charges. In a civil trial, the Klan, the American Nazi Party and the Greensboro Police Department were found jointly liable for the wrongful deaths of the five people killed. The city paid $350,000. He would later tell a Truth and Reconciliation panel investigating the incident that Communist Workers Party members were killed and not Klansmen because “my people hunt for food. Maybe God guided the bullets, I don’t know.”

Sen. Burris Under Fire in Illinois
Illinois Republicans said Sunday that they want the senator who filled President Barack Obama’s seat in Congress investigated for perjury, saying he misled the public regarding then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Sen. Roland Burris had previously told a panel probing the governor’s alleged attempt to sell the Senate seat that he had never been asked by the governor to contribute to his campaign. On Sunday, in what his opponents say was deliberately misleading, Burris acknowledged being hit up by Rod Blagojevich’s brother for contributions. “I made clear to him I would not contribute [to the governor's campaign] because it would be inappropriate because I had expressed my interest in the Senate seat,” Burris, a Democrat, told reporters at a news conference. “I did not donate one single dollar.” But state Rep. Jim Durkin, who headed the Republican questioning of Burris at the impeachment hearing, said in a statement, “I’m very disappointed.” A spokesman for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Jim Manley, said that the Democratic senator is looking into the matter. “Clearly it would have been better if Sen. Burris had provided this information when he first testified,” Manley said. “Sen. Reid is reviewing the affidavit and will await any action by Illinois legislative leaders after they review the matter.” In an affidavit, Burris said the governor’s brother called him three times to “seek my assistance in fundraising for Gov. Blagojevich.”

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shortback Said on

I think that is disappointing that they did not serve a day in Jail for the deadly acts that they committed. Now that he is gone he will begin to serve his spiritual sentence. This is where the almighty is in control and he will have the final say so. I hope that he made peace with the living if not he will have pleanty of time to reap what he has sown. Peace my brothers and sisters



Gwenola Said on

I guess Jesse, Jr will get his seat after this is over. Mr. Temporary Senator get ready to be sent home

Struggling Said on

That’s, ok shortback. He’s gone straight to hell!

shot Said on

Hell awaits him. He’ll pay for it all now! No where to run no where to hide. Bow down to your master( Satan).

lawerance Said on

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David Said on

May Virgil Rest In Peace!!

fefe Said on

White people ain’t shyt

David Said on

Oh dear Devil please save a spot for me beside Virgil!! We shall dance in the Lake of fire together.

Chris Said on

David, be careful what you ask for!

Politics Said on

It is real funny how the republicans want to get someone out of office for misleading but Bush mislead the whole country and he was not out. THOSE REPUBLICANS ARE FULL OF S— PERIOD

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