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News From Around the Web: June 5 Edition

June 5th, 2014

(Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

In today’s news, President Obama, traveling in Europe, seeks unity on Russia; Colin Kaepernick signed a six-year extension with the San Francisco 49ers for $126 million; and the Supreme Court declined to halt same-sex marriage in Oregon.

Obama, seeking unity on Russia, meets obstacles. [NY Times]

Colin Kaepernick signs 6-year, $126 million extension with 49ers. [CBS]

Supreme Court declines to halt same-sex marriages in Oregon. [Oregonian]

Four Nigerian villages reeling after Boko Haram attack. [CNN]

Donald Sterling agrees to sale of L.A. Clippers. [CNN]

In New York blaze, 34 injured, including 23 firefighters. [Fox]

Justin Bieber apologizes again for more racist comments. [BBC]

Pharrell Williams apologizes for wearing Native American headdress. [Daily News]

Obama workout video goes viral; Secret Service says gym was secure. [LA Times]

Boys of divorced parents twice as likely to be obese. [Time]

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News From Around the Web: March 19 Edition

March 19th, 2014

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In today’s news, Vietnam War hero Melvin Morris received the Medal of Honor from President Obama; Kanye West gets probation in paparazzi attack; and two tickets win $400M Mega Millions jackpot.

Vietnam War hero Melvin Morris receives the Medal of Honor. [BET]

Kanye West gets probation in paparazzi attack. [CNN]

Two tickets win $400M Mega Millions jackpot. [Chicago Tribune]

Searchers draw blank in southern search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370. [AsiaOne]

Texas set to execute aspiring rapper for murdering studio manager. [Reuters]

Two killed as Seattle news helicopter crashes near Space Needle. [KOMO]

Obama’s Final Four: Florida, Arizona, Louisville, Michigan State. [USA Today]

How a “Happy” video in Detroit went viral. [BET]

Cameroon lawyer wins award for defending gay rights. [BBC]

Obesity genes? Fried foods worse for some people. [Fox]

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News From Around the Web: March 7 Edition

March 7th, 2014

(Photo: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

In today’s news, President Obama urges Russian President Putin to pursue diplomacy in the crisis in the Ukraine; the nation’s economy added 175,000 jobs in February; and the NAACP will complain to the United Nations about civil rights and voting rights issues.

Obama urges Russian President Vladimir Putin to pursue diplomacy in Ukraine crisis. [BBC]

U.S. economy adds 175,000 jobs, unemployment rate at 6.7 percent. [Washington Post]

NAACP will discuss U.S. voting and civil rights issues at United Nations. [BET]

Darrell Issa apologizes to Elijah Cummings. [Politico]

Twitter cracks down on posting of explicit sexual content on Vine. [PC World]

Back in spotlight, Gov. Chris Christie officers GOP subtle advice. [NY Times]

Jason Weaver blasts “Coon” celebrations of Lil Boosie’s prison release. [NewsOne]

UCLA wraps up No. 2 seed in Pac-12 with win over Washington. [Oregonian]

At Oscar Pistorius trial, ex-girlfriend tells of gun incidents. [LA Times]

Mississippi has highest obesity rate in the country. [Nature World News]

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News From Around the Web: Feb. 5 Edition

February 5th, 2014

(Photo: Monica Morgan/WireImage)

In today’s news, Bernice King says she is angered by her brothers’ desire to sell items that belonged to their father, Martin Luther King Jr.; CVS said it will stop selling cigarettes; and John Thompson becomes the first Black chairman of Microsoft’s board.

Martin Luther King’s daughter blasts brothers over desire to sell father’s items. [BET]

CVS to stop selling cigarettes. [Wall Street Journal]

John Thompson becomes first Black chairman of Microsoft’s board. [San Jose Mercury]

New York mayor Bill de Blasio to skip St. Patrick’s Day Parade over gay rights. [CBS]

Michigan fugitive sought since 1977 found in California. [Kansas City Star]

Ex-NBA star Tracy McGrady tries hand as baseball pitcher. [Washington Post]

South African miners trapped in gold mine fire. [BBC]

District attorney wants Chris Brown jailed. [TMZ]

World Health Organization says cancer is now global pandemic. [CNN]

Nigeria lynch mob kills pastor in Katsina State. [BBC]

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News From Around the Web: Jan. 30 Edition

January 30th, 2014

(Photo: AP Photo/John Amis)

In today’s news, the deadly ice storm turns Atlanta into a parking lot; Jonathan Ferrell’s mother says it is her faith that keeps her going; and Hillary Clinton has a large lead in polls among potential candidates for the presidency in 2016.

Deadly ice storm turns Atlanta into parking lot. [Reuters]

In Jonathan Ferrell’s death, a mother seeks to keep the faith. [BET]

Hillary Clinton has big lead in 2016 presidential poll. [Washington Post]

Justin Bieber charged with assault in Canada. [ABC]

McDonald’s worker’s Happy Meals had a bit extra: heroin, authorities say. [CNN]

Oprah Winfrey cancels lavish 60th birthday party. [UPI]

Kevin Durant puts on MVP show vs. LeBron James, Miami Heat. [USA Today]

Nigerian senators in mass defection from government of President Goodluck Jonathan. [BBC]

Obesity takes hold early in life, study finds. [Boston Globe]

Egypt to try 20 Al-Jazeera journalists. [International News]

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News From Around the Web: Nov. 5 Edition

November 5th, 2013

(Photo: Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

In today’s news, the Obama administration is pushing for the passage of the anti-discrimination bill;  the Jonathan Martin bullying case has raised questions about the National Football League; and Detroit could make history by electing its first white mayor in 40 years.

