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News From Around the Web: Dec. 23 Edition

December 23rd, 2013

(Photo: AP Photo/Steven Senne)

In today’s news, President Obama said that 2014 can be a “breakthrough year” with work; the data breach at Target department stores has led to lawsuits and investigations; and a public relations executive apologizes after a tweet about AIDS stirred a social media storm.

Obama: With work, 2014 can be a “breakthrough year.” [BET]

Target credit card breach spurring lawsuits, investigations. [USA Today]

Exec apologizes for AIDS tweet after social media storm. [USA Today]

Obama warns of further military action, if needed, in South Sudan. [LA Times]

Egypt jails three secular activists. [BBC]

Man, child fall to deaths from New York City apartment building. [Washington Post]

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson under fire for remarks on Blacks, too. [Yahoo]

Patriots celebrate AFC East title with beatdown of Ravens. [USA Today]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West planning a big wedding? [Cambio]

Second opinion for girl brain dead after routine tonsillectomy. [USA Today]

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News From Around the Web: March 13

March 13th, 2013

(Photo: AP Photo/Chris O'Meara, File)

In today’s top news, Florida’s lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll has resigned for ties to a company linked to illegal gambling, two high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio, go on trial for rape charges and a study states new voter ID laws have discriminated against young Black and Latino voters.

Florida’s lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll has resigned because of her ties to an Internet cafe company that is now under federal investigation. [AP]

In Steubenville, Ohio, two high school football players go on trial on charges of raping a 16-year-old girl last summer. [NY Times]

A new study says that new voter ID laws disproportionately impacted young Black and Latino voters. [International Business Times]

House Republicans are sending mixed signals in an agreement to meet with President Barack Obama for talks over the budget. [AP]

The search continues for Terrilynn Monette, a New Orleans teacher, who has been missing for two weeks. [CNN]

A Chicago man has launched a social media campaign to end gun violence. [NBC Chicago]

Johnny Williams of Oakland, California, is free after spending 14 years in prison for a rape he never committed. [NBC Bay Area]

Dennis Rodman is in Rome supporting Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana to be the first Black pope. [AP]

The London Teaching Pool is complaining about inquiries from schools appearing not to want teachers of color. [BBCNews]

Cardinals will begin another round of voting to select the next pope. [Washington Post

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News From Around the Web: April 3 Edition

April 3rd, 2012

In today’s top news, five people are dead after a shooting at an Oakland university, new evidence is revealed in the Trayvon Martin case and a California appeals court holds up the state’s affirmative action ban for university admissions.

Five dead in Oakland university shooting.  [BET]

New evidence revealed in Trayvon Martin case. [CNN]

California appeals court holds up the state’s affirmative action ban for university admissions. [Reuters]

President Bill Clinton hopes the Trayvon Martin tragedy will cause people to re-think “Stand Your Ground” law. [ABC]

Kentucky wins NCAA championship and celebratory riot leaves at least one person shot. [ABC]

Hunger Games tops $250 million at the box office. [BET]

Obesity rate may be underestimated. [CNN]

Michelle Obama to take part in The Biggest Loser. [BET]

Co-founder of largest Black bank dies. [Chicago Sun-Times]

U.S. joins $100 million aid pledge for Syria. [Democracy Now]

U.N. chief says world should be happy, not just rich. [MSNBC]

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From Around the Web: Oct. 26 Edition

October 26th, 2011

From the first major injury reported since the Occupy Wall Street movement began to the resurgence of  “birther talk” among President Barack Obama’s opponents, catch up on the most talked about headlines from around the web.

Occupy Oakland: Iraq vet critically injured by police projectile. [Mercury News]

EU heads locked in talks on debt. [BBC]

So wrong! Teacher accused of dragging, choking 6-Year-Old. [News One]

Snow blankets Denver area — after 80-degree day. [MSNBC]

Priests ignite trafficking feud. [Daily Beast]

Don’t expect end of GOP’s birther talk. [Black America Web]

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Dept. of Justice to Investigate Oscar Grant Verdict

July 12th, 2010


Oscar Grant's Uncle Cephus Johnson

On Thursday , a Los Angeles jury found Oakland transit officer Johannes Mehserle, 28, guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting trial of unarmed Oscar Grant, 22, on New Year’s day 2009.

That verdict shocked and angered people watching the case all over the world. In Grant’s hometown, Oakland, Calif., hundreds of residents took to the street to protest the verdict. Police officers ended up arresting 83 people in the demonstrations media outlets were quick to declare “riots.”

The encouraging news is that the Department of Justice will open an investigation into the case to determine whether or not the killing violated Grant’s civil rights. If that is the case, Mehserle will face a harsher sentence than the 2-4 years the manslaughter charge carries.

Despite that move, the anger over the verdict has not simmered.

