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News From Around the Web: March 20 Edition

March 20th, 2012

In today’s top news, the federal government has decided to launch an investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin, new, negative details emerge about Robert Bales, the staff sergeant accused of massacring Afghan civilians, and Beyoncé is planning her first post-baby concert in Atlantic City.

The federal government has decided to launch an investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin. [BET]

New, negative details emerge about Robert Bales, the staff sergeant accused of massacring Afghan civilians. [ABC]

Beyoncé is planning for her first post-baby concert in Atlantic City. [BET]

Jaleel White to join Dancing With the Stars. [BET]

Nicki Minaj to become the face of a new Pepsi beverage. [Forbes]

Study shows “meth babies” have similar behavior to “crack babies.” [AP]

Black Chicago fire recruits from 1995 finally join the department. [Sun-Times]

Rick Santorum tells a crowd the unemployment rate “doesn’t matter” to him. [NBC]

Report: States do a poor job of guarding against corruption. [CNN]

Senegalese superstar Youssou Ndour launches his presidential campaign. [AFP]

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News From Around the Web: Jan. 3 Edition

January 3rd, 2012

(Photo: Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

In today’s top news, music legend Aretha Franklin gets a ring, two Black frats have Obama’s back and Georgia’s anti-fat ads attract bad flack.

The ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin gets engaged. [BET]

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum says poor Blacks shouldn’t get welfare handouts. [CBS]

FAMU Board approves anti-hazing plan. [CNN]

Some Memphis Black farmers say they have been shut out of a class action lawsuit. [WMC-TV]

Nigerians take to the streets to protest high gas prices. [BBC]

Diabetes during pregnancy may lead to ADHD. [CNN]

Two Black fraternities have joined forces to rally support for Obama’s re-election bid. [BET]

Senegalese musician Youssou Ndour eyes the country’s top post. [AP]

Georgia’s anti-obesity ads featuring children are ruffling feathers. [NYDN]

Hong Kong rings in 2012 with fresh fears of a Bird Flu outbreak. [WSJ]

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Body of a “Gay” Man Dug Up in Senegal; Jamaica Sees Minimum-wage Increase

May 5th, 2009

Body of a “Gay” Man Dug Up in Senegal
In Senegal, a west African nation where homosexuality is illegal, people dug up the body of a deceased man believed to be gay because they didn’t want him buried in the Muslim cemetery, reports the BBC. According to police, the man was buried Saturday when locals dug up his body, leaving it near his grave. His family then reburied him, but once again his body was dug up; this time it was left outside of his family’s home. The family then decided to bury the body on their property, according to a local newspaper. The nation has shown an increased intolerance for homosexuality, with imams and some media outlets speaking out against the lifestyle, most recently in the face of an appeals court decision to release nine people who had been convicted of performing homosexual acts. The men, who were originally sentenced to serve eight years in jail for “indecent conduct and unnatural acts,” were part of a group fighting HIV and AIDS in the nation.


Jamaica Sees Minimum-wage Increase
Jamaica increased its minimum wage by 10 percent Monday. This means that the least employees will be getting each week is $46. The government made the move in an attempt to help Jamaicans who might be struggling in the economic crisis. But the raise wasn’t dramatic enough to hurt employers, Labor Minister Pearnel Charles told the BBC. This is the second minimum-wage increase this year; in January the nation raised the wages by almost 17 percent, reports the news service.

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Jamaica Plane Hijacking Ends; Senegal Frees Men Convicted of Homosexuality

April 21st, 2009

Jamaica Plane Hijacking Ends

In Jamaica, an armed man who got onto a Canadian plane and held members of the crew hostage Sunday night was captured by the nation’s troops Monday morning, according to a Jamaican official. More here.

Senegal Frees Men Convicted of Homosexuality
An appeals court in West Africa’s Senegal, threw out the homosexuality convictions of nine men and ordered that they be released immediately. Homosexuality is illegal in the mostly Muslim nation. The men, who were members of a group fighting HIV and AIDS were arrested in December and convicted in January of “indecent conduct and unnatural acts,” reports the BBC.  They had been sentenced to serve eight years in jail. Lawyers for the men argued that the men had not been caught in the act and that the case against them was weak, according to reports. When the sentences were announced in January, they were the harshest ever given for homosexuality.

