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News From Around the Web: Dec. 6 Edition

December 7th, 2011

(Photo: AP Photo/David Goldman)

In today’s top news, Herman Cain’s accuser gives the nitty gritty of their alleged affair, FAMU students have taken matters of hazing into their own hands and the Occupy Movement may be your new next door neighbors.

Herman Cain accuser shares details of affair. [HuffPo]

FAMU students take action on hazing. [BET]

Two-year old Bianca Jones missing in Detroit. [AP]

Clothing retailer H&M in trouble for using computer-generated models. [Daily Mail]

Haiti seeks to build its tourism rep. [AFP]

DMX hoops in a wheelchair to show support for injured troops. [BET]

FAA chief in the hot seat after drunk driving arrest. [BBC]

Occupy Movement settles into foreclosed homes after park evictions. [MSNBC]

U.S. strengthens sanctions on Eritrea. [AJE]

Basketball’s Stephon Marbury says he is never moving back to the U.S. [BET]

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From Around the Web: Nov. 23 Edition

November 23rd, 2011

(Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

In today’s top news, a gang of thieving teens baffle police, Occupy protesters are running up high tabs across the country, Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky is in more trouble and Herman Cain thinks he’s got what it takes to grab Black votes.

Teen flash mob robs a Maryland 7-Eleven. [CNN]

Nearly half of all Americans struggle to make ends meet. [MSNBC]

New Sandusky child abuse allegations surface. [CNN]

Occupy protests running a high tab with U.S. cities. [AP]

New Mexico Black pastors allege discrimination by state university. [NYT]

DC DMV offers HIV testing. [AP]

Three U.S. students arrested in Cairo amid violence. [BBC]

One million in Zimbabwe need food aid. [IRIN]

Obama to hold third Native American conference. [AP]

Herman Cain bets on Black votes. [BET]

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From Around the Web: Oct. 29 Edition

October 29th, 2011

Read on for the top stories circulating the web, from the latest on American casualties in Kabul to the next phase of Occupy Oakland.

Thirteen Americans killed in Kabul car bomb. [Wall Street Journal]

Lesbians in South Africa say they are victimized by men who believe they can “cure” their sexuality by raping them. [CNN]

Texas Gov. Rick Perry opposes Confederate license plates [USA Today]

U.S. playing greater role in African battles. [Black America Web]

Occupy protests in Oakland test mayor. [New York Times]

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From Around the Web: Oct. 26 Edition

October 26th, 2011

From the first major injury reported since the Occupy Wall Street movement began to the resurgence of  “birther talk” among President Barack Obama’s opponents, catch up on the most talked about headlines from around the web.

Occupy Oakland: Iraq vet critically injured by police projectile. [Mercury News]

EU heads locked in talks on debt. [BBC]

So wrong! Teacher accused of dragging, choking 6-Year-Old. [News One]

Snow blankets Denver area — after 80-degree day. [MSNBC]

Priests ignite trafficking feud. [Daily Beast]

Don’t expect end of GOP’s birther talk. [Black America Web]

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From Around the Web: Oct. 19 Edition

October 19th, 2011

From new developments in the Philadelphia dungeon case to turmoil in Greece, catch up on headlines getting the most buzz from around the web.

Philadelphia mayor: Captives case “sheer madness.” [CNN]

Ohio escape renews call for exotic-animal crackdown. [MSNBC]

Progressive groups see cause for optimism in Occupy Wall Street movement. [Huffington Post]

Biggest strike yet brings Greece to halt.  [Time]

Dirty equipment cited in Listeria outbreak. [Wall Street Journal]

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Weekend Chatter: Oct. 9 Edition

October 9th, 2011

From Jimmy “Rent Is Too D*** High” McMillan singing a tune on Wall Street to Oprah’s move to boost her network’s ratings, catch up on the news from around the web for the weekend of Oct. 9.

Mr. “Rent Is Too Damn High” joins Wall Street protest. [News One]

Cairo riot erupts as Christians protest, 1 dead [CBS News]

Will “Occupy Wall Street” hurt or help Obama? [The Grio]

Feds trying to shut down California medical marijuana dispensaries? [Loop 21]

Farming with iPads in South Africa. [All Africa]

Millionaire tax would cover cost of Obama jobs bill. [CNN]

Getting the most from a lame 401(k) retirement plan [Washington Post]

Cain embraces “American Black conservative” label. [CBS News]

Who’s the Next Troy Davis? The executed Georgia man wasn’t the only death row inmate whose guilt is in question. [The Root]

Germany, France agree on Europe bank bailout. [MSNBC]

‘Real Steel’ is the real deal at the box office. [USA Today]

Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network plans re-launch after viewers drift away. [The Telegraph]

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