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News From Around the Web: March 25 Edition

March 25th, 2014

(Photo: AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin)

In today’s news, new data indicates that the Malaysia Airline jet went down in the Indian Ocean, officials say; African-American migration is increasingly from the North to the South; and Hillary Clinton is discussing climate change to reach millennials.

Black migration is now from North to South. [BET]

New data shows focus of the missing Malaysia Airline jet in the Indian Ocean. [ABC]

Hillary Clinton talks climate change to reach millennials. [Liberty Voice]

Two killed in shooting at Naval Station Norfolk. [USA Today]

Gov. Jerry Brown amasses $19.7 million for re-election bid. [LA Times]

Gov. Chris Christie has done no wrong, his lawyers assert. [Newsweek]

Nick Cannon trolls the Internet with new white-face character, Connor Smallnut. [Salon]

Clippers pull away from Bucks for 50th win. [Fox]

Black student files $5 million claim in racial dorm-room incident. [BET]

Virus in Guinea capital Conakry determined not to be Ebola. [BBC]

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News From Around the Web: March 20 Edition

March 20th, 2014

(Photo: AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

In today’s news, Kansas and Arizona have won court approval of changes in voting rules; Tiger Woods withdraws from Arnold Palmer invitational golf competition; and Australia says debris may be from missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Two states win court approval on voter role changes. [NY Times]

Tiger Woods withdraws from Arnold Palmer invitational. [CBS]

Australia says debris may be from missing Malaysia Airlines jet. [LA Times]

More than 2,000 African migrants rescued off Italy. [BBC]

Congresswoman Donna Edwards wants raise for tipped workers, too. [delmarvanow]

New Jersey student drops her lawsuit against parents. [CNN]

Chicago man charged in 19-month-old girl’s death. [SF Gate]

NY Mayor Bill De Blasio’s approval rating takes hit, poll shows. [CBS]

Vernita Gray, Illinois gay rights advocate, dies. [BET]

Chris Brown is in solitary confinement. [HollywoodGossip]

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News From Around the Web: Feb. 26 Edition

February 26th, 2014

(Photos from left: UPI/HO /LANDOV, Courtesy of Jordan Davis Family)

In today’s news, a rally to remember Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis is planned for Times Square in New York; President Obama is pushing for a $300 billion transportation plan; and Jason Collins’ No. 98 jersey is the top seller on the NBA’s website.

Rally to remember Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis to be held in New York. [BET]

Obama to push for $300 billion transportation plan. [LA Times]

Jason Collins’ No. 98 Nets jersey is top seller on [CNN]

Egypt names industrialist and minister as premier. [NY Times]

Delta Airlines joins Apple and others in opposition to anti-gay laws. [Bloomberg]

Kanye West offers 10 years of hits on Late Night. [MTV]

Most Americans support same-sex marriage. [NBC]

Most Democrats want Hillary Clinton to run in 2016; Republicans lukewarm to Gov. Christie. [USA Today]

Obamacare enrollment at 4 million, president says. [Fox]

Uganda police stop protest by opponents of miniskirt ban. [BBC]

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News From Around the Web: Feb. 21 Edition

February 21st, 2014

(Photo: Courtesy of Florida A&M University)

In today’s news, Florida A&M University selects its first woman president; racist episodes continue to stir the campus of the University of Mississippi; and brain dead Jahi McMath is improving, her mother says.

Florida A&M selects new president, first woman. [BET]

Racist episodes continue to stir University of Mississippi campus. [NY Times]

Brain dead Jahi McMath’s mother says daughter is much better. [Liberty Voice]

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon: back together again. [USA Today]

The Dalai Lama will meet with Obama at the White House. [Time]

U.N. chief wants 3,000 more troops in Central African Republic. [Reuters]

FBI confirms Black activist was killed during 1973 Wounded Knee occupation. [CBS]

Same-sex marriage lawsuits exploding in U.S. courts. [NBC]

Judge: Spying on NJ Muslims by NYPD was legal. [News92]

LeBron James sticks nose into Kevin Durant’s MVP party. [USA Today]

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News From Around the Web: Feb. 14 Edition

February 14th, 2014

(Photo: AP Photo/Springfield Republican, Michael S. Gordon)

In today’s news, a reprieve from the snow in the northeast is still days away; Nicki Minaj apologizes for controversial Malcolm X cover art; and Facebook goes beyond “male” and “female” with new gender options.

Northeast’s snow reprieve is still days away. [ABC]

Nicki Minaj apologizes for disrespectful Malcolm X cover art. [News One]

Facebook goes beyond “male” and “female” with new gender options. [CNN]

California bill would require warning labels on sugary drinks. [Fox]

Tickets for Derek Jeter’s final game at Yankee Stadium selling for $11,000. [Daily News]

Ban on same-sex marriage struck down in Virginia. [NBC]

Few tears shed for ex-mayor Ray Nagin in the city he once led. [CNN]

Myrlie Evers-Williams steps down from NAACP board. [BET]

UN mission to visit Democratic Republic of Congo massacre site. [BBC]

Al Roker and NY mayor in debate over weather and school closing. [Daily Beast]

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News From Around the Web: Feb. 12 Edition

February 12th, 2014

(Photo: The Florida Times-Union, Bob Mack, Pool)

In today’s news, Michael Dunn, testifying in a first-degree murder case, said he had “no choice” but to shoot Jordan Davis; Attorney General Eric Holder urges states like Alabama to restore the voting rights of ex-inmates; and the White House launches a summit on improving education for Black youth.

