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News From Around the Web: Dec. 8 Edition

December 8th, 2011

(Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

In today’s top news, Herman Cain speaks directly to Black folks, Occupy D.C turns up the heat in the nation’s capitol and Beyoncé may soon be shelling out big bucks to a video-game developer.

Herman Cain speaks directly to Black America. [BET]

U.S. government admits to testing AIDS drugs on foster kids. [MSNBC]

Occupy D.C. “Takes Back the Capitol.” [CNN]

African-American 15-year-old girl is youngest to fly plane cross-country. [DAILYNEWS]

Macy’s worker fired for kicking transgender customer out of fitting room. [KENS5]

Widow of slain cop says she is okay with Mumia’s death penalty being lifted. [AP]

Weave bandits plague Atlanta beauty shops. [FOX5]

New Orleans struggled with rampant homicides. [NYT]

Report: 274 U.S. troop remains dumped at landfill. [BBC]

Beyoncé sued for $100 million after video-game developer says she “double crossed” them. [BET]

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