Obama pushes for anti-discrimination bill’s passage. [Washington Times]

In Jonathan Martin bullying case, questions arise on NFL culture. [NY Times]

Detroit could make history and elect its first white mayor in 40 years. [BET]

Congo rebels end insurgency. [BBC]

Suspected New Jersey mall gunman found dead. [LA Times]

Cleveland kidnap survivor says she was tied up like a fish. [Fox]

Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has projected release date. [BET]

Rapper DMX arrested on driving charges at airport in S.C. [Reuters]

Obesity in girls linked to early puberty: Study. [NBC]

Four Somalis charged with aiding mall attack in Kenya.  [ABC]

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News From Around the Web: Sept. 19 Edition

September 19th, 2013

(Photo: FBI via Getty Images)

In Thursday’s news, officials say they never learned of the doubts police had on the stability of the Navy Yard gunman; House Republicans have united around using the threat of a government shutdown to end Obamacare; and Michelle Obama is pushing for ads for healthy foods for children.

Officials never learned of police doubts on Navy Yard gunman’s stability. [NY Times]

House Republicans unite around the threat of a government shutdown. [LA Times]

Michelle Obama pushes for ads for healthful foods for kids. [LA Times]

Young leaders stand their ground on racial profiling. [BET]

Facebook “liking” is protected free speech, federal court says. [Washington Post]

Nigeria unrest continues as scores killed in Borno state. [BBC]

Trent Richardson is traded to Colts. [ESPN]

Former heavyweight champion Ken Norton dies at 70. [Washington Post]

Test of Alzheimer’s drug gets large federal grant. [NY Times]

Civil rights icon John Lewis to preach at historic Washington church. [BET]

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News From Around the Web: Sept. 16 Edition

September 16th, 2013

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

In Monday’s today’s news, President Obama touts the nation’s economy five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers; there were weekend memorials marking the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham church bombings; and unrest in Egypt has extended outside of major cities into the countryside.

President Obama touting economy on 5th anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ collapse. [Washington Post]

Birmingham church bombing of 1963 is remembered. [NBC]

Turmoil in Egypt extends into the countryside. [NY Times]

Police shootings raise questions in New York and North Carolina. [CNN]

For first time, Miss America is of Indian descent. [USA Today]

Floyd Mayweather puts on dominating display in win. [CBS]

Paula Deen gets standing ovation at first public appearance since scandal. [ABC]

Queen Latifah’s new talk show debuts “with a Jersey flavor.” []

New signs of improvement in the youth obesity epidemic. [USA Today]

Archbishop Ignatius Kattey freed by Nigerian kidnappers. [BBC]

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News From Around the Web: Aug. 19

August 19th, 2013

(Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

In Monday’s top news, President Obama faces a challenging post-vacation agenda, Egypt’s unrest continues as Islamist detainees die trying to escape; Trayvon Martin’s mother speaks against stop and frisk.

President Obama faces a challenging post-vacation agenda. [USA Today]

Egypt unrest: Islamist detainees die in escape bid. [BBC]

Trayvon Martin’s mother blasts stop and frisk law. [USA Today]

In South Africa, Oscar Pistorius is charged with murder. [Telegraph]

Usain Bolt overtakes Carl Lewis in world track championship history. [LA Times]

Petition drive to recall San Diego mayor Bob Filner kicks off. [CNN]

Kanye West won’t face felony charges in LAX fight with photographer. [LA Times]

Illinois expands background checks to all gun purchases. [Reuters]

The Butler tops the field with $25 million. [Hollywood Reporter]

Obesity’s death toll could be higher than believed, study says. [LA Times]

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News From Around the Web: July 17 Edition

July 17th, 2013

(Photo: Joe Burbank - Pool/Getty Images)

In today’s news, four of the jurors in the Zimmerman trial offer their own version of the deliberations; Eric Holder denounces “stand your ground” laws; and traffic in Los Angeles is blocked by people protesting the Zimmerman verdict.

Four Zimmerman jurors say B37 does not speak for them. [LA Times]

Attorney General Eric Holder denounces “stand your ground” laws. [Washington Post]

George Zimmerman protesters peacefully block traffic in downtown L.A. [LA Times]

Food stamps play the starring role in House farm bill drama. [BET]

Stevie Wonder says he’ll boycott stand your ground states. [CNN]

Nelson Mandela granddaughter expresses hurt at family divisions. [BBC]

Tiger Woods favored at British Open. [NY Daily News]

Coroner: Cory Monteith died of overdose of heroin and alcohol. [Washington Post]

Longer time being obese leads to coronary disease. [USA Today]

Google said to weigh supplying TV channels. [NY Times]

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