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News From Around the Web: March 23 Edition

March 23rd, 2012

In today’s top news, the coroner’s report reveals Whitney Houston drowned, Sanford police chief Bill Lee and county prosecutor Norm Wolfinger step down over Trayvon Martin case and singer El DeBarge is cleared of drug possession charges.

Coroner’s report reveals Whitney Houston drowned. [BET]

Sanford police chief Bill Lee and county prosecutor Norm Wolfinger step down over Trayvon Martin case. [AP]

Singer El DeBarge is cleared of drug possession charges. [BET]

Gun sales are on the rise. [MSNBC]

Audit of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority shows accounting problems which bolster lawsuit. [AP]

Right wing blog calls Farrakhan’s tweets in support of Trayvon Martin “veiled threats.” [BLAZE]

A California school counselor taped his students having sex. [CNN]

Rapper Tyga speaks out on the Omaha, Nebraska, shooting that wounded a member of his crew. [BET]

Nokia eyes tattoos that communicate with your cellphone. [CNN]

African nations call for a Nigerian to head the World Bank. [BBC]

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NBA Player Could Face Gun Charges

January 4th, 2010


Washington D.C Police along with the FBI will interview NBA Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas who admitted to hiding at least three guns in his locker at the Verizon Center.

The interview with law enforcement was already scheduled before an alleged gun showdown between Arenas and his teammate, Javaris Crittenton in the locker room during a confrontation about a gambling debt.

From Washington Informer

In a story first reported by the New York Post and Yahoo Sports, Arenas and teammate Javaris Crittenton had a confrontation in the Wizards locker room during which Arenas and Crittenton drew guns on one another over a $25,000 debt that Arenas owed Crittenton. The dispute reportedly began on a team flight from Phoenix on Sat., Dec. 19, and continued in the team locker room on Mon., Dec. 21. An investigation is currently underway by Federal authorities, District police and the NBA.

After Saturday night’s game, Arenas’ spoke to the media regarding the situation. “It was clearly bad judgment on my part,” Arenas said referring to the earlier charges that he bought guns into the Verizon Center and placed in his locker. He has since turned the guns over to team security. The guns were not loaded and there was no ammunition with the weapons.

“It was better than throwing them in the trash,” he said. But despite the investigation, Arenas said he was not nervous about any possible criminal charges.

“I’m a goofball. I’m going to make fun of it. Why be depressed about it at home?” Arenas added that the story has been blown a bit out of proportion by the media.

The NBA and the Feds aren’t laughing. That’s for sure.

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Rev. Jackson Wants Tougher Gun Laws

December 30th, 2008

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, hoping to curtail Chicago’s rising murder rate among Black youths, is demanding stiffer gun-control laws. “We cannot just continue to mourn the deaths of our youth – our future; we must begin to march and fight for better gun laws,” Jackson said. “Chicago does not manufacture these weapons, we know where they are coming from and yet not a single gun shop has been closed.” Jackson joined Michele DeLashment, whose son, Kermit, became the city’s 500th homicide victim Monday, WBBM reports. “On Monday, someone took my son’s life. I am asking – pleading – for that someone to come forth. Turn yourself in to Rev. Jackson here at Rainbow PUSH or the police,” she said. DeLashment, 21, was the grandson of Mickey Warren, a longtime friend and associate of Rev. Jackson. The young man’s mother is a long time PUSH supporter and choir member. “We have put forth a plan that is absolutely a sure way to stop easy access to guns,” she said.  “We have the power to stop putting dangerous weapons in the hands of dangerous persons, if we create and implement concrete gun laws. Illinois has not tried good gun laws, and the laws currently in place have huge loopholes.”

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More Guns Taken From Plaxico Burress’ Home

December 26th, 2008

Plaxico Burress


More guns are taken from Plaxico Burress’ home. Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress’ problems just got worse. Armed with search warrants, police officers from Totowa, N.J. and New York City stormed Burress’ New Jersey home and removed several guns, including a 9-mm handgun, a rifle and bullets for .380-, .40- and .45-caliber weapons, The New York Times reports. Last month, the star wideout was arrested and charges with illegally possessing weapons after accidentally shooting himself with his .40-caliber Glock semi-automatic handgun in a Manhattan nightclub. He had tried to grab the gun as it slipped down the leg of his sweat suit. Burress was not at home when police arrived, but his wife and lawyer were there, according to the Times. New Jersey law requires weapons ID for any gun, but Totowa Police Detective Dennis Blakeley said there wasn’t “any paperwork on these guns.” Burress’ lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, told The Associated Press that he believed only a registered rifle was taken from Burress’s home and that he did not know whether Burress would face additional charges.

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Sports: A-Rod Finally Responds To Wife’s Divorce Filing; Oklahoma Freshman Booted Off football Squad For Web Antics

August 4th, 2008

Baseball star doesn’t admit, deny cheating.