Speaking on behalf of Grant’s family in Oakland Saturday, the slain man’s uncle, Cephus Johnson, rejected a letter of apology written to the family by Mehserle. He told reporters outside Oakland’s True Vine Baptist church  that the letter is a “ploy” by the cop to gain sympathy before sentencing.

“He can write the letter after he spends 14 years in prison,” Johnson said.

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Gunman Kills Four Cops Before Being Taken Out

March 23rd, 2009

The Oakland, Calif., man who was shot to death by police after killing four police officers Saturday had an extensive criminal record and was on parole for assault at the time of the incident, CNN reported. He also had prior convictions for grand theft. The gunman – Lovelle Mixon, 26, of Oakland – was killed by SWAT officers Saturday following a fierce gunfight in an apartment complex. Read the rest.

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National: Abortion Clinic Protester Was Arrested in Oakland; White House Will Review GM, Chrysler Plans

February 17th, 2009

Walter Hoye


Abortion clinic protester was arrested in Oakland. A California man who wanted to intervene on behalf of Black women seeking abortions could get jail time this week. Oakland pastor Walter Hoye was charged with unlawful intimidation of visitors to a medical clinic last summer when he stood on a sidewalk with a sign that read “Jesus Loves You and Your Baby. Can We Help You?” Lawyers for Hoye say that he offers to help Black women, in particular, because they form a majority of the more than 1 million annually who get abortions in America. Though a witness testified that he used no force, the pastor will go before a judge this week to be sentenced for allegedly violating statute. Supporters are rallying behind the pastor, who they say only exercised his free speech.

White House will review GM, Chrysler plans. Two of the former “Big Three” auto companies are expected to present their business plans for restructuring and longevity today in Washington. General Motors and Chrysler execs seeking government assistance in turning around their corporations will offer formal pitches to the Obama administration. “We’re anxious to look at the plans,” says Robert Gibbs, a White House spokesman. Hindered by slow car sales and bleeding from worker layoffs, American automakers are another tender spot in the struggling economy. A boost in the form of government aid is sought by GM and Chrysler, in order to prevent the car industry from further collapsing. The companies will likely ask for billions in financial help.

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Transit Cop Charged with Murder is Free on Bond

February 9th, 2009

Johannes Mehserle

 The Oakland, Calif., transit officer charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed, Black man on New Year’s Day is free after posting a $3 million bond. Read more here.

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National: Media Retracts Info About Outrage Over Killing; Annual Event Showcases 2009 Vehicles

January 17th, 2009

Media retracts info about outrage over killing. What was first publicized as damage to 300 businesses in Oakland, Calif. last week is now reported as no more than about 40 broken windows and a few garbage cans thrown into the street. Bay-area media outlets including KTVU Channel 2 have given what they say is more accurate information about the demonstrations that followed the killing of Oscar Grant by a transit authority cop. One police car was burned, but there were no gunshots, no robberies and no looters on the Wednesday night when 100 people were arrested hours after a peaceful demonstration shut down the rail stop where Grant was shot to death. Video shows that Grant, 22, was handcuffed and on the ground at a train station when officer Johannes Mehserle fired a bullet into his back. Grant had appeared to pose no threat to Mehserle or any other officer at the scene. Critics of the media who were so quick to paint a picture of savagery by Blacks after the seemingly racist murder include well-known hip hop journalist Davey D. The blogger writes: “…we had to endure endless news reports and commentary most likely fed from police accounts and echoed by newspaper reporters who were not even on the scene…” Grant, a grocery store butcher, was killed New Year’s Day. Mehserle quit the police force and has pleaded not guilty in Grant’s murder.

Annual event showcases 2009 vehicles. In spite of an ongoing money crisis that has left American auto-makers with an uncertain future, a leading car event has raised $2.6 million. The North American International Auto Show’s Charity Preview drew 7,000 people to the annual Michigan event on Friday. The proceeds will go to a host of community organizations and causes, including March of Dimes and the Boys and Girls Clubs. “In light of such tough economic times, it’s great to see so many kind hearts step up and answer the needs of the children…” spokesman Joe Serra says. Past celebrities who’ve attended the annual North American International Auto Show include Jay Z, 50 Cent, boxer Evander Holyfield and actress Rosie Perez. The Auto Show runs through Jan. 25.

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Feds Try to Calm Tensions in Oakland

January 14th, 2009

The feds are hoping to quell tensions in Oakland, Calif., that have been boiling since the New Year’s Day shooting death of a handcuffed Black man by a White transit cop. U.S. Justice Department officials told members of the California Senate and the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus that they will meet with Black leaders, local law enforcement officials and members of the community in an attempt to cool the outrage and curtail future violence. The Justice Department’s Community Relations Service was provided for in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The officials will report on their findings and provide follow-up as needed.

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