SPORTS: Vick Switches Attorneys

March 24th, 2009

Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who’s soon to be released from prison, has decided to switch up on defense attorneys. Billy Martin, perhaps best known for such high-profile clients as Allen Iverson, Jayson Williams and Monika Lewinsky, is being replaced by Daniel Meachum, an original member of Vick’s defense team. Read more.

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hamm Said on

God bless you Vic. What the den of theives did to our economy on WALL STREET deserves the punishment that you endured…plus some.
Welcome back young man!

Karimah Said on

Welcome back Mike! I can’t wait to see you throwing that ball again, running your passes again and showing people that you have redeemed yourself. Good luck and we your fans will continue praying for you.

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