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News You Should Know: July 24 Edition

July 24th, 2012

In today’s top news, The Wire cast will be hosting a fundraiser for the Obama campaign, the International AIDS conference has kicked off in Washington, D.C., and the Colorado massacre gunman may face the death penalty.

The Colorado massacre gunman James Holmes may face the death penalty. [BET]

The International AIDS conference kicked off in Washington, D.C., this week. [BET]

The Wire cast will be hosting a fundraiser for the Obama campaign at Martha’s Vineyard. [NYDN]

The European Union announces plans to vacate sanctions against Zimbabwe if a “credible” referendum is held. [Aljazeera]

Rapper Ice-T defends the right to bear arms: “That’s the last form of defense against tyranny.” [Politico]

An Olympic hopeful launches Nigeria’s first bone marrow registry. [NPR]

Team USA basketball team honors the 1992 Dream Team during close game against Argentina. [FOX Latino]

Mariah Carey officially signs on to be on the American Idol judge panel. [BET]

The Jackson family is still at odds about Katherine Jackson’s whereabouts. [CNN]

Georgia Supreme court halts the execution of a death-row inmate who may be mentally ill. [MSNBC]

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News From Around the Web: Jan. 17 Edition

January 17th, 2012

In today’s top news, music loses legend Jimmy Castor, boxing great Muhammad Ali celebrates his 70th birthday and the Occupy Movement marches on in Washington.

Funk legend Jimmy Castor dies at 64. [BET]

Muhammad Ali celebrates his 70th birthday today. [BET]

‘Occupy’ protesters plan to take on Congress. [MSNBC]

Gingrich gets grilled at a Black church. [AP]

Lil Boosie pens jailhouse letter to fans. [BET]

U.S. Border Patrol to toughen southern border policy. [AP]

Death toll rising in European cruise ship wreck. [CNN]

Holder vows to protect voting rights in an MLK day speech. [CNN]

Nigerian fuel agency is being investigated for corruption. [BBC]

2011 was a good year for beating down credit card debt. [CNN]

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News From Around the Web: Dec. 5 Edition

December 5th, 2011

(Photo: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal/Getty Images)

In today’s top news, Magic Johnson attempts to make moves in yet another field, Bishop Eddie Long says he needs to take time away from his megachurch and a deadly ‘game’ played by some children takes another life.

Magic Johnson makes a play for major league baseball. [BET]

Cain reminisces about his old “hood.” [BET]

Bishop Eddie Long taking time off after wife announces divorce. [ABC]

Cain expected to endorse Newt Gingrich. [Daily Beast]

Deadly ‘choking game’ claims another child. [MSNBC]

Europe bans airport body scanners [Mother Jones]

Amnesty International wants Zambia to lock up George Bush. [AP]

Few kids actually send racy text messages. [NYT]

Madonna to perform at Super Bowl halftime. [FOX]

State of Michigan considers intervening to save Detroit. [USATODAY]

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From Around the Web: Oct. 26 Edition

October 26th, 2011

From the first major injury reported since the Occupy Wall Street movement began to the resurgence of  “birther talk” among President Barack Obama’s opponents, catch up on the most talked about headlines from around the web.

Occupy Oakland: Iraq vet critically injured by police projectile. [Mercury News]

EU heads locked in talks on debt. [BBC]

So wrong! Teacher accused of dragging, choking 6-Year-Old. [News One]

Snow blankets Denver area — after 80-degree day. [MSNBC]

Priests ignite trafficking feud. [Daily Beast]

Don’t expect end of GOP’s birther talk. [Black America Web]

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POLITICS: Michelle Obama Will Join Hubby Abroad

March 31st, 2009

First Lady Michelle Obama, dogged by the right wing during the presidential campaign trail as an angry, America-hating militant, will accompany her husband today on his first trip to represent the United States in Europe. During the eight-day, five-nation trip, she will be scrutinized for everything from the way she dresses to the way she presents herself before foreign potentates. “Her every ensemble will be front page news and endlessly interpreted and decoded,” said Patricia McDonald, a London-based editor for the Michelle Obama fashion blog, “Will she break out a new wardrobe, or in deference to the economy, recycle her greatest hits?” In recent months, she has graced the cover of countless magazines, garbed in beautiful clothes and flashing a radiant smile – a far cry from the machine-gun-wielding, scowling, fatigue-wearing woman on the cover of The New Yorker several months ago. In fact, she is now widely accepted as the epitome of American elegance. “I believe in this nation. And I believe in my husband,” she said in a recent interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

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World: European Union Will Open a Job Center in Africa

October 6th, 2008


The European Union will open a job center in Africa.

In a move to cut down illegal immigration, the European Union is set to open its first immigration center in Africa, reports the BBC. The center will be in Mali. Each year, thousands of West Africans (often crammed into small boats) die attempting to make the dangerous journey to European countries in search of jobs. The organization hopes that the center will help Africans find legal jobs in Europe, so they don’t have to risk their lives making the trip. In addition, the center will provide information on how to come to Europe legally and assist with job training, the European Commission says. Even college graduates in many West African nations have hard time finding jobs and many times even a basic “low wage” job in Europe will go long way towards supporting their families.

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Sports: Troubled Bengal is close to return. ; USA To Enter Hoops Quarter-Finals Wednesday; Shawn Kemp To Ball Overseas

August 19th, 2008

Troubled Bengal is close to return


Despite a four-game suspension and five arrests in three years, the Cincinnati Bengals are close to signing a deal that would reunite them with wide receiver Chris Henry. Why the sudden interest in Henry? For answers, go to Playa Hater.

USA enters hoops quarter-finals Wednesday. The USA men’s basketball squad begins its final chase for gold medals tomorrow at the Beijing Olympics. Having beaten Germany this week, the American “Redeem Team” takes on Australia. Quarter-finals begin the determination of which remaining teams will receive bronze, silver or gold medals in the elimination match-ups. Team member LeBron James, who scored 18 points in the win over Germany, has guaranteed a gold for the USA.

Shawn Kemp to ball overseas. Former NBA scoring threat Shawn Kemp has announced that he’ll play in Italy beginning in November. “I am happy that a player that has made basketball history would come to Montegranaro,” says coach Alessandro Finelli, of team Pemiata Montegranaro. Kemp, 38, played most of his NBA career with Seattle , averaging 14.6 points and 8.4 rebounds over 14 total seasons. He last played in the NBA in 2003

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Politics: Obama Hopes To Broadens Reach With Summer Travel

June 30th, 2008

Trips to the Middle East and Europe will help him beef up his foreign policy credentials


Sen. Barack Obama is planning to take two trips this summer – one to the Middle East and one to Europe. The trips will allow him to see firsthand America’s progress in these regions while boosting his national security credentials. Read more at Pamela On Politics.

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