A Rod 

Four weeks after his wife Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez has filed his response. The New York slugger, whose increasingly rumored affair with singer Madonna preceded his wife’s legal action, admits in paperwork that his marriage is “irretrievably broken.” A-Rod’s response, placed on record last week, points out that Cynthia Rodriguez signed a prenuptial agreement a month before the 2002 wedding. But the player agrees that he should pay child support and asks that a fair amount be decided. A-Rod’s soon-to-be ex wants the family’s $12 million Florida home, a chunk of his earnings during the marriage and custody of their two daughters.

Oklahoma freshman is booted off football squad for his Web antics. Incoming freshman Josh Jarboe is no longer a member of Oklahoma’s football squad – but he may have a future as an ignorant rapper. Coach Bob Stoops tossed Jarboe from the team after a video of the receiver rapping about guns and shooting people showed up on the Web. “We are disappointed in this outcome, but our complete review and this final decision is in the best interest of our program,” a statement from Stoops reads. “We outlined for Josh the expectations we had for him when he arrived and, unfortunately, those expectations have not been met. Josh needs to learn from this experience. We hope he can move forward in a positive manner.” The 74-second Web footage shows Jarboe rhyming angrily and with plenty of profanity. Now he can spit a few verses about one of the shortest college football careers in history.

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National News: Rev. Jackson Calls High Court’s Gun Ruling ‘Reckless’; One of The Famed Black WWII Pilots Dies; D.C. Beauty Queen Works To Improve Kids’ Lives

June 30th, 2008

Rev. Jackson calls high court’s gun ruling “reckless”Rev. Jesse Jackson The Rev. Jesse Jackson, calling the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on the District of Columbia’s handgun ban a “reckless interpretation of the Second Amendment,” said this weekend that he will not back down against gun peddlers who set up shop in and around the Black community. “We must fight for the legal restrictions on where these gun shops can be,” Jackson said. “We will fight the easy access to guns and gun flow. We can picket and boycott stores that can endanger us.” He also said that there is nothing in the high court’s decision that compels Chicago to comply and that he would join forces with other ministers, community activists and city leaders to enact laws to keep gun shops away from churches, schools and playgrounds. Michael Pfleger, the Chicago priest who was in the news recently after accusing Sen. Hillary Clinton of believing that she was entitled to be president because she is rich and White, also jumped into the fray over the Supreme Court ruling. “Obviously, the Supreme Court in their ivory tower is really disconnected,” Pfleger said. “They’re so disconnected that they cannot hear the cries of parents who are burying their children.” One of the famed Black WWII pilots dies Lt. Col. Charles “Chuck” Dryden, one of the famed World War II African-American fighter pilots known as the Tuskegee Airmen, died last week in Atlanta of natural causes. He was 87 years old. “He was not just a part of American history; he helped to make it,” Nick Snider, founder of the National Museum of Patriotism in Atlanta, told The Associated Press. Dryden was a member of the museum’s board of directors. During his 21 years in the military, Dryden conducted combat missions in Korea, Japan, Germany and U.S. bases, before retiring from the Air Force in 1962. Dryden was one of about 1,000 Negro pilots who trained at the Tuskegee, Ala.-based Army Flying School during the war. On April 1942, he was one of three Black pilots to be commissioned as a second lieutenant, AP reports, and only five Tuskegee pilots had earned their wings ahead of Dryden’s class of three. Dryden told AP that he had reservations about attending a Washington ceremony last year when President Bush and Congress awarded the Tuskegee Airmen the Congressional Gold Medal because it was so long overdue, the wire service reported. Upon reflection he said that the medal helped convince him that America actually appreciates their contributions, according to AP. “It’s really something,” he told AP. Markette Smith Sheppard was crowned Mrs. District of Columbia markette_mrsdc_08.jpg

Markette Smith-Sheppard, a journalist and child advocate, has been crowned Mrs. District of Columbia – America 2008, a title she promises to use to improve the lives of Black children in the nation’s capital and beyond. “I feel so privileged and humbled to have the opportunity to give back to my community as Mrs. District of Columbia America 2008,” Smith-Sheppard told Sunday. Smith-Sheppard, a producer for reporter for WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C., and a former writer and producer for, has been an outspoken supporter and aggressive fundraiser for the construction of play areas for children in “child-rich, playground-poor” communities nationwide. Six years ago, Smith-Sheppard, a graduate from California State University-Dominguez Hills, moved to Washington, D.C., where she earned a master’s degree from American University. Unlike another former Mrs. District of Columbia, Omarosa – of “The Apprentice” fame – Smith-Sheppard said she has no reality-TV aspirations. But she would like to co-host the Today Show some day. Says the beauty queen’s husband, Damon Sheppard, an architect and Howard University graduate: “I am so proud of her. I think she is the perfect person to represent D.C. …, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my wife.” Smith-Sheppard will compete for the national title of Mrs. America in Tucson, Ariz. on Sept. 2.

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