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News From Around the Web: Dec. 6 Edition

December 6th, 2012

In today’s top news, Jay-Z and Kanye West lead 2012 Grammy nominations; Alicia Keys’ new album, Girl on Fire, takes the number-one spot on the Billboard charts; and a Texas  high school student allegedly shot himself while sitting in the back of a police cruiser.

Jay-Z and Kanye West lead 2012 Grammy nominations. [BET]

Alicia Keys’ new album, Girl on Fire, takes the number-one spot on the Billboard charts. [BET]

Police in Texas say a high school student shot himself while sitting in the back of a police cruiser. [AP]

A New York TSA screener has been accused of stealing iPads from passengers’ luggage. [NBCNews]

Forbes names Eddie Murphy the “most overpaid actor in Hollywood.” [BET]

Marijuana smokers in Seattle sparked up outside the Seattle Space Needle in celebration of the drug’s legalization. [USATODAY]

Barefoot “homeless” man famously given boots by NYPD officer has an apartment. [CNN]

Afghan president Hamid Karzai accused the U.S. of creating the country’s insecurity. [NBCNews]

Mali’s rebels agree to respect the country’s “national unity.” [AJE]

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News From Around the Web: Dec. 5 Edition

December 5th, 2011

(Photo: Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal/Getty Images)

In today’s top news, Magic Johnson attempts to make moves in yet another field, Bishop Eddie Long says he needs to take time away from his megachurch and a deadly ‘game’ played by some children takes another life.

Magic Johnson makes a play for major league baseball. [BET]

Cain reminisces about his old “hood.” [BET]

Bishop Eddie Long taking time off after wife announces divorce. [ABC]

Cain expected to endorse Newt Gingrich. [Daily Beast]

Deadly ‘choking game’ claims another child. [MSNBC]

Europe bans airport body scanners [Mother Jones]

Amnesty International wants Zambia to lock up George Bush. [AP]

Few kids actually send racy text messages. [NYT]

Madonna to perform at Super Bowl halftime. [FOX]

State of Michigan considers intervening to save Detroit. [USATODAY]

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Politics: Obama Makes a Final Pitch to America; Kids’ Travel is Getting Palin Into Trouble

October 30th, 2008

Obama makes a final pitch to America.  This morning Sen. Barack Obama will enter the final five days of his journey to the White House following one of the most expensive evenings in the history of political campaigns. Obama’s 30 minute primetime infomercial aired on three networks and cable stations Wednesday night to the tune of $4 million dollars. Get more at Pamela on Politics.

Sarah Palin

Her kids’ travel is getting Palin into trouble. Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin now faces a new ethics complaint that accuses her of abusing her power by charging the state when her children traveled with her. The complaint released Wednesday alleges Palin used her official position as governor for personal gain. It follows a report by The Associated Press last week that the Alaska governor charged the state more than $21,000 for her three daughters’ commercial flights, including events where they weren’t invited, and later ordered their expense forms amended to specify official state business. In some cases, Palin also has charged the state for hotel rooms for the girls, according to AP. The travel costs for events her children were not invited to and where they served in no official capacity for state purpose or business violated state ethics laws, the complaint charges. “Governor Palin intentionally secured unwarranted benefits for family members, improperly used state property to benefit her personal and financial interests, and illegally altered documents that were the subject of a Public Records request,” the complaint states. The latest complaint was filed by Frank Gwartney, an Anchorage Democrat who supports Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Earlier this month, a legislative report found Palin violated state ethics laws when she fired her public safety commissioner.

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Politics: Obama Hopes To Broadens Reach With Summer Travel

June 30th, 2008

Trips to the Middle East and Europe will help him beef up his foreign policy credentials


Sen. Barack Obama is planning to take two trips this summer – one to the Middle East and one to Europe. The trips will allow him to see firsthand America’s progress in these regions while boosting his national security credentials. Read more at Pamela On Politics.

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