Same Old Story: Gas Prices Are Blowing Up

June 15th, 2009

It’s true that gas prices are nowhere near the $4 they were last year this time. But with so many people out of work and the economy staggering as it is, the sting of rapidly rising petroleum prices are hurting as badly as they ever have. Over the past two weeks, the average price per gallon of self-serve regular gasoline has risen nearly 17 cents, to $2.66. Granted, gas is still $1.34 lower than last year in June “It’s a direct result of continued increases in the price of crude, with crude oil itself responding to a flight from the weaker dollar on the expectation of rising inflation from federal monetary policy,” says Lundberg, who publishes the Lundberg Survey. “Demand is not increasing. It is shrinking.” Here are where some gas prices stand in cities nationwide: On the low end, it’s Tucson, Ariz., at $2.41, for a gallon of self-serve regular. The other extreme is San Francisco, at $2.99. In between are: Houston, Texas: $2.45; St. Louis, Missouri: $2.45; Denver, Colorado: $2.49; Atlanta, Georgia: $2.52; Boston, Massachusetts: $2.63; Seattle: $2.82; Chicago: $2.92

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Same Old Story: Gas Prices Are Blowing Up | Said on

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hamm Said on

President Barack Obama, is correct in sayiny we have to create an energy program that will put a halt to our dependence on foriegn oil. He deserves our help and support in order to make it come true. I’m tired of reding and listening to those expressing hatred to Obama, while other nations can’t seem to survive without their hand in our pockets. Oil is the main culprit.

shaberry Said on

Well everyone is talking about gas prices but I don’t see anyone doing anything about it! Protest,petetion or something bcuz gas is too high!

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