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News From Around the Web: Aug. 23 Edition

August 23rd, 2012

In today’s top news, foreclosure threatens the future of historic Black college Morris Brown, a poll shows the majority of New Yorkers say police favor whites and rapper L.L. Cool J was able to fight and detain a burglar in his home Wednesday until police arrived.

Foreclosure threatens the future of historic Black college Morris Brown. [AJC]

According to a poll, the majority of New Yorkers say police favor whites. [NYT]

L.L. Cool J fought a burglar in his home Wednesday and held him until police arrived. [Reuters]

Several New Jersey entrepreneurs have accused restaurant chain Dunkin Donuts of bias in a new lawsuit. [CBS]

Rapper 2 Chainz’s debut album has soared up the charts. [BET]

Kandi Burruss is returning to school to study sex education and clinical sexology. [BET]

NFL star Michael Strahan will reportedly replace Regis Philbin on Live! with Kelly. [BET]

A Georgia cheer coach is accused of having the girls strip. [MSNBC]

Mourners in South Africa paid tribute to the victims of the Lonmin mine shootings. [MSNBC]

More fighting erupts in major Syrian cities of Damascus and Aleppo. [BBC]

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News from Around the Web: April 13 Edition

April 13th, 2012

In today’s top news, President Obama says Kanye West is still a “Jackass,” Newark mayor Cory Booker saves a neighbor from a burning house and the National Rifle Association meets for its annual meeting amid pressure over gun laws.

President Obama says Kanye West is still a “Jackass.” [BET]

Newark mayor Cory Booker saves neighbor from burning house. [BET]

The National Rifle Association meets for its annual meeting amid pressure over gun laws. [NYT]

Three people were killed in an Ohio Cracker Barrel restaurant after shots rang out during a domestic dispute. [AP]

California’s Supreme Court ruled that employers no longer have to ensure lunch breaks for workers. [AP]

Arizona governor signs law banning most late-term abortions. [Reuters]

Rapper Diggy says he is one of the last “real MCs.” [BET]

The legendary Howard Theater reopens its doors. [BET]

U.N. peacekeepers stand ready to enforce Syria ceasefire. [AJE]

U.N. demands immediate end to Sudan oil conflict. [BBC]

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News From Around the World: Jan. 27 Edition

January 27th, 2012

In today’s top news, Etta James’s record sales have gained new life following her death, Black leaders in New Jersey say civil rights are too important to be left to a popular vote and U.S. economic growth is picking up.

Etta James’s record sales soaring after her death. [BET]

Black leaders in New Jersey say civil rights shouldn’t be left to a popular vote. [BET]

U.S. economic growth picking up. [BBC]

Mary J. Blige is upset her song from The Help didn’t snag any Oscar nods. [BET]

President Obama hits his stride ahead of the 2012 elections. [BET]

African leaders say they are ready to lead world growth. [AFP]

Atheist teen forces school to remove prayer from wall. [NYT]

Nigerian president open to talking with Boko Haram. [AJE]

Costa Concordia cruise disaster survivors offered $14,460 each. [MSNBC]

Three Chicago teens face hate crime charges for attacking an African-American student. [AP]

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News From Around the Web: Jan. 24 Edition

January 24th, 2012

Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis

In today’s top news, The Help’s stars nab Oscar nominations, New Jersey gets its first openly gay high court judge and Rev. Jesse Jackson says “occupy for MLK.”

The Help stars Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer lead 2012 Oscar nominations. [BET]

New Jersey governor names first openly gay judge to state’s high court. [BET]

Rev. Jesse Jackson says we should “occupy” in memory of MLK. [CNN]

California lawmakers probe racial health disparity. [BET]

Supreme Court rules that warrants are needed for GPS tracking of crime suspects. [BET]

Aretha Franklin calls off her engagement. [BET]

Spike Lee says the Hollywood studios know nothing about Black people. [Yahoo]

Diddy is planning a cable TV “Revolt.” [NYDN]

Rihanna is the most-viewed female artist on YouTube. [BET]

A judge orders a woman to hand over the password to her computer’s hard drive. [MSNBC]

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News From Around the Web: Dec. 20 Edition

December 20th, 2011

(Photo: Fame Pictures)

In today’s top news, GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich gets the stamp of approval from J.C. Watts, pop star Rihanna rejects being called a racial slur and Detroit’s budget crisis has put its publicly funded Black museum on the chopping block.