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World News: Grenada Cracks Down on Sagging Pants; Senegal Jails Nine Men for Homosexuality

January 10th, 2009

Saggy Pants 

Grenada cracks down on saggin’ pants.

Officials in Grenada are cracking down on people who wear sagging pants that show their underwear. The move by the Caribbean island nation follows similar bans in a few U.S. cities. The country’s police Commissioner James Clarkson believes the crack-down will bring “back morality into20the country,” reports Caribbean Net News. Some young men have forgotten where their waist is, he added. As another result, women in the nation are doing the same thing; wearing their clothes very low. “Any time you allow lawlessness to start taking effect on your country, you have a problem,” he said. Clarkson, who was appointed in August, said he is looking to form a closer relationship with the press. He also announced that he wants to improve the working conditions for female officers.

Nine in Senegal convicted of homosexuality.

An HIV-prevention activist and eight others in Senegal have been sentenced to prison for allegedly engaging in homosexual acts. The group was arrested in a raid at the apartment of the activist Diadji Diouf, weeks after Senegal hosted an international AIDS conference. Senegal, which is mainly a Muslim country, is among 38 nations that have outlawed acts of homosexuality.

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WORLD: Senegal Throws Nine Gays in Jail; Will Smith In Germany, South Africa’s in Celebration Mode..See Pic

January 8th, 2009

Senegal throws nine gays in jail.A Senegal court has sent nine gay men to jail for “indecent conduct and unnatural acts,” reports the BBC. The judge also ruled the men were a part of a criminal organization and tacked on three more years to the maximum five-year sentence he already handed down. Many of the men were members of a group formed to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS. While homosexual acts are illegal in the west African nation, lawyers for the men argued that the sentence was extreme. “This is the first time that the Senegalese legal system has handed down such a harsh sentence against gays,” said one of the men’s lawyers. He also said he would appeal. A gay rights group was shocked at the outcome. “We’re actually shocked by the ruing of the court. There have been pretty consistent human rights violations in Senegal,” said Cary Alan Johnson of the International and Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. “Many gays are already fleeing to neighboring countries because of our living conditions,” said the leader of a Senegalese gay rights organization anonymously.  

 World Lens:

Will Smith is in Germany promoting, South Africans ring in the New Year, Sudanese protest against Israelis. See pics.

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World: Old Man Shoots at Rap Fans; Almost 1,000 Killed Due to Zimbabwe Cholera Crisis

December 16th, 2008

Old man shoots at rap fans. In Senegal, an elderly man, offended by a rap song about cranky old men, fired into a crowd of fans singing it at a concert, reports BBC. The man, who is 70, thought that fans were singing the song “Pa’Tang Xol” (Angry Old Men) about him and demanded them to stop. “The elderly gentleman felt that these young people were insulting him in their songs,” an officer told Reuters. When they ignored him, he shot into the crowd four times with a hunting rifle, seriously injuring two people. His own children were in the crowd when he fired but they were not hurt, according to the police. The man was arrested. The song, in Wolof language, is by Baaba Mal, a popular musician in Senegal. The fans were listening to the track before the live act took the stage at the concert in the Matam region of the nation, about 440 miles from Senegal’s capital, Dakar.

Zimbabwe cholera patient


Almost 1,000 killed due to Zimbabwe cholera crisis. According to the United Nations, the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe has killed 978 people and as many as 60,000 people could be infected with the water-borne illness, reports Bloomberg. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called living in the nation “unbearable” and addressed the nation’s political instability at a U.N. Security Council meeting. “We continue to witness a failure of the leadership in Zimbabwe to address the political, economic, human rights and humanitarian crisis that is confronting the country and do what is best for the people,” he said. Longtime leader Robert Mugabe, who has blamed the West for the outbreak, is in deadlocked talks to form a power-sharing government with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The World Health Organization has put together a “comprehensive cholera-response operation plan” for Zimbabwe and the government has agreed to it, said a U.N. spokeswoman. WHO is currently “in the process of procuring and distributing emergency stocks of supplies,” she said. The plan will cost $25 million to implement, according to Ban. Half of the nation’s population is expected to need food aid by March.

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