Michael Dunn said he had “no choice” but to shoot Jordan Davis. [LA Times]

Eric Holder urges states like Alabama to restore voting rights to ex-inmates. [Tuscaloosa News]

House approves higher debt limit without condition. [NY Times]

White House to launch summit on improving education for Black youth. [BET]

New peace talks begin in South Sudan conflict. [BBC]

Janelle Monae wins Boombox R&B video of the year. [boombox]

Woman at GOP town hall said Obama should be “executed.” [BET]

Deadly ice and snow storm takes aim at U.S. South. [Reuters]

Liberian takes charge of country’s army for first time since civil war. [VOA]

Gov. Christie promoted GOP despite scandal at home. [NPR]

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News From Around the Web: Jan. 14 Edition

January 14th, 2014

(Photo: AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

In today’s news, the Supreme Court voices doubts on President Obama’s recess appointments; a judge has approved a desegregation plan for the schools in Little Rock; and Alex Rodriguez is seeking to overturn his drug ban with Major League Baseball.

Supreme Court justices voice doubts on Obama recess appointments. [NY Times]

Judge approves desegregation plan in Little Rock. [NY Times]

Alex Rodriguez sues MLB, union to overturn drug ban. [USA Today]

Feds investigate Gov. Christie’s use of Sandy relief funds. [CNN]

Groups pledge $330 million to save Detroit art, pensions. [USA Today]

Beyoncé stumps for gender equality in new essay. []

Nigeria enacts tough new laws against same-sex marriage and gay activities. [BET]

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers show moxie in victory. []

Central African Republic leader says chaos is over. [BBC]

Caffeine could boost memory function: Study. [USA Today]

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News From Around the Web: Jan. 13 Edition

January 13th, 2014

(Photo: AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

In today’s news, the Obama administration has cut ties with the contractor for its health care web site; Alex Rodriguez has been suspended for the 2014 baseball season; and Pope Francis has named new cardinals from Africa, South America and Asia.

Obama administration cutting ties with contractor. [Fox]

Alex Rodriguez suspended for 2014 baseball season. [ESPN]

Pope Francis looks to appoint cardinals from Africa, South America, Asia. [NY Times]

“12 Years a Slave” named best picture at Golden Globes. [LA Times]

Black unemployment fell to 11.9 percent in December. [BET]

San Francisco 49ers, headed to championship, pounce on Panthers’ lapses. [USA Today]

U.S. envoy dispatched to broker peace in South Sudan. [BBC]

Apollo Theater fulfills a different role in African-American culture. [NY Daily News]

In Haiti, many remain displaced four years after earthquake. [NPR]

Gov. Christie’s presidential hopes not dashed, some GOP leaders say. [USA Today]

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News From Around the Web: Jan. 10 Edition

January 10th, 2014

(Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)

In today’s news, the nation’s unemployment rate fell to 6.7 percent in December but only 74,000 jobs were added; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is seeking to calm the political firestorm over bridge closing controversy; and Amiri Baraka, the noted poet and political activist, is dead at 79.

Unemployment rate drops to 6.7 percent as just 74,000 jobs are added. [NY Times]

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie seeks to calm political firestorm amid fed probe. [Fox]

Poet and political activist Amiri Baraka is dead at 79. [CNN]

Central African Republic interim President Djotodia resigns. [Wall Street Journal]

Lawyer: Jahi McMath is getting help she should have received long ago. [BET]

Omaha “thug cycle” toddler placed in protective custody. [BET]

Detroit councilman says he was victim of racial profiling. [ABC]

Saturday Night Live adds two Black female writers. [Fox]

After being declared dead, Kenyan man wakes up in morgue. [BBC]

Knicks bench J.R. Smith against Heat after shoelace incident. [USA Today]

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News From Around the Web: Nov. 19 Edition

November 19th, 2013

(Photo: AP Photo/Seminole County Sheriff`s Office)

In today’s news, George Zimmerman was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend; Nelson Mandela is now unable to speak, and after the arrest of the shooter in the Renisha McBride killing, some in Detroit say the case is now on the right track.

George Zimmerman arrested for allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend. [Daily News]

Former South African President Nelson Mandela is unable to speak. [CNN]

After arrest, some in Detroit feel Renisha McBride case is on the right track. [BET]

Republicans block nominee to key appeals court. [USA Today]

Former NFL player Thomas Howard dies in car crash. [Modesto Bee]

Kanye West: President Obama used me. [Politico]

Chicago gun violence: seven wounded this past weekend. [BET]

Violence in Central African Republic spiraling out of control. [BBC]

African-American conservative joins Texas governor’s race. [Fox]

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