Black Republican lawmaker J.C. Watts to endorse Newt Gingrich’s presidential candidacy. [BET]

Rihanna snaps back after a Dutch magazine calls her the N-word. [MTV]

U.S intelligence officials pointing fingers after Kim Jong Il death went unnoticed for 48 hours. [NYT]

Housing starts are at highest level since April last year. [MSNBC]

Detroit eyes budget cuts that may affect city museums, zoo. [Free Press]

NYC rats raid holiday treats at area post offices. [MSNBC]

Georgia group delivers natural hair Barbie dolls to young Black girls. [News 13]

Study: Black girls exercise less and less as they age. [BET]

D.C. Black men outraged over police treatment. [WUSA9]

Plane crash lands on a busy New Jersey highway. [NYT]

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From Around the Web: Nov. 28 Edition

November 28th, 2011

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In today’s top news, Tyler Perry reaches out to the whistleblower Penn State abuse victim, Wyclef Jean is back in the spotlight over his charity’s spending and Occupy L.A. tries to flex its muscle against an evacuation deadline.

Black atheists face stigma at home. [NYT]

Tyler Perry writes open letter to Penn State victim. [Daily Beast]

N.J. Tea Party blames Obama for Black unemployment. [Star-Ledger]

Black Kentucky twins seek opera fame. [Kernel]

Legendary Black photographer Teenie Harris honored in new exhibit. [BET]

Wyclef Jean is back in hot water over charity spending. [BET]

Eqypt pulls off first election since uprising. [MSNBC]

Occupy L.A. refuses to heed deadline. [LATimes]

FDA allows manufacturers to reuse wayward food. [MSNBC]

Illegal immigrant laws affect citizens too. [Hattiesburg American]

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Good News: African, African-American Students “Team” Up

January 12th, 2010


News You Should Know wants to start the day with positive news.  A group of kids from a charter school in New Jersey are giving back to their peers in the Motherland by raising money for students in Rwanda and Kenya.

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Report: Jayson Williams to Take Plea Deal, Serve 18 Months in Prison

January 11th, 2010

Jayson Williams

Former NBA star Jayson Williams has agreed to take an 18-month sentence for aggravated assault, according to media reports.

Williams, 41,  is on trial for the 2002 death of his limo driver, 55-year-old Costas “Gus” Christofi, who was shot at Williams mansion in New Jersey. Williams was originally charged with one count of reckless manslaughter.


The details of the plea deal are not clear, and plea deals deals are never final until a defendant puts his plea on the record and the judge agrees to accept it.

The deal, however, is expected to be somewhat different from the one Williams was expected to take in November, but he did not appear in court and the hearing was delayed. The deal is expected to involve a prison sentence, combined with a stipulation of no parole for 18 months, according to the person with knowledge of the deal.

Williams first went to trial in 2004, accused of recklessly handling a shotgun that fired and killed Christofi. He hired the man to drive guests back to his estate after a Harlem Globetrotters game.

Christofi was in the room with other guests when Williams was reportedly showing off a shotgun. Witnesses said he snapped the gun shut and it fired a single shot into Christofi’s chest. Investigators said Williams then placed the gun in Christofi’s hands and asked those in the room to lie.

The defense has insisted the shooting was an accident that continues to haunt Williams. In 2003, he paid $2.75 million to settle a wrongful civil death suit with Christofi’s family.

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Obama Calls on You to Make A Difference; Candidate Hopes to Become First Black Woman Gov

April 22nd, 2009

Obama Calls on You to Make A Difference The call to service is now be immortalized in a bill signed Tuesday by President Barack Obama, giving $5.7 billion to triple the size of the AmeriCorps national service program and expanding opportunities for students and seniors wanting to earn money for college while volunteering for the country. Read more.

Candidate Hopes to Become First Black Woman Gov A New Jersey woman is hoping to become the nation’s third African-American governor. The Rev. Shannon Wright, an Independent candidate, announced her bid to lead the Garden State just days after resigning as campaign manager for Republican Brian Levine. On Thursday, Levine, the mayor of Franklin Township, was nixed from the GOP primary ballot after judges ruled that his petition did not contain enough valid signatures to justify his nomination. Wright, 42, was a registered Democrat in 2008, so she must obtain 1,000 signatures to run as an independent. She named health care, education and economic development as her focal points. She and her husband are co-founders of Faith, Grace and Mercy World Outreach Ministries.

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New Jersey Takes Nazi-name Kids

January 15th, 2009

Adolph Hitler Campbell

 New Jersey authorities have taken custody of three siblings with Nazi-like names but declined to discuss the reason the children were removed. The state Division of Youth and Family Services removed the trio – 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell -from their home on Tuesday. Family Services would not elaborate on the reason for taking the children, saying they do not comment on specific cases. Last month, the parents grabbed headlines when a bakery refused to put the Nazi names on their children’s birthday cake.

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