Saggy Pants Are Not Police Business, Judge Rules

September 18th, 2008

saggy pants

Saggy pants are not police business, judge rules.

Government doesn’t have the right to penalize folks for wearing saggy pants, a Florida judge ruled Tuesday. “Somebody help me,” Palm Beach Circuit Judge Paul Moyle, said mockingly before delivering his decision. “We’re not talking about exposure of buttocks. No! We’re talking about someone who has on pants, whose underwear are apparently visible to a police officer who then makes an arrest and the basis is he’s then held overnight, no bond.” Get more on that case at government be able to dictate what people wear?

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antpayne22 Said on

i think its DUMB if tha person wanna SAGG they pants then let EM do it its they OPINION let em dress how they want……………………..ANT22

justice Said on

I work hard and buy my boys pants that fit so they don’t have to go around showing thier clevage. Who sets the style trend – talk to them

Tom Said on

If you want to show your underwear(s) its o k with me the sad thing is these are people that do not work are looking for a job because no one will hire a person looking like that. I have yet to see someone coming to the office showing clevage, underwear, shower shoes.

lanesia Said on

It surely isn’t their business. There are more IMPORTANT things that the GOOD kops should be worried about.

DLThug Said on

I dig da saggin pants, I think of it as a dude tryin to advertise dat he got a Round Phat one……..dat way I can checkout what Imma bout to get into!!!!!

ladysan Said on

I think its ugly and hope this dress style pass over soon I am tried of looking at boys draws. A man would not dress like that.

ladysan Said on

I think it ugly. We don’t want to see little boys draws. Men don’t dress like that

jessie Said on

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jj Said on

Now am sorry but we as african-americans need to grow up we aint little kids anymore so why cant we just go to the dallor store and buy a belt and have pants that fit properly.

Katrina Said on

WHere’s my comment B.E.T

Trina Said on


seschris Said on

How come nobody says anything about girls wearing boxer shorts with t-shirts or wife beaters, or pajama pants in public? How come nobody is offended by women with big huge breast not wearing bra’s in public? How come nobody says anything about big grown a$$ men wearing women’s clothing in public? If we’re gonna penalize people for what they wear…there’s a lot more folks to add to the list.

Sunshin3 Said on

Sagging pants are not cute but 4real the police stopping you b/c your pants are sagging is really dumb! the po-po’s are stopping ppl for that but the missing African-American women are not getting any attention!! i mean is this country going to tell ppl what they can and cannot wear? if thats the case then white ppl cant wear those ugly a#% Jesus sandals anymore!!!

dee Said on

thats no rite ppl wanna dress they dress.. they jus wanna get more BLACK PEOPLE

ard Said on

ok first off their are real criminals out there probaly killing someone right know and wheres the cops. O their to busy trying to find people on the street sagging to arrest. And not all people who sagg are dumb and “ignorant fools.” Cause I know lots of peolpe who sagg and they are very smart. Its a new style get over it. dont look if it bothers you that much cause people arent going to stop. And if people are going to sagg they need to wear longer shirts that way it doesnt show their underwear.

Frances Brown Said on


Oscar Said on

This is a stupid direspectful style. Some guys pants are so low it like they are not wearing anything to cover there ass beside their underwear. I must admit I do like looking. Its like a free booty show and in the summer with no shirt it can really be a turn on if the underwear is clean. I know you are not suppost to look, but out black brother got some nice phat ass. I think if you have a child or a teenager you should not allow this style on your child. its just to much exposer.

neree Said on

as long s they are not showing their butt or any other body parts.i don’t care how they where they clothes every body has their own oppinion about every thing and thats cool. but can’t nobody tell a grown ass man how to where his clothes.

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